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  1. Ok last night we hung out with WarGamerGirl and CodexDan on their google hang out. We talked about our characters in this Kickstarter and spent a good amount of time on the game that we will be making for these characters. Stop by and check it out. *note the audio is not that great on our end. We did not have a great MIC last night but we did the best we could with what we had. The Video Also we are still trying to unlock stretch goal. stop by and check it out! Natakue and the MidKnight Heroes team
  2. Ok so we just hit our funding level! YES! So now its time to get some of these stretch goals knocked out. First up is Chibi Elvia at $3000. She will be a 30mm chibi cast in metal. Natakue and the MidKnight Hereos team
  3. OK we are only $345 away from funding! That is amazing! Lets see if we can get this kickstarter funded and get out cool stretch goals out to you all. If we get both .5 and #1 open we are thinking about letting the backers chose who they would like to see as stretch goal #2 We can do this, and thank you for your support in making this dream of ours come true. Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1946588239/midknight-heroes-season-0-reboot Primary Miniature: Stretch goals!
  4. Well with Arkady's advice we added a new pledge level that will allow you to pledge and add any of the Addons on if they are unlocked to your pledge. The pledge is $5 for that pledge level. Thank you Arkady for your suggestion. Natakue
  5. Arkady that is a good Idea. We can add a pledge level to just add anyn addon on when the become unlocked. If you where to pledge at that level what would you say is a fair amount? We want to make sure we listen to any and all backers to make sure we can meet their needs.
  6. Just wanted to let every one know that we have relaunched our Kickstarer with new pledge levels and better value for you pledges. Our new Kickstarter is called Season 0 Reboot! and you can fine it here. * I have also edited the orginal post to reflect our new Kickstarter.
  7. OK one of the thing's that was said on this fourm and other's was that our Rokheim ( our dwarfs) did not fit our concpet. Some even went as far as saying they looked very wowish. We took them back to the drawing board for our rebbot Kickstarter that launches June 2nd. I would like to show you those character redesignes as they will be in the next Kickstarter on June 2nd. Natakue www.midknightheroes.com
  8. Hello Heroes, I wanted to personally thank you for backing this project and putting your support behind me; and for your belief in MidKnight Heroes. After fully examining our options, we want to do what is best for you and provide you with a better value. As such, we will be canceling this KickStarter project as of May 18th. Now for the good news! We will be starting a second KickStarter campaign on June 2nd that will run through July 1st. Although we did a ton of work and a lot research prior to setting up this first Kickstarter, there was still a lot that we learned from this KickStarter. Your comments and response has taught us many lessons that have helped us refine what we are offering and expand the value for you, our customers. "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.†~Thomas A. Edison We have a new business plan, but first I would like to take a minute to let you know what we learned this time around. Shipping. One of our biggest areas of opportunity is that we did not properly account for shipping in our Kickstarter and overestimated shipping costs. Shipping was added to the pledge levels as an additional expense that you, our supporters, had to absorb. We heard your voice. For all of our U.S. customers, shipping is included in the pledge level and add-ons. What you see is what you pay with no hidden shipping fees. Unfortunately, anyone outside of the United States will still have additional shipping costs, but we hope to keep them a bit more reasonable than our first attempt. Packaging. In our grand vision of this project, we wanted to not only provide an awesome miniature, but deliver it in a high quality box with beautiful artwork. We initially built this cost into the cost of the miniature. In fact, this accounted for 34% of the cost of each miniature.Looking at this, we have decided to go with a very basic packaging option for our initial run, and depending on our success add upgraded packaging as a stretch goal. In the long run we still feel it is important to deliver a beautifully packaged product, but the focus of this KickStarter project is the miniatures, so that is what we will focus on moving forward. Initial Value. We’re gamers too and we realize that the price with shipping is high, even for the quality of miniatures we are making. We are very passionate about this project and tried to create value by packaging the initial three miniatures together. Plus, when we get to release the game, we hope to make the core set into major players that will have unique roles in the game. Even so, we now realize that forcing you to buy 3 miniatures as our base pledge level was a bit much. You told us you needed more options to get just the miniatures you want and we listened. Leonide will be our flagship miniature and start our new KickStarter as the initial pledge level. We have modified the pledged levels to be less complicated and allowed our backers to add-on any of the other miniatures that unlock at each stretch goal. Both the stretch goal levels and the add-on cost have been reduced. With these changes we have created a much greater value for you, our backers. Communication. There are a lot of views on how much communication with you, the backers is appropriate. Some sources suggest that you can never have enough updates on your project to keep your backers informed of any progress (as you have seen this is the model we have tried to follow). Other sources suggest that updates should only be posted when a major change happens on the project to keep your message from getting lost. We have come to realize we need to find a balance between these two viewpoints. We will keep the backers informed of when we hit stretch goals or have major accomplishments, but not so much that we are filling up your inbox on a daily basis. If you want more updates than what we are sending out through KickStarter, you can always check out the forums at MidKinghtHeroes.com. The fact that you were all willing to get behind me in this project means the world and I can't be thankful enough for your support and feedback. I hope you will consider supporting our refined Kickstarter campaign that is coming soon on June 2nd. Natakue and the MidKnight Heroes Team www.midknightheroes.com
  9. (...) Another way to help out is tell us what you think of the concepts. Well the minis all look good enough, but I think the different sculpts may cater different audiences, as mentioned by Monkeysloth. Also, because there is only one of each spieces for sale, shipping quickly adds up. If you would offer a 4 Sci-Fi elves box, for example, that would already make a big difference. Yeah I see where you are going here and agree with you as well. We realize that we made mistakes in this KS. Mistakes that may cause it to not fund, i mean it was our first ever KS. We will be meeting this week to figure out what we want to do next. We know this project will happen its just how. Dont be surprised if we decided to redo the KS fixing all our mistakes and adding more value to it.
  10. Findariel you are 100% correct it is a little high and we understand that NOW. This is our first venture into the world of KS and we have made some mistakes. We did not see this till it was launched even thought we did put it out looking for feed back. We are a start up company and like MonkeySloth stated we have to do every thing metal at the moment because it's cheaper. This KS is not looking good because of the mistakes we made that we where not aware of. if it fails we plan on redoing it this with fixing the mistakes we learned from. Thank you for you support and input it really helps. Another way to help out is tell us what you think of the concepts.
  11. Thanks for the input and you are right. That is by design. Each race has it own tech level as we like to call it. Each race in our world lives on it's own planet and has its own tech. As the story progresses the races tech will blend with each other, but right now early in the story they still stand out as being very different. The Elf's we call Elvarians have the highest tech and they look very sci fi. The Fai our beastmen are very low tech and tribal. Their race is druid like and very early in their reign on their planet. They have just be introduced to tech and are trying to deal with it. The Rokheim, our dwarfs are in a industrial phase in their society. Their tech is very primitive almost steampunkish. In our story (still working on it but we can share more if you like) all of these races our brought together to fight a common enemy, Omega's our dragons. These Omega's are, well space dragons. They look like normal fantasy dragons because well if it's not broken don't fix it right? We have plans for very sci fi dragons later on but right now in out story they have a very fantasy dragon like feel to them.
  12. OK well it's time to try this again. Our last Kickstarter did not go the way we wanted it to, and we listened to out backers on why it did not work. We are now back at it again trying to get this off the gorund. This is a dream of ours and we are not going to stop till we get this thing on the gorund becasue we feel we have somethign very special here. So I want to reintroduce you to our Kickstarter MidKnight Heroes Season 0 Reboot! What is Reboot!? Reboot is where we went back to the drawing board and redesigned our idea. We changed for a set idea to a per miniature idea with our primary miniature Leonide as our main miniature. We added more value to you pledges and even redesigned two of our characters the was not very popular, Oda and Hanna. Our Funding level is much smaller, $2000 (Bare bones) that our last Kickstarter and we now offer free shipping to all US backers. Stop by and take a look and hep make our drream a reality! Our Miniatures will be sculpted by Robby Crawforth and Fancagne Didier and will be cast in metal. Our current Stretch goals: go to our website at www.midknighthereos.com to see all our stretch goals. Natakue and the MidKnight Hereos Team. "Thank you for supporting us!"
  13. Ok now that is one sweet painting area...I'm in love!
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