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    Black Liquorice, Good looking Minis's, PBS and Moonshine, strictly for medicinal purposes you know.

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  1. Have to agree skin is just super the effect looks great,. The rest is just as impressive. But your choice of color and technec on the skin stands out so well
  2. I think I will follow give it a crack as well, I do love 3 inch brushes
  3. Oh well. I expect to have the largest collection of unpainted minis in the world. For a non resale site/store bring it on. I got more storage room !!
  4. The paint just seems to glow (green paint) Wow the rest is totally awesome. Great job on the bandages and wraps !!
  5. The pants are really something. All the clothing folds look incredible! Your freind is pretty lucky
  6. Totally awesome!! I love the creativeness and colors. I shake my head in appreciation for work that looks so good.
  7. I love this type of mini, awesome job al the way around. Really impressed with the little things you did with basing, helps give it a story or lend more to the imagination
  8. Nice work, love the different colors of the wolves great idea. Really like your bases as well
  9. Love the way you highlighted the blues and purples , wow good looking paint
  10. Wow great skin work an I like the way the metals came out. Terrific piece all the way around
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