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  1. My latest Reaper. Seems my Testor Dull cote has failed me. Is there a MSP brush on dull cote? Not sure if I should put it on ebay because of he sheen.
  2. Yep the bubbles are comming from my mix (Anns recipie), may not have enough water in the mix..
  3. Im haveing a problem with bubbles in the paint after shakeing and they are transfering onto the model. Is there anyway I can eliminate this?
  4. I used a basecoat of VGC Glorious Gold followed by washes of Citadel Brown and Chestnut inks and highlighted with Citadel Burnised Gold, all other colors were applied with RMS paints. I'm considering putting them up for sale, as I prefer NMM for my war band.
  5. I do know that there needs to be more highlighting...but I need to find a spot to stop painting if they are to be used for gameing... Thanks for all the good coments....darn now I have to highlight the hair more.
  6. Just an observation, your reaper paints are supposed to dry matt, Im also haveing some problems with glossy paint. I find it very dificult to layer with the reflecton off the other layer.
  7. You are right about the back of the shield, I thought the white would contrast better. Here is a closer shot, I may get another angle also.
  8. I have been thinking of possibly playing Warlord so what I did was try to see if I could paint multiple figs for the first time. If I wanted to paint a band of minnies I would have to paint quickly so I used metalics to move a little quicker and I think it helped, well I know it helped thats the quickest I have ever painted three minnies...
  9. Thats it! Thanks for the advice. The mythical missing gym sock...
  10. Could someone identify this thing for me. I don't know what to paint it. One other thing is that my RMS paint is not drying flat makes it very difficult to blend with a shinny surface.
  11. Fixed up the post for ya Stern This is the BEST I can get with my setup, thats all the closer I can get. Hope its not too big.
  12. I am haveing a tough time getting the color right with the camera I will ge a closer shot.
  13. Calling this one done have to move on to something els. I feel a little dissappointed with this one, I tried a few new things like the tabard and snow base.
  14. I agree nice looking minnie. What Rodnick has done with the photo realy brings out the work you have done, what I would like to now is how you blended the background of the photo?
  15. This is my first attempt useing the green stuff . I felt she would be more suited with a whip, hope you like her.
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