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  1. It only took 5 hours, but every mini is present and accounted for. The only thing that was wrong is that one of my giants had two heads and only one arm. Out of 350+ minis that's a pretty good accuracy rate.
  2. It wasn't quite two hours, but yes I got my UPS notice quite a bit before I got the Reaper one. From what I've seen this tends to happen when your shipment is packaged near the end of the day.
  3. As mine had mirrored yours,I checked, only to find the status as Delivered.Lo and behold, it had been. Haha, this story is great.
  4. I just got my UPS notice (no Reaper notice) for my Vamp + 15 (16 line items, for the really lazy). Amusingly, I was correct in saying that I would get my notice today but my Bones would be delayed by the holiday. They're set for delivery in seven days. Edit: And while I was typing that, I got this: Hi there! We're shipping out your Kickstarter stuff! You're getting: Swamp Things x1 C'thulhu x1 Fire Giant Warriors x1 Deathsleet x1 There Be Dragons x1 Figure Case x2 Mind your Manors x1 Orcapocalypse x2 Frost Giants x1 Ebonwrath x1 Fire Giants x1 Undead Horde x1 Dungeon Attack x1 vampire x1
  5. It's because sh....uh...they're there due t.... Yeah, you know what? I'm not touching this one.
  6. Oh, I know this one. I used to do toy safety testing. The Prop 65 warning appears on almost literally everything that's sold in Cali. It's actually pretty useless and annoying, but you simply cannot sell things in Cali without it. Of course, if you want to sell things everywhere except Cali you're more than welcome to do that.
  7. Oh no! I'm in the same boat as Buglips! Just as they were about to start working on my number they switched to come at it from the other end. The horror...the horror...
  8. Sunday too. Nothing will ship until Monday morning, but there's going to be a huge spike in the orders shipped when they do.
  9. As it turns out I miscounted and I actually have 16 items, not 14. So I'm in the next book. Bryan said on the KS forum that they're going to have a small crew working tonight to make up for lost time, although he's not sure if they're going to be putting waybills (tracking labels) on the packages or just scanning them in. Keep an eye on the tracker to find out. Also, They're going to be working both tomorrow and Sunday it looks like. So hopefully mine goes out on Monday when they start actually shipping again.
  10. I always assumed Canadians were so nice all the time because they feel really bad about that White House thing.
  11. No worries. I'm more than up for the challenge of taking all of the credit for this.
  12. Sir Forscale should be used in everything that has to do with scale. EVERYTHING.
  13. You're a trooper. Don't let anyone tell you different.
  14. Ha, this figures. That means that I'm not in the next US book, but the one after that (14 items). So what's going to happen is they're going to do US orders tomorrow, make it through that book, then flip to Canada and ROW and not get back to US until Tuesday of next week. My order will go out that night, but because of the 4th I won't get it until the following week. Or something goes kablooie and they have to stick with US orders until they're done. So...uh...if anything happens you can still blame Buglips. Just to be safe.
  15. I've got 15 line items, which I think puts me at an interesting place in the queue. Because I'm before the 'one of everything' crowd but after the larger numbers of 6-10 line item orders.
  16. As someone who deals with UPS on a daily basis, they tend to not require a signature on items delivered to residential addresses. If it was to a business they almost always require them. Sometimes this means that UPS will decide to put your package in an unlocked vehicle that just happens to be parked outside your house. I've seen them do that at least four times now. One of the times the car even belonged to the person who's package it was!
  17. I think that counts as Vamp + 6 Line Items. I seem to vaguely recall something someone official said somewhere that lead me to believe the common theory that if you have multiples it's just one line item was incorrect.
  18. Well...that joke didn't work. I meant to say 'You can all rest easy. I got my system check email'. I have shamed my family and friends...
  19. I would really like that to be true. Can you confirm reading it with your own eyes? As far as the information we know, that isn't possible as Reaper is a missing a figure that goes with Kaladrax. They are expecting the shipment to arrive on Tuesday and when they have that at last they will give us another update. More importantly it's Sunday, and UPS doesn't ship on Sunday.
  20. You can all rest easy. I got my shipping notification tonight.
  21. Yeah, I'm not worried about it. Just pointing it out.
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