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  1. I recieved mine last night. And Ill tell you with 4 kids ages 5-12 at the table it sure was fun opening them all. I think the only issue I have is that one of my dragons from "there be dragons" has the same wing twice. the mounts are usually different per wing, and this wing is identical but the sockets on the body of the dragon are different. I think some JB weld during assembly will solve the issue though.
  2. Tried and tried to post this yesterday, but I guess 18000 people camped on Reapers doorstep to watch the ticker- go tick. Hi there! We're shipping out your Kickstarter stuff! You're getting: Spider Centaurs x1 Forces of Nature x1 There Be Dragons x1 Ebonwrath x1 vampire x1 Your shipment was postmarked on 06-20-2013 and is being shipped UPS Ground. I checked the UPS tracking today, and it indicates that I will recieve on Weds of next week. Pretty cool !
  3. I just got an E-mail that said the following Quote So yes, very excited
  4. system check E-mail. Posted then found the correct thread for it. Sorry
  5. Thanks Bryan for the update. Now if we could get a mod to clean the MANY pages of off topic filler, people would actually be able to use this thread to see whats happening with the bones shipment and the relevant updates. Seriously people, untill today this thread has become nearly useless due to the off topic chatter that is preventing people from being able to easily find relevant information to the original topic.
  6. Ya, I traded my Sophie in. And I got there be dragons. But for some reason I didnt get Kaladrax. And now that I see it in person. Im really sad. LoL, and that sucks.
  7. I own my own business. ive had an internet based business in the past, and worked for a very large one once upon a time. in as much as I want my "rewards" from the backing, I sure feel sorry for you guys having to put up with the idiots who have no idea the way the world really works. China is oft-times maddening to work with. Shipping and customs are a huge pain. Time lines never work out. All the best to you people at Reaper. As much as I want the hordes of plastic, I can wait as I understand that "crap happens" and you are actually doing your best and are not trying to make me wait.
  8. Lets keep this thread on topic folks. Otherwise the Mods will come in and clean house.
  9. Well now that the kickstarter is not only over, but were seein just what everything looks like and how big some of the stuff is, Im starting to have some regrets. I regret not getting Kalidrax. I regret not opting in for ALL the paints. Sheesh. How about you, what do you regret? (in regards to this kickstarter.)
  10. Wow, this thread is WAY off topic. I thought it would be about people getting their stuff. But its actually about. . . what ever comes to mind I guess.
  11. you can get two packages on a single tracking number. You can check the lable and see if it says 1 of 2 or anything like that on it. It should have an indicator on the box label as to the number of packages in the shipment.
  12. Well, 16475 orders were for or included vampire level
  13. So do we know where we are in the shipping process?
  14. Since I delete all old E-mails, how can I tell when I locked in my pledge?
  15. Im not feeling so bad now. Probably Ill ship middle of the pack. (fingers crossed) But I bet there were a bunch of T-shirts and simple orders plus probably a TON of just vampire orders as well.
  16. Ok since the bones are being shipped by level of complication, least to most, Im wondering (and Im sure you are too) how complicated is your order. Also, its just fun to see what everyone else ordered. my order is . Vampire x1 $100 Ebonwrath x1 $10 There Be Dragons x1 $15 Forces Of Nature x1 $15 Spider Centaurs x1 $10 how bout you?
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