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  1. Can someone please recommend a super matte finishing varnish or spray on? I want something completely devoid of shine, thanks.
  2. I need a metallic blue and green paint for some giant beetles. Are the Sparkling Blue and Emerald Green paints considered metallics? Thanks.
  3. We have obviously hit a point of diminishing returns with this thread. That is abundantly clear. I think we can all agree that despite the best intentions, this thread is no longer serving its function. I honestly didn't think I would be made the whipping boy for crowdfunds-gone-wrong but that is exactly what has happened. If, in my efforts to publicize my campaign, I upset anyone then you have a sincere apology. It wasn't my intent. I won't continue to update this thread but will invite you instead to look for updates on the project page. Again, I apologize.
  4. We are simply talking about two sides of the same coin. I am a creator and writer first, and thank god for that. It is my creative spring that has gotten me this far, so I'll stick by how I do things. Call it what you will. I'm not asking people to take me on faith. Go read reviews of Barrowmaze. The opinion of my fellow gamers will speak for itself. You can choose to believe what you read or not. It's completely up to you.
  5. I am a reasonable person. I have, in my previous campaigns, bent over backwards to make sure people are satisfied and that my projects were completed on time. There is nothing in my mind to suggest this project will be any different. Please do not mistake me for a business. I am one person with a love for old school fantasy adventure and who likes to paint old school miniatures. Now, the question about refund. If someone didn't like what they received and wanted to send me back the materials in good shape, I would absolutely offer a refund -- but it isn't as simple as that. Please unde
  6. I don't judge a person by the length of time they have spent on a board(s). To call my credibility into question in an oblique fashion is called being passive aggressive. It isn't cool.
  7. @goblin, People, the people who run crowdfunds and make projects happen, are the sum total of their experiences. You can't divorce the person from the project. That's impossible to do. You seriously think that the blood, sweat, and tears it takes to get advanced university degrees doesn't speak to who I am and what I'm about? That simply isn't logical. For the second and third time - this is not my first rodeo. I have an established track record. If all you want is the adventure then back that portion You seriously think, because I am compassionate toward another human being ru
  8. We just reached the halfway point in the campaign (goal of 15k), we'd need a significant push through the goal to consider printing poster maps on 80lb paper (which I've done before but it involves two costs, printing and shipping). You can see an example here from my last campaign (Barrowmaze II).
  9. There will be a map of Helix, a hex map of the surrounding area, the revised Barrow Mounds map (plus most have their own individual map), and the dungeon map (black/white in the book and old school blue in poster-sized pdf). That should do it as far as maps go :)
  10. I'm running an Ask Me Anything on Reddit that started at 8pm Eastern Want to know more about Barrowmaze? Interested in how you mass teach RPGs at a university? Here's your sign :) http://redd.it/1wouwf
  11. Kay, everyone is welcome to their perspective. I can't rationalize yours in my mind. Fortunately you aren't an official court of law or I'd be in jail strictly through association without committing a crime lol Remember, for all the discussion of OW this is NOT an OW crowdfund. I think I have taken a fair approach to dealing with questions as forthrightly as I can but we are at a point where I'm saying the same things. So if you have additional questions (there's a lot more than just OW in this campaign lol) please fire away. Greg
  12. Thank you for the questions. If you want to just take part in the adventure portion of the crowdfund you can do that. OW has nothing to do with that at all. So I really have a hard time rationalizing Beagle's point of view (which he is entirely welcome to) in my own mind. Painting people with a broad brush is not how I choose to go through life. To each their own. You are correct Carnacki, it is more appropriate to make your stuff available at the same time you ship to backers or immediately afterwards. As a backer of OWs campaign, I expressed my disappointment about this exact issue.
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