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  1. Hi there! We're shipping out your Kickstarter stuff! You're getting: Hydra x1 Deep Dwellers x1 Jabberwock x1 Frost Wyrm x1 Red Dragon x1 Mythos Monsters x1 There Be Dragons x1 Figure Case x1 vampire x1 Me so happy.
  2. Oh my it is so exciting to see it jump from 5 items to 6 to 7 to 8 in the past 24 hours. AND I HAVE 9 ITEMS!
  3. She's just big boned, that's all! :)
  4. Holy bonesium that's news I'd say! Glad I bothered to ask...
  5. Does anyone know the content of all these "facebook updates" from the past couple of days? I dont do facebook, but would like to know the latest.
  6. Bryan, about those overtime weekend shifts - I hope they are optional! Thanks for the info, I really appreciate being kept in the loop. I think its only about a 16 hour drive from here to Denton, hmm.... So next question, can we get the manifests ,so we know which box contains our treasures? :)
  7. A thread called vapire pics... without a single pic!
  8. Ok I am just throwing ideas out here and playing devil's advocate. The timetable of shipments must have been scheduled during or soon after the kickstarter, but shiippng taking months was nowhere mentioned in the kickstarter, just one word: march. Was march through june or july always the shipping timetable? This was my first kickstarter and I would have liked to know. Are all the vampire boxes in stock? Could they be shipped alone to all backers, with an add-on box to follow, or is that too expensive or impractical? When will US production of these minis begin? Could we get the US version instead, if the slow boat to china takes forever, or as an exchange/upgrade?
  9. I used to model 1/35 panzer tanks and the airbrush was practically a requirement for the camo schemes. Good set up,
  10. As a negative nelly this weekend I kinda regret opening my mouth now. Sorry if I rustled any feathers. In every post I tried to include what a great company Reaper is, and what a great product these bones are, which might correlate to how impatient I have become. (Gods I hope its really not as far out as June) I do think my li'l voice matters, even if I am a lone fish in a sea of customers, but I also agree that my griping probably wasn't helping matters. I just wish the world was perfect and when I see inefficiency (not that that is what's happening here!) I just have to try and help correct it. I would love to hear what the Company is saying as far as what they have learned and how they will handle the next Kickstarter, if there is going to be one. So ya, keep calm and canter on, I will refrain from voicing my impatience. La la la! PS - On a personal note, the main reason I have been frustrated is that I put of starting a new campaign for my group because I wanted to have a "painting fest" game night where we all tackled as many mini's as possible, and everyone picked out their next character from amongst the bones. Well, week after week of putting off the campaign in hopes of what I now see as a pipe dream, I just had to bute the bullet and start the new campaign, sans bones. Not their fault, it was mine, when i heard in late march thet bones were shipping, I kept thinking my shipment will be here soon! Only by the start of Reaercon did I finally realize that no, it won't, and I had to start playing and stop delaying. Sorry for the grief everyone.
  11. No question this has been the best kickstarter I have ever been a part of, and I am not trying to disparage the company, Bryan, or his grandmother. They are all saints! It is wierd, but if it was a delay in China, or a problem with the molds, or something out of their control I would never dare to impugn their honor, and even now I am just airing my opinion. There is just something, I don't know, galling I guess about knowing it is there waiting, and it is merely the speed of shipping that is causing such a huge delay in some orders getting shipped before others. I guess 18,000 orders are a lot, I have no idea. I know lots of people probably think I am being an a-hole for the negativity, but I am not a negative person, just a little impatient, and it is like being a dog waiting for their owner to give them the treat. It is right freaking there in their hands! I mean there is always room for improvement right? If you had your choice to get it right away or wait for 2-3 months, you would want it earlier right? If all we do is kiss their butts they have less incentive to improve.
  12. One more way they are potentially losing sales, then.
  13. I think knowing what I know now, I would back Reaper's next Kickstarter but I would try to avoid getting any optional extras beyond the basic package, since getting the extras has delayed my order at least 1 month, maybe 2 months, and I could have gotten any stuff I really wanted at retail a bit later at a reasonable markup. So next time I would get the equivalent of Vampire box only and if I needed to trade in a Sophie for credit I'd use the credit for something like the paint or figure case that went out fast with the Vampires. I was mostly ordering the extras because I wanted to give Reaper more money beyond the Vampire $100 to help with their Kickstarter goals; I could easily have waited and then if I really needed eg fire giants I could have got them retail when I was actually about to run an adventure with them. So I feel I shot myself in the foot a bit there. If I wanted to do the same next time maybe ordering two Vampire boxes instead would be better; keeping it simple. This is the best argument I have heard yet for why they should maybe find a way to pick up the pace. They are losing potential future sales. I hate feeling ths way though, it feels like looking a gift horse in the mouth. They are such a great company and this was such a great kickstarter, but the end game is souring.
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