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  1. The adaptor came yesterday. It fits, and with a little wrench tightening, is leak free. I sprayed some water around the kitchen last night, and I'm all set to get some airbrush learning this weekend. I'd like to thank everyone in the thread that helped me out with my ignorance. You guys are the reason I come here.
  2. Thanks Willen, That link gave me exactly the information I needed. You're a superstar. I've found a 1/8" Female BSP (to connect to my non-American compressor) to 1/4" Male NPT (which is actually an NPSM since it's not tapered) (that my American Badger airhose will connect to) Adaptor on amazon.ca that I can have here by Thursday. Only a few more days of waiting. I hate waiting. But at least this time I think (and hope) the waiting will be done with. On to the AIRBRUSHING!
  3. This whole ordeal makes me realize how much I absolutely loathe "not knowing". And poor instruction manuals. My compressor has a 1/8" connector, but it doesn't say if it's BSP or NPT. And seriously, it's the largest 1/8 of an inch I've ever seen - I felt for sure that the 1/4" labeled on the badger hose would fit it (and that 1/4" is pretty damned close to 1/2" IMO), and that's not listed as either BSP or NPT either... There's adaptors that go back and forth between them, but I don't know which way I need to go. Although slightly crazy is looking like a decent option...
  4. Do airbrush hoses and connectors use NPT threading? (National Pipe Thread) I was looking up airbrushes on PrincessAuto (they sell almost everything), and they had an airbrush kit that came with an 1/4" to 1/8" NPT adaptor that looks suspiciously like what I want. Searched for it separately, and they have it in their hydraulics section... The price, and shipping costs, aren't bad at all, but I have no idea if it's the one I want.. I'll post a picture of it, hopefully that doesn't violate board rules (if it does, I'll remove it)
  5. There's no Harbour Frieght in Canada (or at least on the Atlantic coast), I'll look into seeing if they'll ship here. TCP Global was the company selling through Amazon with $30 shipping. Edited: Harbour Freight doesn't appear to have the right adaptor, and they don't have international shipping prices online, they get someone to look it up and email you the shipping cost.
  6. It's a "Pro Model AS186". According to the Amazon reviews (which I only read now...) on the badger hose, it needs a 1/4" to 1/8" adaptor to fit Master and TC air compressors, which from a quick google image search appear to be the same as mine (although I can't really tell the size of the dooflicker bit where the hose screws on). I found a "Master Airbrush® Brand 1/4" Male X 1/8" Female Fitting/adaptor for the Tc Air Compressor" on Amazon, which looks like it'd thread onto the compressor's dooflicker bit, and let the badger hose thread onto it. It's only $5 but shipping to Canada is $30, and it'd take over a week to get here. I'll check Chicago airbrush supply next. And I was planning on checking Michaels and Home Depot tomorrow (I work right beside both). Edit to add: Assuming that's the right adaptor I need, Chicago airbrush supply has it for $2.50 but won't ship it to Canada. (They'll charge me a penny to pick it up in store though).
  7. Feeling just a bit frustrated. The badger airbrush hose fits the airbrush fine... But the other end doesn't fit the compressor. I hit both the local hardware stores, but apparently the smaller size connection of the compressor isn't standard, and I couldn't find anything that would reduce the badger hose down to the right size. I know the board rules don't allow linking to the pages with purchase buttons, so an Amazon link is a no go, but does anyone know what these sizes are even called so I can find the right adaptor? (Either from the original small size blue hose to the airbrush, or the bigger badger hose to the smaller compressor size.)
  8. So the compressor arrived on Wednesday, and the airbrush on Friday. Looks pretty sharp: The airhose was still stuck in Ontario in customs limbo (it happens from time to time that somethings take more than the normal 2-3 day delay that customs puts on something), and I was starting to think that the Nov. 4th expected delivery date was optimistic. Until I checked the tracking this morning: Hopefully I'll be airbrushing away tonight... or at least learning what not to do when airbrushing.
  9. Michaels normally runs a 40%-50% off one item coupon here, once or twice a month. However, even with the coupon, prices at Michaels don't really compare with what I can find elsewhere -- They're an emergency place for me to go when I need something generic, when I'm willing to pay the extra so I don't have to wait for something to come on order. (anything I order usually takes 3-5 days if I order Canadian, or ~10 days from the US) I did look online for them, but the Canadian Michaels site is full of turds and doesn't let you see most of the stock, or any of the prices. There's no airbrushes or compressors online; while I know that the local store does have a tiny section of airbrushes/accessories, most of it is special order only cards though (a hook with a card on it with a price and a picture of an airbrush/compressor - and they'll order it in for you). Last time I asked about them (probably a year or so ago now) no one on staff knew anything about them, and I wasn't going to entrust that type of money into something from Michaels without knowing more aboot it.
  10. So for a Badger Sotar airbrush on a Badger 10' hose, I'm assuming I'd want a "Badger Air-Brush Co. 51-042 QD Coupler" ? Time for (yet another) "Amazon Hates Canada Rant": I really don't understand amazon.ca -- they have this little widget for 2.5x the price as on amazon.com So far everythings shipped, with compressor getting here on Wednesday, and the airbrush and hose getting here next week. I'll wait and give it a shot without the quick disconnect dealy, and if I think it'll be handy I'll order one after.
  11. I had just assumed that with a Badger airbrush, a Badger hose would be best, but I'll keep this in mind if the Badger hose I ordered leaks. I don't know if I'll need a quick release, is it just a convenience deal to disconnect quicker when you're done? or is there a reason to disconnect more often?
  12. I managed to find one on amazon.ca that was only mildly overpriced (just $25 USD more than the exact same thing on amazom.com), it looks basically the same as what a friend of mine has (apparently there's a bunch of various brands that slap their stickers on the same Chinese product "Compressor with 3 Liter Tank For Airbrush with Regulator and Pressure Gauge"), and I picked up a 10' Badger Airbrush Hose that is supposed to be the one I need to connect to a Badger airbrush to a normal compressor. I already have a bottle of 70% isopropyl alcohol and distilled water to do some trial and error with pant mixtures. Is there anything else I may need?
  13. I never even thought about connectors and hoses... Of course they're not a standard size.
  14. So, I've been kind of waffling on the idea of picking up an airbrush for a while now, and a friend of mine pointed me to a really good amazon.com sale for a Badger Sotar 2020-2F, which is apparently a superb air brush for miniatrue painting. Too good of a deal to pass up, so I ordered it, and it arrives in about 2 weeks. But here's the issue: I don't have an air compressor, and I need help finding one locally, or that can ship to Canada and isn't a super over inflated price. While amazon.com has some decent looking air compressors for decent prices, it looks like most of the ones with a tank won't ship to Canada. I can find the same ones on amazon.ca, but what would cost me $70 USD on amazon.com, costs $260 CAD on amazon.ca. I get that the currency exchange rate is pretty bad right now - but it's not THAT bad. So I need some help - Can I just use a 2gallon air compressor from the local Canadian Tire (hardware store) - They have one on sale for $50 currently. There's no moisture trap, and I have no idea what the pulsation is like, are these things that really matter? I'm mostly just going to be doing base coating, and maybe a little bit of shade work on bigger models (I've got a Narthrax on my desk right now). If I can't (or shouldn't) use a hardware store compressor - Where can I buy a usable compressor that'll ship to Canada without costing me an arm and a leg? Thanks! PS - asking for this kind of advice while respecting the no-linking-to-sales-sites rule is difficult (so, I've got this thing, from this place, and I was looking at this other thing, from this other place to go with it...) - hopefully answers are easier.
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