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  1. I think my mini is actually finished now... maybe  :rolleyes:


    Base is built, and base-coated, need some highlighting and some better blends.  I've clamped down on my feature creep, the base is as complicated as it's going to get.



    I'm heading into the busiest part my competitive pipe and drum band season - so I don't have a lot of time to play with (band practice two evenings a week + weekend competitions + 40hr/week full time job), but I think I'm on schedule to get this in the mail before the due date.     Our last competition is the last weekend of July, so I've got a few weeks to play with in August if I fall behind for some reason.

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  2. Update #14 was pretty cool - shows a really nifty video of the spin-casting process.



    Update #15 is even cooler - They're shipping already (or very very soon).



    This is lining up to be the VERY FIRST kickstarter I've backed that delivers on time (Depending on how quick shipping takes to get to Canada).  I passed on Oathsworn's previous kickstarters, but he's definitely setting a good track record.  ^_^

  3. When I started out, early last year, I knew nothing (Jon Snow). 


    I decided the best way for me to get started with a good selection of colours was to pick up both of the HD hard cases - Paint that covers really well is OBVIOUSLY better than paint that doesn't :rolleyes:, and it came with cool storage cases (which now sit in the closet, empty).


    So I've got all the HD paints - and I like them.  I've picked up about the same number of MSP paints as I've come along, trying to fill out the colour deficiencies in the HD line, and I like them too.  I really like the HD greys, and I've got a really good selection (mixed HD and MSP) of blues, reds, yellows, and browns, that work really well.  I think I'm lacking in greens - I've got a bunch of really nice medium and dark greens, but all of my lighter greens aren't really green (greeny-browns or greeny-yellows or greeny-blues (Yeah, I know they probably have real names, but I still know nothing)).  Although, the silly internet test where you line up different blocks of colours between two stationary colours says I'm pretty colour blind when it comes to green, so that my be more of an issue than my paint selection.


    In general, colour theory confuses me greatly.  Complimentary Colours, Colour Wheels, Secondary Colours, etc. etc.  It's all gibberish.  I don't understand what people mean by saturation, and value (I think I understand contrast... sometimes).   I just paint what I think looks good - I rarely have a plan before hand other than "This girl looks like a ranger type, she'd probably have a green cloak".  I tend to think more along the lines of "what would this mini be thinking when getting dressed in the morning" and not along the lines of "What colours will best make use of contrasting secondary values blablabla" (I don't even know what real painters say here).    This worked fine for me for tabletop minis (which is all I had originally been wanting), but I think it might be holding me back now that I'm starting to get better, and pushing myself more into the "beginner display" category I'm trying to achieve.

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  4. I've been working on mine... it's right at the stage where I'd say "it's good enough" - but this is for someone else, I want it to be BETTER, I want to push myself - I've done so with the base (I didn't have to go far to push beyond previous limits for basing).  I just hope I don't ruin it.  


    THE STRESS! :unsure:

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  5. Ouch - I've made this same mistake... sadly, more than once... Right now, basing is more of an after thought than something I consider from the beginning.  Thankfully I'm working with a lot of bones, which makes it easier.  I have scuffed up a few minis pretty good while removing metal broccoli bases after painting.  Frustrating beyond words.  (This is where my mousling wench is currently - sitting off to the side demanding to be fixed/finished)


    Half-joking:   If it turns out she's completely beyond your ability to salvage; It does appear from the photos that all the damage is on the lower sections, and she does have the sort of pose that could be maintained while honourably going down with the ship... or while sinking in quick sand.    Definitely not how you had planned her - but could be a possibility.. maybe?  (I tried to find videos of it, but failed, I'm sure I've seen it in Saturday morning cartoons - cartoon guy standing at attention while going down in quicksand / on a boat).

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  6. The Beware of Dragons Next 50 Miles signs reminds me of when I was a DM and whenever the players took to going off in a direction I wasn't prepared for them to, they'd find themselves running into signs advising them that the Dragon migration was currently in progress. ::):

    Not to sidetrack the thread - but I'm going to have to borrow this idea.

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  7. So, I'm obviously not as into Star Trek as some folks, I know most of the class names, and ship names, (although matching ship name to it's class, is beyond me for all but the most common ones) - Can you explain what these "Aztec" decals are? how are they different from non-Aztec decals? Are they Star Trek canon?


    I haven't done anything with models since I was a teenager, but I stare longingly at the model aisle every time I go into a hobby shop.  You may have started me down another path (although I was always more into jets than spaceships).

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  8. As mentioned above, a lot of stuff is combustible/explosive when in a fine dust.  But it (typically) needs to be suspended in air in order to get enough oxygen around each dust particle to react.


    Mythbusters did some "experimentation" on non-dairy creamer - they launch it into the the air with air pressure, and the resulting dust cloud has to reach a certain size in order for it to ignite.



    So, unless it's actually flammable on it's own (regardless of being in dust particle form), you don't really have to worry, unless your working by candle light, and tossing pigment dust into the air (for funsies?).

  9. Quiet time for Malynor.


    Competition season is just about to start for my Pipe and Drum Band, and I've been super busy practising, and preparing for that.  In order for me to get my Summer Exchange miniature out in time, it'll be taking up most of my free/painting time.


    The first mini I had picked (and started) for the summer exchange happened to be one that my partner had already painted and posted.  I searched through all their content, and have settled on another miniature that suits his request.  I've decided not to post any pics of it.  I'll take some pics for Show-Off after my partner gets it.


    I've done a little bit more work on the Mouseling Wench... still need some basing, and a few touch-ups before I post her to Show-Off....  Still trying to decide if I'll do the barkeep and post them together or not (I'm leaning towards yes, but, it'll probably be August before I've got time to start working on the Barkeep).

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  10. This is pretty nifty... 


    Lawful Good Half-Orc Wizard (5th Level)

    Ability Scores:
    Strength- 14
    Dexterity- 14
    Constitution- 13
    Intelligence- 16
    Wisdom- 13
    Charisma- 13


    I got a lot of the above by just a question or 2 - Lawful over Nuetral by 1 answer, Good over Nuetral by 2 answers,  Half-Orc over Human by 1 answer.     No Evil answers, and only a couple Chaotic.


    I was expecting a little more Chaotic, pretty surprised I got Lawful - just because my idea of what's right doesn't always line up with societies.

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  11. As Malynor voted on both it could be:


    White / Tan

    4          0

    3          1


    But White is definitely winning right now. 

    MY BAD! I completely missed the voting part - I saw the pretty pictures and "liked".  


    If it's a choice, then I like the tan one better.  It could be better, I think It blends in a little bit with the colour scheme of the mini, but the white one is just too stark, and makes it look weird.   (IMO - I'm not qualified at all to judge anything besides what I, myself, like more)

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  12. maybe I just got a bad batch, but the last base I tried to make, I ended up scrapping the putty off after 32 hours when it didn't cure at all.

    I've used the stuff they sent me on a few bases (4? maybe 5? I don't have minis on most of them yet - I was mostly just fooling around) and have had no issues with it curing at all.  It's not rock hard like the Milliput, but it's definitely firmer than GS (by a far bit - I'd have probably called it really hard before seeing Milliput cure).

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