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  1. Thanks Heisler - I took a gander (and a thorough Google) through the catalogues of the companies you listed.  Quite a few drummers, and although there were a couple of bagpipers, all of them were in military or full parade dress.  It's possible that what I'm looking for doesn't exist.


    Leave it to me to have 2 completely unrelated and obscure hobbies.

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  2. Not sure if this is the right place to ask or not, but I'm wondering where I'd be able to find miniatures of pipe and drum band members (bagpipers, snare drummers, tenor drummers, bass drummer)
    So far in my "mini career" I've only ever concentrated on fantasy minis, and searching through the companies I know about, I'm able to find the odd miniature with a bagpipe, but nothing really suitable (usually Dwarfs). 
    Looking for a set that are all dressed similar, preferably something like this: 




    ETA:  Not quite going for the full mass band like these below - but I'd like to be able to do up a small parade.  This is from the New Brunswick Highland Games last summer (2013).







  3. I wonder who's using the brush cup as a cup or actual cup in opposition to it being a brush cup...

    I use my computer desk as a painting area - and I don't trust myself not to knock over the tall REAPER Brush C.U.P. - so it's a drinking cup for me.

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  4. I'm planning a vignette with my red panda which will also feature some bamboo. Likewise, I suck at sculpting with green stuff (no idea how the pros, or even the talented amateurs, manage to work that stuff) So I was planning on just rolling it around a toothpick enough that I can scribe in a joint between each section of bamboo and call that good.

    The tutorial I used said to roll it around a copper rod - I didn't have any, so used pieces of my fiancee's jewelry wire.  I'm hoping that once it's painted it looks less deformed, because right now it's rather... pathetic.    :upside:

  5. Possibly a little solder?


    Liquid nails maybe?


    I have always kind of had my eye on one of those brush holders but always wondered how well they would hold my brushes.

    There are little holes about 1" down from the top on either side of the top-rail, that the ends of the springs are supposed to be stuck into - this makes it's stretched out a bit, and curved some as well. --- And while looking at the box trying to figure out how to explain how it's SUPPOSED to work - I realized I had it put together wrong the first time.  Reassembled, and have the spring in place with the holes, and it holds my #0 with no problems at all.  Thanks!

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  6. Oh, forgot to add, I picked up a new paint brush dryer thingy, I need to modify it a little, as the "spring" doesn't fit my smallest brushes (W&N S7 #0 and #00) when stretched out the way it's supposed to be.  I've got the spring just sitting on top now, and it seems to hold a #0 with no issues - just need to find a way to attached it so it doesn't roll around on the bar.

    Excuse the mess:


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  7. So.. kinda puttering away at a little of everything lately.


    Firstly - Mousling Wench - So I completely forgot to do any lining on her, and while I had noticed earlier, I hadn't thought it was really needed... Until I tried to paint her apron bow/straps. It just wasn't working without it.  So I lined her - ruined a bunch of work I've already done, started touching her back up to get it back to where she was, but got distracted.






    Secondly - IMEF Squad - Got them glued into 30mm beveled bases, they look kinda cool.  Finished base coating the armour in Clotted Red.  Haven't really figured out all the fiddly bits on the heads yet, also, noticed I missed some pieces of guns when I was doing my metallics first off.  I want to be able to buckle down and get these guys done for the SciFi contest, but, I'm really not that invested in them, I think I should have done them singly, instead of as a group, I get burned out on them pretty quickly, and need to move onto other things.  

    IMEF Squad:



    Thirdly - PANDA! - So, I got my ReaperCon Swag back in the mail (along with some Giants for the contests), really impressed with it, I really like the paints included, my 2 wallhanger Paint Racks are now completely full - I need another rack.  ^_^  But, for some reason, I was really taken with the Red Panda.  I've never really been one for the anthropomorphized creatures, but it seems to work for me.  So I removed her base (I really need to find a better way to do this), and made my own. I used a bamboo tutorial I saw linked in the show off section (http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/54721-nubian-princess-14321-bow-sister-akamini-13/), and failed at it horribly.  I am not a sculptor at all, fingers are too big, greenstuff is too sticky, and I've no idea how to make it do what you want.







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  8. My swag bag may have broken some USPS land speed records getting to Canada - Just over 1 week, and it's waiting for my in my mailbox (along with some giants for the contest)...   Makes for the slowest work day ever.


    ETA: Ditched work a little early and drove home, unpacked everything before I fed I got dinner ready, I've got everything layed out on the loveset in my PC/Paint Room waiting to show off to my fiancee - it is truly a glorious day.  ::D:


    I love feeling like an excited 12y/o about my stuff.

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  9. I picked up some of this: http://www.amazon.com/Elmers-E1013-Model-Cement-1-Ounce/dp/B000MVOX2S at the local hobby shop a while back.  Doesn't work well with bones (which I believe are PVC based), but for other plastics it kinda melts both sides together, creating a really good bond.  Could be what they guys above are talking about when they say "weld".   I don't think it'd be all that good for tiny fiddly bits, but for other stuff it works fantastic, I don't use it much for minis, cause I don't have the right materials (I only have a slew of bones, and a couple metal ones), but I've fixed some of my daughters Littlest Petshop toys with it.  It was pretty cheap, and tube size means it'll last for a long long while.  No fancy applicator on it, i use toothpicks to apply it on the smaller bits, I've had to do (which are probably normal mini size, not fiddly bit size).

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  10. I was messing up paint with my fingers holding the bases of the IMEF guys, so I glued them into some plastic bases, and while they were setting, I decided to take a poke at a mini I've had primed for a while.


    Mousling Wench!


    She is TINY!


    I got a lot further on her her than I was expecting to in one sitting, I think I like layering/highlighting cloth, once I got started, I kinda zoned out until i was basically done.  The colours on the hat/hood were a little difficult, I don't seem to do reds well.  At the end I needed to use an orange wash to bring it together (kind of).


    I think I'm going to try to do some NMM on her jugs tankards.  I've really never attempted it, but I think I want to try - if anyone has any tips tricks, feel free to point me in the right direction.


    Sorry for the blurry iPad photos.







    C&C Welcome.
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  11. 8 months later.. and I'm finally getting back into painting.  No idea what stopped me.. or what got me started again (actually a vague idea of interesting forum topics getting me back into the forums, which probably lead to a renewed interest in painting).


    I painted the bones troll (pics later - anytime I had my camera out, it was still wet with sealer or I just forgot)


    The IMEF dudes (and dudette) have been sitting on my "i should paint these soon" list for a long while - I'm not really that into sci-fi stuff, and have never painted sci-fi minis, so I though it'd be a good change of pace.  I've been playing (badly) a lot of Titanfall recently and this contest was just the push I needed to get started on them.


    Started out with a MSPHD military grey basecoat to cover the bones, then did a light drybrush in red just to bring out the details (I'll be going with a red armour look):




    And then based the guns in GunMetal Blue, and drybrushed in Tarnished Steal, and topped it off with a light drybrush of some of the magical Vallejo air mettallic Aluminum (I forgot the actual name/spelling of the brand - also, while it works REALLY well, it smells like it's poisoning me while I'm painting, which is something I'm really not used to with my Reaper MPS/HD paints).



    Hopefully, it won't be another 8 months before I update again.

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  12. I eventually decided to grab one.. I was trying to hold out, and was (kind of, not really) hoping they'd sell out before I finally caved.  The special paint, the mousling, and the early Casketworks were the clinchers for me.

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  13. I just got mine the other day (thanks Canada Customs, for keeping them warm for a week), but I stamped out 4 bases last night, and while I haven't finished painting them, I'll try to remember to post pics of them this afternoon when I get home. Overall impressions for me - quick (the longest part was mixing the putty together), easy, and definitely better than anything I'd be able to pull off on my own.


    I once attempted my own flagstone type base, by following a "simple online guide", and while it wasn't a horrible failure - I like the stamp a lot more, for both ease of use, and how it turned out.


    My main criticism, it's that they don't appear to be of a set scale. The wooden plank bases appear a little to big for 28mm scale (not that it'll stop me from using it, I paint minis for gameplay, not display - but I can see it matter to some), while the old world flagstone and cobblestone both look to be a better scale. Just keep in mind when you are looking at examples on their site, you're looking at 50mm bases, not 25mm or 30mm bases.

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  14. I used to have a fancy smart phone, until my phone decided to take a swim. The cell phone company wanted more for an "early upgrade fee"(a additional fee that would enable me to pay them even more for a new phone) then they did for an early cancellation fee, so I cancelled, thinking I'd look at the other company (we really only had 2 options at the time) but found it really kind of liberating, and haven't bothered. I've been phone for almost a year now, and I don't know if I'll ever get one again...



    I don't think I've ever sounded so old as I just did...




    I don't know, the first time Eccleston's doctor saw himself in the mirror, he pointed out his abnormally large ears.


    Good point, plus he's my favorite Doctor. Still, I'd love to see an entire set of all the Doctors as Mouslings.


    But he's the aquaman of the Doctors :poke:



    Technically, Tennant lost his hand so that would make him more like Aquaman...just saying.


    Wouldn't that make him more like Luke Skywalker?

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  16. The day after Paul and Storm released their video of "Write like the wind" they played at a little in house concert at a nerd convention in Utah called Nerdtacular - and the opening act for them was a fella named John Anealio, who closed with a song he had written a few years before called "George R.R. Martin is Not Your B*tch".


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