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  1. We're starting a Pathfinder campaign (our first foray into Pathfinder), and one our players is going to play a Female Halfling Monk. Interesting choice to say the least, but the real trouble I'm having is finding a mini for it. So I'm hoping I can crowd-source it.


    I found one from Reaper that might be suitable.. ish. And there's one I saw in the kickstarter thread from Oathsworn that's pretty much exactly what I had in mind, but I'm hoping to find some other solutions that fit my timeline/budget better.


    So far the best I can find that fits my timeline/budget is this one from Reaper - not exceptionally Monk-like, but at least it's the right gender, and isn't wielding pointy bits. And the player tells me she'll be using a sling for ranged - so that matches up.



    Oathsworn has a Female Halfling Monk that just unlocked in their newest Kickstarter, it's pretty ideal (although I don't require such a dynamic pose). But, it's apparently only available in the bundle - and I don't particularly want to pay the equivalent of $40 for 1 mini (the others in the bundle are fine, but I have no need/desire for them), or wait months for it to get made and shipped here.



    EDIT: I know this isn't really "Iconic" but I didn't know where else to post - should this have gone in its own thread?

  2. I also read the forums more than I paint, mostly because I read the forums while working (or at leats I'm at work... ). But even with all that time (I'm on the computer all day at work, and I'm good at multitasking), I still don't get a chance to read everything - I've only been a member since April, but I've seen a pretty marked increase in traffic in just that time - I'm assuming it's because of the Kickstarter rewards being delivered that more people are interested, and I can only assume it'll get even busier with Kickstarter#2 just around the corner.


    As for painting; summertime is so super busy for me with everything else, that I don't have a lot of painting (I recently skipped a impromptu mini-vacation with the family to stay home and paint andplay video games - first weekend I had a chance to do that all summer long). I can see the end of my "honey-do" list now, and with winter coming, i'll be snug in my little painter haven churning out pieces (hopefully). Thankfully Canada has long winters :)

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  3. The fiancee and daughter are away this weekend, so I decided to get some work done on the 02793: Arianna,Fairy Princess that I plan on giving to my daughter for her birthday. It went really well, and I got a lot more done then I was expecting.


    Only thing that I'm not really happy with is the face - I think i need to figure out how to do these eyes, they're sculpted differently than anything I've done before, and I'm not really sure how to handle them.


    Excuse the crappy photos - the girls have the good camera with them, these were taken with a cheap webcam.





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  4. One question I have; when ordering from the Reaper site do you get a shipping estimate before you've locked-in your order? If I'm going to budget for minis + shipping costs I'd like to be able to see how much shipping I'm going to be charged before I order.


    I for the life of me cannot remember if I got a shipping estimate before my order was locked-in before because I've always taken advantage of the free shipping and not had to worry.


    Yes - it gives you a selection of shipping options (and their costs) before you pick a payment option.

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  5. Finally found a few hours of time yesterday to get some more painting done. This summer seems to be much more busy than I remember of past summers.


    I wasn't "feeling it" (whatever that means) with the blacksmith, so I grabbed a pile of dungeon dressing from the bucket o' bones, and starter working on them.


    Just some rough pics - still need to do some finishing touches on both the fountain (gem and pool), and the bat swarm (around the base), candelabras just have a base coat of oiled leather with some Tarnished Brass. And the chest/mimic mocking beast just have a single rough coat of oiled leather down.





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  6. Well... a mix of life events and my not having any drive to finish this blacksmith, conspired to keep me from the painting desk.


    I found an hour tonight (netflix is down, and the family life is back to normal) to sit down and do a little more on the anvil and hair. I've no idea what the blacks need to make them to look good, the hair still has another round or 3 of highlighting to go.


    I didn't think the blacksmith was going to be that difficult when I picked up out.. but he's turning into a nightmare, I've decided that painting black is, well, black magic... (because I'm sure that's the first time that joke has ever been uttered on these forums)




    Actually, for once, I think it looks better in the pictures. At least the anvil does, the boots are still a mess.

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  7. Thanks for the tips on the hair and anvil.


    I tore apart my hobby room closet and managed to squeeze my light box and my lights onto the top of a little shelf in there, it's a little awkward but I think it'll work for getting some decent WIP photos. Took a fair bit of fiddling to get the closet door to be able to close, which was a requirement to keep the demonspawn cats out of it.


    I'll try to remember to take a pic tomorrow and post it.

  8. Found a little bit of time to do some more shading and highlighting today - coming along nicely, I think.


    I pushed the skins brighter than i've done before - started with a Tanned Skin base/shadow - then up through Tanned Highlight, and then a bit of Fair Highlight for the brightest bits.


    Tried to go a little bit more reddy-brownish with the pants, added a little bit of highlighting to the boots - my first time messing with black. The apron I tried to give a little bit dirty/dusty/used look, since it's a work apron, not sure if I pulled it off or not.


    I gave the anvil a wash of black - needs something more, and the bow tongs didn't get any attention, and they desperately need some.





    I'm really starting to hate my flash. I need to find room to keep my light-box set up.

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  9. Haven't had a whole lot of time for painting, but I did manage to squeeze in a little bit tonight.


    Washed and dry-brushed the stump, washed the hair (Oiled Leather), washed the skin (Flesh Wash) and attempted to thin the lining around the hair. Starting a little shading on the apron, but it's only the first layer and still pretty rough yet. The whole thing is pretty rough yet, one of those "it looks like hell and I have no idea how it's going to turn out" stages.


    Also printed off a couple of photo backgrounds, farted around with them too, I think they'll work better in my light-box than just with the flash.


    Speaking of - the stump if catching a lot of the flash glare - it's not dry-brushed as hard as it looks. If only I had room to leave my light-box setup.





    And I just noticed now that he's tacked onto his craft paint bottle custom-made handle crookedly... ah well, I never hold them straight anyways.



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  10. It seems like a lot of people have almost professional looking backgrounds for their finished photographs. I'm just using a piece of paper with a lame textured design on it, and was wondering where folks got theirs?


    Example of mine:







    Examples of cool looking background:

    (I borrowed these from a couple of threads in the Show Off section,)









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