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  1. And now with a base coat. More browns.. seems to be a recurring theme for me. I picked up a Golden Blonde (among other things) on my last order from Reaper and decided I needed a go with that - I think I really like it so far. Metals are HD Military Grey for now, not exactly sure what I'm going to do with them, I don't have any black metallic paint - I may end up attempting my first NMM. I keep leaning more and more towards that idea, even though I've got no real clue what I'm going to be doing. I wasn't sure what to use for the wood... I don't have any paints named after wood (and of course, colours are still hard), I don't actually remember what I used on the wood on the stump, but I used HD Armadillo Tusk (do armadillo's have tusks?) on the hammer handle, and I think that's much better - I'll be redoing the stump wood with that.


    I tried to go a little more consistent on the lining, but it's really hard to see on the dark colours, and really stands out on the skin/hair border - I might thin that out even more, if I can.


    Overall thoughts so far on the blacksmith all seem to revolve around how much smaller he is than the Ogre Chieftain I just completed.



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  2. Someone a while back posts a link to a little rainbow of colours that I have taped to my background, supposedly it really helps with camera colour balance (I'm assuming it works, I've had no issues). I crop it out afterwards.


    I don't have a real good example of a photo with it, I tend to delete my originals (they tend to be huge) after cropping and saving as jpg, but here's one i kept after saving as jpg but before cropping:







    EDIT- I tried to find the file I used to print it out from, but I can't find it, and I have no idea who posted it here originally =/

  3. So, after several hours of pawing threw my bucket o' bones (still leery about painting my metal minis for some reason), and picking first one, than another mini to start with next, I finally settled on the Blacksmith. I've always had an affinity towards smithing, and it's one my bucket-list to have my own forge and, at some point, learn how to use it.


    Of course by the time I picked him out I was stupid tired, and my lining is pretty bad, but that's OK - I'm kind of happy I remembered to do it first, and I think Buglips would be proud.


    Learning from the Ogre Chieftain, I'm going to attempt to have the lining be more consistent through out, instead of thick in some places and thin/none in others. Hoping for a happy, middle, not too thin, not too thick, we'll see how it goes once I get base coats down.



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  4. Thanks for the comments guys


    Anne - I've always been impressed with the personality you manage to give your miniatures, to hear you say that about mine, it means a lot. Thanks.


    Anne & Cash - Lining was one of the things I let go as a learning experience. I think the biggest problem (in my noob opinion anyways) with the lining, is the lack of consistency. Some parts are thick and strong, other parts it's much thinner, and then in even more other parts (the face and bracer particularly) there's none at all. I know I could have gone back and fixed it, if I wanted to spend the time on it. But, all my minis are for tabletop gaming, and with oodles of minis (including a brand new vampire box) in need of paint, I found it pretty easy to say "good enough for now, remember that for the next one".

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  5. Didn't take any pics of the last few steps, but I did another round of highlights on the club, managed to not mangle his face too badly, and did a little bit of basing. You can find him over in the show off section.


    Now, I know I put a base coat on my minotaur, but the KS vampire box I won on auction was delivered yesterday, so I'm thinking I might have to do something out of that, or I've got a few other minis I picked up because I though they were cool, or because I want to give them as gifts, I also have L2PK4 that I haven't touched yet... not too sure yet. The hardest part about painting minis might just be deciding what's next. :unsure:

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    Customs clearance processing complete

    July 19, 2013, 11:08 am



    Customs Clearance

    July 19, 2013, 11:07 am



    Customs Clearance

    July 19, 2013, 10:01 am



    Does anyone have more experience with this messages?


    If I see it correct if came to the central customs office, was checked their 2 times and it got an OK to send it to me. Is this correct?


    If Germany Customs/Post works similar to Canada - once it's been processed and cleared by customs, it gets picked up by your national post and then delivered as normal - here in Canada it normally takes a day or so for the transfer between Customs and Post Office - then it's like an in country mail, in terms of how long it takes to receive.

  7. I picked up both HD sets back in April, and had this same issue with the glue/goo stickiness. 1 of the cases foam was completely mangled with the bottom not stuck to more than half of the foam (the other half was stuck to paint bottles). I replaced the cases with paint racks, and don't use them anymore... kind of a shame, they are pretty nice cases.




    If someone can take over Northern UK by being the first to post on the map, I demand ownership of Western Canada on the same grounds


    As King of the North I support your claim to the Western lands


    Does this mean I can be Supreme Overlord of the Maritimes? DEAL!



    No. No I don't think I like that title. The penalty is death


    Well I guess it's a good thing I'm not in the north then. :;):

  9. I am so glad to live where I live. As far as I know, we have none of the natural causes for random "Roll VS Death" style saving throws.


    No poisonous snakes (at all), no harmful (let alone deadly) spiders, no weird looking bugs like camel spiders, or "house" centipedes. Basically anything that can kill you, or even harm you to any extent, is bigger than you, and typically they're smart enough not to hang around people (black bears, moose, rednecks). We've got mosquitoes but malaria isn't a concern (Not sure if this is because it's not here, or if we just don't sensationalize the super slim chance of getting it like some other country's news-media.


    Also, no earthquakes, no tornadoes, and normally by the time the really bad hurricanes get here, they're past their prime and have turned into tropical storms.

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  10. Got a little busy with other things for a few days, and neglected the Ogre for a bit.


    I did find some time to throw some paint at him this morning though - True Silver on the shield-belt-buckle, and got a good start on the club and his tusks (did his tusks because i figured I'd do them the same as the tooth sticking out of the club).


    Highlights on the club didn't come out at all in the picture - I think it needs more anyways though. And then the face...



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