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  1. ive heard alot of good stuff about this project
  2. ok, so i am super new to this type of online stuff, but my manager says its something i need to know. My music career has taken me to a few good places, and in the near future it is taking me to more. The representation I have isn't a big music label, so alot of funding comes from myself and my music counterpart. We both just got off of deployment so it made things a little easier for the first few shows, videos, etc. but now it seems our demand is getting higher, and more people want us in different places, and we have been invited to a tour in July, Well to help accomplish this I made a kickstarted, but one of the things i messed up on (everyone learning something brand new will always have a few hiccups) is promoting that kickstarter BEFORE it was launched.I thought the website releases the project to the public for you because I was always getting emails about every one else's project. Honest mistake. Well now its been 3 days and I havent gotten a pledge. Aside from feeling stupid, I finally learned how they were successfully funded. Well now with 25 days left, I am reaching out the correct way and asking for anyone's input/help. All the info for the July tour is in the website itself. Thank you guys/gals... here is the link : http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sandw/shane-and-walt-deez-music-tour
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