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  1. The orc boss of the clan, the collector. He has a habit of taking a memento from those over whom he triumphs.
  2. Could be. That would explain why he looks a bit different than the others.
  3. Coming at you from 2013, bones 1 lizard folk. Painted up in army painter speed paints then highlighted with normal acrylics. Not too bad for 3 minis I never saw myself painting.
  4. Thanks, yeah I agree. Those minis you want a collection of but don’t necessarily want to spend loads of time painting
  5. Not quite goblins, not quite hobgoblins. I'm still working with the AP speed paints to see what effects I can get. Since the paint reactivates when you apply the acrylics it is harder to get a strong contrast without extra effort which defeats the purpose of a speed paint so the highs and lows aren't as prominent as I would have liked, but these are just table top quality baddies so I am not too concerned. I'll keep using the AP speed paints for may rank and file bad guys. It fits the bill and creates a nice gradient to work from.
  6. Thanks. I should clarify, the torch and metallics are regular acrylic paints. No fancy hi tech speed paints. Either way, I appreciate the feedback.
  7. I am really enjoying these speed paints. I only had time for 2 paint sessions this week and thanks to these speed paints, I was able to paint 4 minis. That is very fast for my standard. I usually can pump out 3 minis during a week in 5 to 6 sessions (about an hour each night).
  8. These guys have been sitting in my pile of shame since 2013. I finally got them out and painted. Thanks to my army speed paints they were finished (after priming) in 2.5 hours. That includes some highlights as well. Speaking of highlights, yes, the rumors are true, speed paints reactive if you apply another layer of paint over them. Here are some tools to mitigate that if you are concerned. 1. Let the speed paint dry. It takes longer for speed paint to dry than acrylics or even their GW contrast counter-parts. Once the paint is dry it doesn't reactivate as much. 2. Wet blend. What more could you ask for, a paint that does the mixing and blending for you! Perfect blends, every single time! 3. Don't thin your paints as much. If you are like me you thin every single paint before use. That is fine with acrylics, but for speed paints use much less thinning medium. In fact, consider skipping the medium altogether. Also, once your brush is loaded, dab it on a paper towel to wick-off excess moisture. 4. Dry-brush. These guys were tough to dry brush, there were pretty small, but if you do decide to dry brush, do it sparingly with very little paint on your brush or you will reactivate the speed paint. 5. Don't worry about it, just paint. If you are painting competitively, don't use speed paints (unless you want to wet blend, in which case, see point 2). PS, the metallics were all done in silver then either washed as normal with a dark wash or painted over with Speed paints to create the bronze color.
  9. Possibly. It really depends on if the FLGS wants to push the line. I like the speed at which I was able to finish the minis. I am working on 4 kobolds right now. For a paint and take, I would definitely have the paints available as on option for use.
  10. As hinted at above, good for quick paint jobs. If you already possess a level of skill with the brush and you aren’t looking to quickly paint minis to get on the table, they are probably worth the pass.
  11. Agreed. Not sure what happened there. Even in person horizontal sword looks pretty washed out. I think it could have used another coat of the speed paint. For the next human speed paint project (getting ready to paint some goblins and kobolds) I’m going to start with a warmer primer color and apply 2 coats of speed paint.
  12. Love the theme and color choices!
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