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  1. jdizzy001

    Dwarf Ranger Uno

    Something out of the ordinary for me. A dwarf ranger. The mold from which it was cast is pretty old so some of the details didn't survive the casting process, namely his left eye, so I filed what little eye there was and painted a patch over it. Hence the name, Uno.
  2. jdizzy001


    This is a ruffian. He likes to surprise carriages and adventures, but since he doesn't wear any armor, he probably dies real quick.
  3. jdizzy001

    GW Three hunters

    Thanks all!
  4. jdizzy001

    GW Three hunters

    I have so many copies of the 3 hunters from Games Workshop. I promised myself I would never buy them again... and then these guys came out about a month ago. I couldn't help myself. The sculpts were amazing and they were cast in plastic (my preferred material for minis). I caved and bought them. CnC always welcome!
  5. jdizzy001

    Goblin King

    A quick paint job and he's ready to bother some adventurers and throw a goblin or two.
  6. jdizzy001

    Piles of Gold

    A quick paint from yesterday. Nothing fancy, a base coat, a wash and some highlights. Took a few hours.
  7. jdizzy001

    Live from Old Nodel's Traveling Tavern

  8. The Dancer. I don't have a name for her, but here she is no less, ready to entertain passing adventurers who hopefully purchase some of Old Nodel's ale.
  9. This is one of the DnD phase spiders from wizkids' unpainted line. I have 2 in brown and decided to paint this one in black. I like the black look better.
  10. jdizzy001

    Blow the Man down

    Thanks, I played Quest 64 as a kid and wind was represented by green
  11. jdizzy001

    Blow the Man down

    The last 2 in my elemental series. Wind elementals, now on to something more substantial.
  12. jdizzy001

    Steel Hero Forge mini

    Great minis. I really like hero forges plastic options, both the regular plastic and the HD plastic
  13. jdizzy001

    Moisture is the essense of wetness

    Technically, they are Pathfinder, but yes, Wizkids deep cut unpainted minis
  14. jdizzy001

    Moisture is the essense of wetness

    My attempt to clear my queue is in full swing. My new year's goal is that I must paint 2 minis for every mini I want to buy (these are minis 17 and 18 for the year). That is a far cry from the 27 which I should be at (3 minis per week) but minis are being painted faster than they are being bought so that is a great thing! Sailors beware, water elementals, with mold lines (-1 to CHA checks).
  15. jdizzy001

    Monster Hunter

    Thanks all. This was a fun mini to paint and I appreciate the kind words