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  1. Ostarzha made the bones transition quite well. This minis was fun to paint and has a lot of charm. Sorry for the camera over exposure.
  2. A fun mini to paint for sure. One of the last ones reaper made before kicking their bones line into overdrive, poor Bryn didn't make the metal to bones transition very well. She lost a lot of detail. I'm glad I went with a red/black color scheme as opposed to a brown one like I was originally thinking.
  3. I think I got this one as a free promo. It didn't make the transition well from metal to bones. It lost a lot of detail. Nevertheless, another mini done and ready for the table!
  4. Leeches and oozes. Both were super fast to paint. I think I'll be buying more of the leeches. The oozes I could probably make with GS, or hot glue or pretty much anything. But these minis took speed paint real well. The clear resin and formless shape made for a fast project.
  5. I don't really decorate my bases so that won't be an issue.
  6. I’m preparing to paint the bat demon SKU 77261 is this fellow supposed to be on a 1” base or a 2” base. I’ll be using it for RPG but I cant seem to find a “like” monster.
  7. Thanks, the camera didnt pick it up, but the brown one has a gradient of light to charcoal grey at the top. I should have been heavier on my pigments i guess.
  8. Lots of variety in my latest reaper haul. Here are the wolves. I may have to get more of these guys, they were quick to paint and wolves travel in packs.
  9. Great idea, thanks
  10. A quick paint job. Looking back, i should have used a different color to make the mini pop a bit more. He looks kind of bland.
  11. I thought I bought 5 of these... I guess not. Ready for game night! I broke them up into 2 pics as these guys are pretty big. They're supposed to be "medium" characters (per DnD) but they don't fight on a 25mm base. I'll try a 30mm base after I pick some up.
  12. I haven’t seen one of these painted up in a long time. Well done! Hopefully we’ll see a bones version soon…
  13. Had to push myself to clear off my painting desk so I could start the projects I have been waiting for. I received a reaper order in the mail but was half way through these guys so needed to finish them first. Now on to my new toys!
  14. Two more for the history books. He's ready to be a villain in a campaign. He even has an undead bruiser.
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