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  1. Well, those are gross. Good job, sufficiently repulsive!
  2. Sophie can I come over after school? We can spend our time by the abyssal pool. Did your mom get back from her business trip? is she there or is she trying to give me the slip? You know I’m not the little fighter that I used to be, I’m all leveled up with oodles of XP Sophie’s mom has got it going on! She’s the succubus I’ve wanted for so long!
  3. Watch out! Shes got the infinity gauntlet! Great job!
  4. I was unsure which of my hundreds of unpainted bones minis to attack so I asked my son to choose one. A demonkin paladin. I also included a baby basilisk because it wasn't my best paint job and I didn't want to create a unique thread just for a janky bad guy that will probably never be used. . . Great, now I have to make a baby basilisk encounter.
  5. Wow, very intense! Looks like a recurring villain for your next campaign
  6. Great paint job, clever censoring!
  7. I really had to resist the urge to go with the silver and purple scheme. I almost gave in until I recalled that dark elves like red too.
  8. Really pleased with this one. She's bringing in her prize from the hunt!
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