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  1. Excellent free hand, excellent paint job and an excellent pun!
  2. Nothing but a classic ready to challenge some adventurers!
  3. Utterly vile! Well done!
  4. Well done! Love it, so gross!
  5. Alright, I tried 2 different skin tone recipes on these minis. Both starting with a darker base (Rakarth flesh). I don't like how the vampiress turned out, but since she was supposed to have very pale skin, I guess it works. I included a close up of her face as the mini is looking downward. The farmer turned out pretty good. I like the color, but he does look a bit sickly when compared to the other minis I paint using more vivid colors.
  6. Do you have a dead friend who needs resurrected? Look no farther!
  7. Watch out, she has a rolling pin, and a torch!
  8. All good stuff, thanks! I’ll start with thinner coats and shaking the container a bit more.
  9. So i’ve been painting for 10 years now. Recently I have been noticing a lot of tide marks after i add a wash to my minis. What do you all do to ensure your minis are tide mark free?
  10. It turned out better than i expected. Thanks!
  11. After a brief hiatus due to some exercises on base, I am back in the saddle. I started light and easy with some creepy crawlies!
  12. Thanks! I would like to paint some design on their, but honestly, my backlog is so long I would rather use that time painting a new mini! I appreciate the feedback!
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