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  1. jdizzy001

    Stonehaven Human Female Squire

    Great job! Superb color choice and excellent brush work.
  2. jdizzy001

    MESBG Grimhammer

    A nice change of pace
  3. jdizzy001

    Bones 4 hellhounds

    Bad doggie, no kibble. Great paint job though!
  4. jdizzy001


    With Call to Arms on the horizon (the new Elder Scrolls minis game) I felt the need to celebrate not-Fus Ro Dah style. I apologize for the over exposed photo, I am still trying to figure out how my new camera phone works.
  5. jdizzy001


    2 bandits itching to take out some lowly adventurers. These guys were a speed paint job. I hadn't painted anything in about 2 weeks and I wanted to prove to myself I could still paint. Not my best work, but it got the juices flowing again, or paint flowing.
  6. jdizzy001

    MESBG Grimhammer

    I've been moving and finally started settling down. I broke out ye old paints and started painting my mountain of minis. Some things I've noticed. Humidity. It's way more humid here than in Vegas or Germany for that matter. The paint takes for ever to dry (especially washes)! I also go a new phone and I am still trying to figure out how to optimize it for mini pics. Either way, here is my Grimhammer for MESBG. Not bad for a first mini in a new country.
  7. jdizzy001

    Dreadmir: Meet the Party

    Great minis! I particularly like the dress on the witch!
  8. jdizzy001

    Well, What Do You Think (3D Printed)

    Very cool, what kind of printer did you use?
  9. jdizzy001

    bones v black bones

    Great info all, I'm going to get me some bones black
  10. jdizzy001

    bones v black bones

    I am assuming it glues well?
  11. jdizzy001

    Hero Forge: Teleri ver Rhosyn

    For sure. The last one I bought was in the regular plastic and distinguishing between the regular plastic and premium was really hard after they were painted
  12. jdizzy001

    03138 Necromancer with tome

    Fabulous, clean paint job!
  13. jdizzy001

    Hero Forge: Teleri ver Rhosyn

    Great mini, what material was she printed in?
  14. jdizzy001

    bones v black bones

    Fantastic! Thank you sir!
  15. Question, has anyone posted a comprehensive review of the 2 materials. I am very familiar with bones, but how does the new black bones compare?