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  1. He must be from the pacific northwest
  2. The second best kind of zombie. The best kind of zombie is a dead zombie, of course
  3. I’m glad to see Sophie found a good job after Reaper tossed her to the curb. Haha
  4. Well Reaper, I just filed my taxes . . . My tax return will be with you shortly.
  5. Coming at you from 2013, a blast from the past Aviriel Tellerion. I don't like how her hair turned out, but the shield looks cool.
  6. Nothing fantastic, just a zombie looking to take on some unwary adventurers
  7. Wow, that is some intense OSL, good job!
  8. This is one of my favorite minis. I am not sure what she is holding, staff or spear, but I really like this mini and the color scheme you have selected!
  9. These are great! Beware the horde!
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