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  1. Good job and my i be among the first to say BURN THEM WITH FIREBALL
  2. From the new Elder Scrolls Call to Arms. These guys are about 32mm tall, larger than standard reaper minis, but they are a true scale instead of heroic so their eyes are tiny! I have such a hard time painting these guys eyes, but I keep telling myself it just make me a better painter but dang, those eyes are so small! These storm cloaks are painted them in the Riften color scheme. Why? Because Riften is my favorite town. Don't know why, but it always has been. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go make some potions in my honeyside residence.
  3. Dang, that's a great paint job and a great photo!
  4. Well done! I'm loving all these genies
  5. Stand back gents, there is a new sword mistress in town!
  6. That is a very accurate statement.
  7. Produced by Modephius here are 5 Imperials from their new Elder Scrolls Call to Arms minis. The first set is set in Skyrim and they say they will eventually visit other regions of Tamriel. They were fun to paint but those eyes! So small. Even at the larger 32mm scale, I was only able to paint eyes effectively on one of them. Next up are some stormcloaks. I'll try some different techniques on their eyes but if all else fails I will just shade their eye sockets like I did these Imperials.
  8. These are great, and as usual, fantastic job! Swordchucks anyone?
  9. Great print, and a great paint job. Well done!
  10. Nice use of color and highlights. I feel sorry for the female captive. Poor girl.
  11. Monk, sorceress, psychic, gypsy, whatever. Great autumn color choice.
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