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  1. Good job on the fan! If I could offer a bit of feedback, to increase your contrast, deepen your shadows and push your highlights further. The highlights on her raised leg look good. The highlights on her support leg, the one she is standing on are a bit too wide. To really tease the highlights, instead of painting the entire leg with a highlight color, use your brightest color near the top of the hip and progressively darker colors as you get close to the knee. He hips are quite full so there would be strong highlights near the top of her leg and shades near her knee. Now, since the leg is cylindrical in shape you can have highlights on the front of her leg forming an upside down triangle pointing to her knee. Take a look at the Jenova skin color tutorial to see what I am trying (rather limitedly) to explain http://www.jenova.dk/Skintones.htm *Warning, it is a SKIN tutorial* What I am trying to describe is most noticeable in the first and third example. The 3rd drow skin tutorial is also another good example as the subject is standing in a similar pose to yours. You can see the brighter tones near the subject hips, and how the highlight points at the subject's knees like an upside down triangle http://www.jenova.dk/DrowSkin.htm That being said, this is a great model with a great paint job. The freehand is also a great touch, thanks for sharing!
  2. My daughter asked to to print her a mini for her birthday so we designed a mini on Hero Forge and I printed it on my Anycubic photon. She chose the colors and viola. A Glaive using dark elf. Naturally, she added a squirrel to the base of the mini
  3. Love those dark sword minis and you have done it justice for sure!
  4. Excellent minis and a clean paint job. Well done!
  5. Just finished Delgamar and Raza. Two men in the service of Sauron. I'm up to 40 painted minis for the year. If I can keep up this pace I should finish 80 by years end which is a 20 mini improvement over last year. I have not, however, stuck to my only buy 1 mini for every 2 that I paint. I have purchased a lot of minis. In fairness, one of those purchases was Bones 5 which is still quite a ways out, so as long as I keep painting, I think I can at least break even by 2021.
  6. What a great paint job to complement such a great sculpt!
  7. superb wizards. Itching for a fight. PS, Fighters forever!
  8. Very nice modification!
  9. Great villain for some adventurers to face!
  10. A set of archers from brother vinni minis. I'll be using them for good ol' fashion militia types.
  11. Great job. I’m a bit jealous, I have this same mini and it didnt come out even half as clean.
  12. Great job. I love how clean her eyes are.
  13. Superb, clean paint job! Love the eyes!
  14. Good job! Shouldn’t a female minotaur have udders?
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