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  1. I cant take all the credit, its a great sculpt
  2. Wow! Those highlights are perfect! And the white is out of this world!
  3. Great job on the molten effect
  4. I really enjoy how quickly I can get a result just north of table top quality
  5. Thanks for looking!
  6. Strong work! Love the NPC types.
  7. Wow, what a clean paint job, I particularly like her cloak and the fire.
  8. Great job! I love minis based on NPCs
  9. She must be an AD&D character, where lower armor equals better defense. Jokes aside, great paint job.
  10. Nothing like a good witch as a recurring villain, or a benefactor for your PCs!
  11. That’s the spot. Should have spent a bit more time filing this guy. Overall, I’m pleased to have him in my collection.
  12. Sounds great! Be sure to post them once they’re painted!
  13. You never know which way they’re going to go. Are they good or are they less than good?
  14. Thanks! It’s a combination of army painter speed paints and traditional acrylic highlights.
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