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  1. Love those dark sword minis and you have done it justice for sure!
  2. Excellent minis and a clean paint job. Well done!
  3. Just finished Delgamar and Raza. Two men in the service of Sauron. I'm up to 40 painted minis for the year. If I can keep up this pace I should finish 80 by years end which is a 20 mini improvement over last year. I have not, however, stuck to my only buy 1 mini for every 2 that I paint. I have purchased a lot of minis. In fairness, one of those purchases was Bones 5 which is still quite a ways out, so as long as I keep painting, I think I can at least break even by 2021.
  4. What a great paint job to complement such a great sculpt!
  5. superb wizards. Itching for a fight. PS, Fighters forever!
  6. Very nice modification!
  7. Great villain for some adventurers to face!
  8. A set of archers from brother vinni minis. I'll be using them for good ol' fashion militia types.
  9. Great job. I’m a bit jealous, I have this same mini and it didnt come out even half as clean.
  10. Great job. I love how clean her eyes are.
  11. Superb, clean paint job! Love the eyes!
  12. Good job! Shouldn’t a female minotaur have udders?
  13. jdizzy001

    The Nativity

    It took me 3 weeks at a slow pace
  14. jdizzy001

    The Nativity

    My wife has wanted me to paint this for the family for some time now. We finally bought one and here it is all painted and ready 7 months early ;)
  15. My recent print. I got the image from Thingiverse. The file was designed by pollygrimmart. The details were a bit shallow so the face didn't turn out as I hoped it would, but for a table top mini I got for free, I am quite pleased with the final product! As usual, I really need to work on my photo skills.
  16. jdizzy001


    Nice work, looks like a fun mini! I hope it sees some table time. What colors did you use on the hair?
  17. I picked up this mini from Bad Squiddo Games. The sword is a weapon swap as the original sword bent in the blister, and she didn't have a foot. Not sure if that was intentional or not, so I added one with GS. She'll make for a great bandit leader or maybe even a PC cleric or, whatever!
  18. jdizzy001

    Ashana -Djinni

    Great paint job and an amazing base to boot
  19. You're ready for anything now
  20. Well done. Ready for winter indeed
  21. Fantastic and down right creepy
  22. Finally mini my daughter asked me to repaint. Nothing fancy here, some color and some highlights.
  23. jdizzy001

    DnD Unicorn

    My daughter decided she wanted me to (re)paint all of minis, thankfully she only has 3. My son actually painted this one, he applied all the base colors then asked me to shade and highlight it.
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