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  1. Thanks everyone, I had a great time painting them.
  2. With superhuman effort, the revivified warriors pushed open their sarcophagi. Lumps of flesh fall from their bones bouncing between the deteriorating strips of linen failing to keep their ancient muscles in place. Despite this the magic powers coursing through their marrow imbued them with strength to move. They clasped their bronze weapons then, at the behest of their master turned to attack the adventurers.
  3. Here they are, the final prints my 3D printer. I bought a new one and these two came off my old one. No backstory for them, just some minis for my ever growing collection.
  4. With a raised claw the creature crawled out of its cave. A deep throaty growl warned the adventurers to stay back. With sweaty palms they gripped their weapons knowing well this encounter would test their every skill.
  5. I love this mini, good job!
  6. Lol, I didn't even notice that. Thanks for the tip
  7. In life he was a fearsome warrior. After binding his soul to his sword through means of sorcery he found himself devoid of passion and emotion becoming a lethal killing machine. Even in death those skills have not atrophied.
  8. He's ready for some trouble. Watch out!
  9. This one ended up being more fun than I originally thought. Nothing fancy, just entertaining.
  10. Wait, there’s a board game? Jalapeño!
  11. I am not a fan of the scale creep I have noticed in the USA bones minis. HOWEVER, this mini was an absolute joy to paint. So much character and personality. Despite my misgivings, I really enjoyed painting this mini and now she's ready for the table. I don't have a photo box so its hard to see her face, but I promise I painted her eyes.
  12. One more for the history books. The sword, despite boiling and reshaping is still bent, I just took a pic of it from the angle which hid the bend the best.
  13. This guy was fun to paint. Nothing too fancy. I tried to keep the palette simple. This brings me to the end of my hellborn minis. I think I have painted all the ones I own. I guess it's time to buy more. 🙂
  14. More pathfinder. Specifically Blackjack, Vencarlo, and Sandru. Thanks!
  15. A drow vampire!? Oh the possibilities! Well done!
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