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  1. A quick paint job. Looking back, i should have used a different color to make the mini pop a bit more. He looks kind of bland.
  2. I thought I bought 5 of these... I guess not. Ready for game night! I broke them up into 2 pics as these guys are pretty big. They're supposed to be "medium" characters (per DnD) but they don't fight on a 25mm base. I'll try a 30mm base after I pick some up.
  3. I haven’t seen one of these painted up in a long time. Well done! Hopefully we’ll see a bones version soon…
  4. Had to push myself to clear off my painting desk so I could start the projects I have been waiting for. I received a reaper order in the mail but was half way through these guys so needed to finish them first. Now on to my new toys!
  5. Two more for the history books. He's ready to be a villain in a campaign. He even has an undead bruiser.
  6. Nothing to see here folks, just a giant beetle.
  7. Right from 2012, bones 1 flesh golem. Not my best photo job (or paint job) but good enough for the RPG table.
  8. Yes, I have plenty of unpainted minis. I just polished off my Skyrim backlog
  9. Finally done with all my skyrim minis. I guess it's time to buy more.
  10. I've been collecting them for 13 years. I have managed to pick up a few models here and there 😉. Back when the 3rd hobbit movie was released there was talk of the line being canceled and so there was a huge dash by the player base to buy everything up. I got caught up in that and spent too much money, lol.
  11. Indeed I do. I’m pretty sure you can search my name or LOTR as I usually include the acronym when I post something LOTR related
  12. Yes! CP models. Thanks chaoswolf. It looked like a Garrity to me. Thanks! The face is one place a spend a lot of time. But don’t misunderstand. When I saw a long time I mean maybe 20-30 min. I give it a nice near white color, a dash of AP speed paint, add a light flesh tone then wash the whole face with a flesh wash. Quick and effective
  13. Okay, I bought this mini maybe 10 years ago. I have no idea who manufactured it anymore. it came with a set of 3 other fantasy minis. I never painted them because they were oversized for LOTR which was my jam back them. Well, since then I have played RPG pretty exclusively so mini scale isn't as critical. Anyways, in the campaign I am playing in one of the players is a female paladin specializing in the great sword. I had many female paladins with sword and board but no great swords, sooooo, I dug this one out and finally painted it.
  14. I got this during one of Reapers buy $X in minis and get a free miniature promotions. He has sat in my pile of shame for some time but I recently joined an RPG campaign where one of the players was playing as gnome monk. I am the provider of minis for this campaign so I finally painted this guy up. He is called the Coral King. Of note, since taking this picture, I did go back and fill in his right eye a bit more to even out his side glance.
  15. Great job, love the highlights on the hair
  16. Love that purple. Well done!
  17. I appreciate how the wings were sculpted, lots of detail
  18. Great observation, thanks for looking!
  19. Super quick and fun paint job. Thanks!
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