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  1. My daughter designed this one in hero forge and I printed it off on my anycubic photon (OG model). I used TGM-7 resin which is durable and formulated to print minis. After printing and post processing, my daughter painted it (she's 5). She blocked out all the colors very well. I followed behind to clean up the mini and add shadows/highlights.
  2. Great paint job, the highlights on the hair are also very well done as is the shear.
  3. That is a hassle free mini. It is just there for scale since I don’t own a sir forscale
  4. That’s what happens when you let a 7 year old pick your clothes, lol!
  5. Still working through my bronze age (lol), here is another fierce barbarian carrying a massive bronze axe. Bring it on little man.
  6. During one of my painting sessions my daughter asked to paint with me. I didn't have a mini ready (cleaned with mold lines removed) so I dug through my pile of shame and pulled this guy out. She was a bit upset that the mini wasn't depicting a female, but she painted it no less. I went back after she finished and evened out the paint layers then threw a wash on followed by a few highlights, but the blocked colors were all her. I love painting with my kids!
  7. During my game prep, I rolled up a random encounter for my family's campaign and the result came up as a flail snail. Guess what I had in my pile of shame? Yep, a flail snail, thanks reaper! Now we are ready to go! I wanted to emphasize its magical shell so after painting it a bright silver, I glazed it with a blue to make a metallic blue color. Good luck adventurers!
  8. I have seen this miniature many times throughout my association with Reaper. I finally painted one of my own. It isn't the best paint job, but for a bones mini painted to a table top standard, it will do.
  9. I've been on a bronze kick of late so a lot of my minis are carrying bronze colored weapons. This is actually the first metal miniature I've painted in a long time. I mostly paint plastics and resins as they are easier to transport and easier to repair (frankly) and with my mobile lifestyle I prefer the plastics. That being said, it was nice to paint a metal mini. Like visiting an old friend after a hiatus!
  10. Thanks everyone, I had a great time painting them.
  11. With superhuman effort, the revivified warriors pushed open their sarcophagi. Lumps of flesh fall from their bones bouncing between the deteriorating strips of linen failing to keep their ancient muscles in place. Despite this the magic powers coursing through their marrow imbued them with strength to move. They clasped their bronze weapons then, at the behest of their master turned to attack the adventurers.
  12. Here they are, the final prints my 3D printer. I bought a new one and these two came off my old one. No backstory for them, just some minis for my ever growing collection.
  13. With a raised claw the creature crawled out of its cave. A deep throaty growl warned the adventurers to stay back. With sweaty palms they gripped their weapons knowing well this encounter would test their every skill.
  14. I love this mini, good job!
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