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  1. all that i say its that after all us shipments had been made, reaper comunication was disapeared
  2. To be fair, he already delayed his holiday once. I really can't blame him or his bosses for taking his family on a trip. I am a bit narked they didn't appear to nominate someone to answer questions, but c'est la vie. I sent an email to Reaper today asking what's up. Not anticipating a quick response, but I'll post it here when I get it. Delayed his holiday for us customers, but not for row customer.
  3. Its interesting...after us shipments done, reaperbryan disapears, and row have no notices about our shipments
  4. At 23/07/2013, y didnt received shipment mail. Now i feel as a second class backer
  5. i cant understand some questions... i think that all packages (US and not US) are being sending by USPS, so i cant understand why USPS can accept 800 packages at day if these packages are for US Customers, but need a truck for not US Customers...
  6. Not entirely true; when you confirmed your pledge is a factor, just not the primary method of sorting. Bryan mentioned that within the groups that had been sorted by complexity and destination, that orders were then processed by completion date. Thus, if you and I both had orders of the same complexity, but you confirmed your pledge first, yours would be processed for shipping before mine. How much before mine? That probably depends on how many other orders there are of the same complexity, and how far apart our confirmations were in the process. ~v Thanks to all :)
  7. Im really lost :S im from spain, bought 1 vampire with 4 add ons but bought it at extension time, not at initial kickstarter campaing. I read that international packages was out past week, but i didnt received track email
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