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  1. It was the only one we could get that the Red Kite would fit into... I've got dice in mine, now! I can honestly say I have no current plans for Lemmings, unfortunately... too much to do for the beasties that are in the rulebook already! Sorry.
  2. Finally got the last ones sent yesterday... so, thanks to the Leap year, we managed to ship everything before the due date! Now I can get back to sculpting.
  3. Hope you like them, WhiteWulfe! We're almost done now - 2 to 3 days of packing left, and we should be finished! It's felt like a really long, dragged-out process this time, mostly because the caster was so late with each batch of minis. But I shouldn't complain too much; we weren't estimated to start shipping till March, and we should finish by the end of February. (Thank you, Leap Year - that 29th day is going to be very handy!)
  4. Cheers Rob! :) What Rob said, basically! Although I mostly play on a 4x2 foot table, and vary deployment from the short edges to the long edges from game to game... So, yeah, you'd need rules, a set of polyhedral dice for each player, some terrain (lots is better!) and 5 or 6 minis each. We don't do Backerkit or pledge managers like that - just the Kickstarter Backer Survey, and we don't generally offer anything other than what's in the Kickstarter. It keeps fulfillment simple. But we're happy to add extra stuff on request. That said, the rules are readily available now - direct from our webstore (which gets you a mouse burglar mini and bonus scenario), from Osprey, or from loads of online and B&M stores. Amazon often sell them cheap, too (they can buy them a lot cheaper than we can, due to being, well, Amazon.) There's an article on the Osprey blog about choosing a warband - I won't link to it, as that would break the forum rules, so I've pasted the huge wall of text from it in spoiler tags below: Finally, if you do Facebook at all, definitely join the B&B Group! It's a very supportive place, with lots of info, and there's all sorts in the Files section. Plus, it tends to be the best place to get quick answers to rules questions! https://www.facebook.com/groups/burrowsandbadgers Anyway, if you've any questions, just shout! :) cheers, Michael
  5. We do, through Paypal - we had a couple ask to join in last night within 10 minutes of the project finishing, weirdly enough...
  6. ...and we're done! Thanks to everyone who supported us - it was our most successful project to date, and it's great to see the game growing! And thank you to everyone else for putting up with my constant spam over the last week... your patience has been greatly appreciated! :D cheers, Michael
  7. One hour to go... In the latest Update you can download the second (and first!) issue of Sternpaw's Almanack. And here's a couple more painted pics, just for eye candy. :) Cheers, Michael
  8. Heading into the last 17 hours now... so, here's a couple more updates. First, some (hopefully!) useful painting info. Secondly, a freebie for all backers - the Mole-in-a-Hole! cheers, Michael
  9. I'm hoping to do a fair few more of those anthro ghosties... In the meantime, though, here's the final miniature for 'The Small', Marianna the hedgehog huntress. And here's another of the freebies, a test model for our planned sports game! Cheers, Michael
  10. Thank you! Today we've got Josie 'Two Shots' Hardcastle, Vixen Bounty Hunter, and also a freebie for certain pledges... an undead mouse Mist-ghast! Cheers, Michael
  11. Here's a couple of Updates to the project - firstly, a step-by-step of how I sculpted the Squirrel Clanbeast: Sculpting linky And secondly, another sculpt - Genevieve, the Hare Druidess: cheers, Michael
  12. Another sculpt for the Kickstarter... Rory MacRory, the Hillfolk Clan Squirrel. and a few more painted pics... cheers, Michael
  13. These days you're always running against one big project or another though... you just have to launch, and give it your best shot! We use polyurethane resin and the miniatures are pretty chunky; in my experience, they just bounce! I can say that a metal badger would almost certainly suffer damage in that fall, getting flat spots at the least, due to the weight. I've not tried it with a resin one, but I suspect it would be totally unscathed. Thin miniatures, on the other hand, can snap, the same as metal. Anyway, two more sculpts up now... and some painted pics of one of them! :) https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/oathsworn/oathsworn-burrows-and-badgers-anthro-miniatures-mouse-dog-cat/posts/2666855 cheers, Michael
  14. I haven't sculpted 6mm stuff in years! I'm hoping to try some 10mm in the near future though, so if I can still do the small stuff, I may be able to do a halfling as well. No promises, mind it may never happen! I have a horribly big pile of jobs to do at the moment... It's funny, we do get some people who will only buy metal, and others who will only use resin... so now we've got the range split between the two, we've annoyed them all! And we still get regular suggestions that we switch to hard plastic... so I just tell them how much it would cost, and that usually knocks the conversation on the head! It's difficult - I usually only have one Massive beastie in the project, because they really push up the price, but I'd been promising people these three for so long, I felt like I had to put them all in. Cheers WhiteWulfe! Incidentally, the shipping is included in all the pledges, so there's nothing extra to add for that! OK, I imagine most of you have seen these pics on the KS page, but for those who haven't looked yet, here they are: cheers, Michael
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