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  1. Yep, everything's in the mail, barring two we're still waiting for addresses from... and the post generally seems to be pretty quick at the moment, which is good. We've had some US pledges arriving in 5 days!
  2. It has, and it's unfortunately down to this: Probably a lot of that's our fault, because inevitably if we're not developing/promoting the Sensible Shoes line, then they won't do that well... but Burrows & Badgers has a ruleset, and a community of players, and we need to support those, which takes up pretty much every spare moment we have! I'd like to get back to the Sensible Shoes stuff in the future, if time ever allows... The pregnant mini from the first Heroines campaign has a really dodgy mould (mould line down the middle of the face!) so I've been putting off addi
  3. ...and that's the Kickstarter finished! Thank you all for your support, and apologies for endlessly spamming over the last week. :)
  4. There's a Kickstarter Update explaining how I painted the grubs and the OSL on the hedgehog here, if you fancy a look: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/oathsworn/the-dark-the-devout-and-the-heroic/posts/3147173 cheers, Michael
  5. Just 30 hours to go now, and then I can get some sleep! ;) Here's some painted pics of the some of the Heroic Pledge characters... cheers, Michael
  6. Yep, exchange rates are all over the place at the moment... they can be very painful! Especially with all the postal increases lately. Here's some painted pics of the Witch Hunters... cheers, Michael
  7. Yep, if you only want a couple of them, getting them from the webstore when they get released is the best option! Anyway, Green Knight, foxy style: There's a Kickstarter Update explaining how I painted the foxy Green Knight here, if you fancy a look: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/oathsworn/the-dark-the-devout-and-the- heroic/posts/3145061 cheers, Michael
  8. Thanks, Redambrosia! The project's definitely gone well, which is really appreciated after the last year's total lack of trade shows and events... it's all too easy for a game to drop off the radar without that kind of exposure, so it's good to know people are still interested! :) Here's some painted pics of a few of the undead beasties... There's a Kickstarter Update explaining how I painted the Mist-ghasts here, if you fancy a look. They were pretty easy to do, TBH! : https://www.kickstarter.com/proje
  9. ...and we're live! Some piccies: cheers, Michael
  10. Well, this bat is just wearing a robe and holding a staff - frankly it can be any kind of magic user you like! Nobody's tied to using them any specific way... I'm sure they'll turn up in warbands using all kinds of different magic types.
  11. Thanks Tasso! Greatly appreciated. :) Well, it has to fit into the background of the B&B game; and within the background, and based on a Noctule bat's Stat line, magic users are really the ideal fit for them. So it's what most people will want. A bellydancer doesn't fit in at all, TBH... I'm not really familiar with Fangs of K'aath, but a quick Google of images suggests that bellydancers would be part of that background, so, not out of place. Whereas they wouldn't work for B&B.
  12. Hey everyone, we've got a new Kickstarter for more Burrows & Badgers anthro minis starting a week from today. So I thought I'd start a placeholder thread now, so I could post a link to the 'Remind me' page. This one's been a long time coming, thanks to Covid and Brexit messing things up, but we're finally back on track... Anyway, proper pics and stuff once we actually launch! stay safe, Michael
  13. I've only really done something similar to this once, on this lady: It was fairly easy, just very slow! I started with a regular straight hair style, just marking in grooves, following the direction I wanted. Once all the strands of straight hair were marked in, I just gradually shoved each strand left then right with a pointy tool, one bit at a time, to kink it all up a touch. Basically, just poking each part until it looks right! The Greenstuff stayed workable for about two and a half hours, and I used pretty much all of that time on it. Hope that helps a bit!
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