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  1. Lovejoy

    40mm Prince August artillery crew

    Oh wow, haven't seen these for years! Lovely stuff...
  2. Lovejoy

    Oathsworn Mouse Warrior

    Great job on the little guy! I hope you have a good time at Gencon.
  3. Lovejoy

    Oathsworn Minotaur

    Excellent job - she looks great!
  4. Lovejoy

    Oathsworn Female Monk by Glitterwolf

    Lovely job - she looks great! Makes me want to finally get around to painting mine...
  5. Yeah, I liked the old ones better, but they've stopped doing them... Certainly faster than a few we've sent your way! Do it! Apparently it's a good game, or so I'm told by people who actually have time to play it... one of these days I'll get around to it! Thanks everyone - I'm glad you like them!
  6. Lovejoy

    Jasper vs. Duck Season

    I know Star Hat miniatures have been doing Runequest inspired stuff, and have at least 20 ducks now. And Fenris Games have a few as well.
  7. Lovejoy

    Oathsworn Border Terrier Knight

    Ohh, lovely job! The blue works really well for him... I've got mine on the painting table at the moment, and I've been wondering what colour to do him. Looks like blue just became the most likely choice!
  8. Lovejoy

    Oathsworn Mole Seeress

    Great job, Rob! And 45 minutes is crazy fast too! I spend longer than that on basecoats...
  9. Lovejoy

    Oathsworn Burrow and Badgers Pi-rat

    Lovely job - he looks great!
  10. If you want to add one on, that should be fine - just tell us on the Backer Survey, and we'll sort something out!
  11. Yep, more backers than usual too - but then it's the first B&B KS since the Osprey rulebook came out. I think that's made a difference. Well, the Kickstarter is done, and was a great success! Thank you if you supported us, and even if you didn't thanks for putting up with us pimping the project endlessly on your forum! :) cheers, Michael
  12. I got another one painted - trying out some OSL... Step-by-step here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/oathsworn/burrows-and-badgers-beasts-of-northymbra-anthro-mi/posts/2335414 Only a couple of hours to go now... cheers, Michael
  13. I got one painted! There's a (not very clear) painting guide here; https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/oathsworn/burrows-and-badgers-beasts-of-northymbra-anthro-mi/posts/2334865 Pics aren't the best, as the light in our workshop is pretty bad, but hopefully it'll be helpful to some... cheers, Michael
  14. Here's the final Townsfolk miniature - Tollimus Skulp, Town Burgher, merchant, and occasional duelling enthusiast... ...and the final Warrior too! 'Mad' Morag, Clan Wildcat - a big hitter for Clan warbands! :) cheers, Michael