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  1. ...and everything's in the mail now! Thanks again to everyone who supported us! :)
  2. Lovely job, she looks great! And classic hex basing too. :)
  3. Yes, through Kickstarter messaging is best - that way Jo will get the notification, and she's doing all the address stuff. :)
  4. Yep, we'll be using Royal Mail... hope the roadworks are not too disruptive for you! I hate it when they do it around here.
  5. Thanks! We're currently in the bit I hate... waiting on other people! The casting's well underway, but I still dislike waiting for it to be done. Even though when it's done, I'll have a nine hour round trip to pick them up, then a solid two weeks checking, sorting, and bagging, followed by actual fulfillment. But I prefer the 'flat-out busy' bit to the 'waiting around' bit. Thankfully, I have fun things like VAT returns to keep me occupied. 😞
  6. ...and we're funded! Thank you if you backed. Thank you if you had a look and decided not to. And thank you for just putting up with me bumping this thread every day for the last week; your patience is appreciated! :)
  7. I've just done an Update on the Kickstarter with a link to the pdf download of our latest Oathsworn Journal... lots of new rules and gaming ideas for Burrows & Badgers, and a short story too. :) KS Update for Oathsworn Journal 5 pdf cheers, Michael
  8. One day left, if anyone's thinking of backing... Also, here's a step-by-step painting guide for one of the Street Gang minis: Painting guide link cheers, Michael
  9. Cheers WhiteWulfe! So - two days to go on the project, and we're adding three bonus miniatures... Say hello to Earl Filbert DeVere, Abelard Snook and Horatio Briarthorn! The Earl is a shrew, and he's currently holding New Castle for the Crown. So he gets added to the City Watch Pledge. Abelard Snook the fox is a behind the scenes, plotter type, always coming up with dodgy schemes. He's joining the Townsfolk Pledge. And Horatio Briarthorn, a weasel, is Snook's right-paw beast, often doing a lot of the darker stuff that their plots require. He's added to the Street Gang Pledge. And of course, if you back the All-In Pledge, you get all three. :) cheers, Michael
  10. The KS project is going really well, and today I've got some painted pics of the City Watch, wearing their New Castle heraldry. Tomorrow I'll be showing the bonus minis. :) cheers Michael
  11. Hey everyone, hope you're having a good day! I've taken a few pics of the painted Street Gang minis: cheers, Michael
  12. Thank you - and thanks for starting the thread; I totally missed it! 😃 Much appreciated! I'm all embarrassed now... 😊 Anyway, I've been painting up some test casts, and here's some pics of the Townsfolk... a bit over-exposed, unfortunately, but it was really dark in the workshop today! cheers, Michael
  13. The project's live now - and funded in five minutes, which was nice. :) Here's some of the new minis: cheers, Michael
  14. Fair enough - I hadn't seen that one.
  15. Hello! We've got a new Kickstarter project going live in about an hour, to expand the Burrows & Badgers miniatures range. We've got three sets of new minis; some Townsfolk, a bunch of dodgy Street Gang criminal types, and the City Watch, ready to enforce a bit of rough justice. B&B Kickstarter Link Take a look, if it's your sort of thing. :) Thanks, Michael & Jo Oathsworn
  16. Bear's Head Minis has closed recently - Phil's not doing his own range anymore. I know Annie at Bad Squiddo picked up the undead animals from them, but I don't know if any of the rest will find new homes.
  17. Yep, everything's in the mail, barring two we're still waiting for addresses from... and the post generally seems to be pretty quick at the moment, which is good. We've had some US pledges arriving in 5 days!
  18. ...and that's the Kickstarter finished! Thank you all for your support, and apologies for endlessly spamming over the last week. :)
  19. There's a Kickstarter Update explaining how I painted the grubs and the OSL on the hedgehog here, if you fancy a look: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/oathsworn/the-dark-the-devout-and-the-heroic/posts/3147173 cheers, Michael
  20. Just 30 hours to go now, and then I can get some sleep! ;) Here's some painted pics of the some of the Heroic Pledge characters... cheers, Michael
  21. Yep, exchange rates are all over the place at the moment... they can be very painful! Especially with all the postal increases lately. Here's some painted pics of the Witch Hunters... cheers, Michael
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