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  1. Thanks! You're sort of right; I'm just trying to build a sort of library of minis and terrain for use whenever I can start gaming again.
  2. Mixed with some resin crates from Rebel Minis. More at the blog.
  3. Thanks guys! You may have just won my caption contest.
  4. Guess who makes the demon! Or just go find out at the blog.
  5. More at the blog. ​ ​
  6. Couple of longshot questions: -If I change my pledge rewards to exclude the core set, that means I lose my wave 2 place in line, right? Will the line behind me "advance", so to speak? -There isn't any way to change my pledge $ now that the Kickstarter has ended, correct? Thanks all!
  7. Thanks guys! It's very cool to hear from blog-readers. Still Water looks like a great product, but true to my self-appellation of "Cheap Fantasy Miniaturist," I was looking for something I could do with stuff already around the house. I did later get ahold of some Gloss Gel Medium from Liquitex that seems promising for some water effects for future projects.
  8. Sven being recognized on the Reaper forums; a first! Made my day. Thanks for the kind words!
  9. Drybrushing + excellent texture on the minis = really easy to get good results on these. The weird was modified for nearer 1/72 scale compatibility. Water is white glue + Future Shine. Not bad results here, though I don't exactly recommend it. More at the blog, including some fountains from other sources.
  10. Pretty simple combination of washes and drybrushing for these paintjobs. The medium-blue and orange are the original clear plastic these figures are cast in. The light-up base is an idea I've seen elsewhere; Chris Palmer's blog, frex. More at the blog.
  11. I think in some ways I like modding more than painting; at any rate I'm better at conversions than painting. I do 1/72 scale, which requires a fair amount of conversions. Some examples: Cultists and Snakemen Gnolls (WIP) Kobolds (All Reaper Bones, squaring off against some Caesar Miniatures goblins)
  12. I can't say I had a problem. I've used the white before as well without issue. The usual caveats with any kind of spray product apply: if it's too humid, too hot, or too cold, it won't go on or dry the way it should.
  13. Thanks guys! I prime with Krylon black primer now, which is not necessary but which I'm finding makes for easier painting in many ways. I then finish with a "magic wash" and a thin coat of Dullcote. I tried using Minwax Polyshades as a wash/sealant, but it reacts to the Bones material and makes them sticky. So don't do that!
  14. Part of my cheap fantasy minis project: good, not great, minis on a budget.
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