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Many years ago I was introduced to the world of miniature wargaming - something I never thought I would be interested in. The gaming part still eludes me but the painting part challenges me in a way unlike any other.


I started this hobby - like many people with little finesse. My first mini - painted in 2002 was somewhat of a disaster but I was proud of it - of course I hadn't seen what others were doing at the time...

Over the next few years, I worked really hard at bettering my skill. I read articles, joined forums, organized painting groups and tried to figure it all out. This is where I got to...

Then in 2005, life hit and I gave up all of my hobbies - painting included. I packed and carried much of my stuff around with me for years but when I moved overseas I only brought a small amount of what I had.
And now I am finding my way back to it - I loved painting at one time and I really hope to enjoy it again.
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