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  1. Ok, I think that definitely helped me to see it, but as it is there are metalic surfaces showing up brighter than might be expected for it's distance from the light source. Should these be dialed down or left the way they are due to metal being reflective? You guys are great by the way!!!!
  2. Ok, so I took some more pictures over lunch. I tried doing some of the suggestions, but I'm not sure if I took a step forward or not. Part of the difference is I did use a darker backdrop, and I also took the pictures at home during lunch where I have a much better photobox than I do here at work, or at least better lighting. I tried brightening up the amount of pure white from the lamp. using brighter gold on the bronze pieces closest to the light source. using washes of yellow, red, and purple as the light gets further from the source, and using some white lining on some of the metal edges near the light source. I also hit the shadows and areas away from the source with several more glazes of dark blue black, and hit the deepest shadows with a mixture of black/nightmareblack. What do you think?
  3. Cool, Thanks again. I really appreciate all the help guys! I'll try to get some pics up as I try to make use of some of these suggestions.
  4. Wow, great post, thanks, Lots of good tips there I can work with.
  5. Hello again, for anyone following them, I haven't forgotten about the berserk bust or Cthulhu, but they are on hold at the moment. Currently, I am working on a kingdom death Kingsman figure. with my kingdom death pieces I want to really play up the darkness of the world and try to improve my grasp of OSL. I have taken what I know about doing osl painting (darkish fiigure, muted colors, light diffusing as it travels farther from the source) but am still not getting the results I would like. So, I ask for any critiques and suggestions on how I can improve my OSL look. I wanted a yellowish light emanating from the lamp on his halbred. I went with true metalic metal as I cant imagine trying to learn OSL and NMM on a single figure, too mind blowing. Thanks in advance for any help!
  6. Ok, it has been a while but I finally got back to painting some today! working on the shield, going for a TMM approach to the metal bits, will still take that further but wanted to get a pic up today since it has been a while. Also did a lot with the wood and weathering. Thanks for looking! Comments and critiques are always welcome.
  7. Thanks, I will try to get him posted in the group challenge. I have to prepare a little for a fantasy football draft this weekend, so I don't know if I will get any more painting done until next week.
  8. So I decided to take a little break from Cthulhu for a while. Started working on a new bust this morning. I find one of the ways I push myself to improve is by trying to recreate other peoples amazing paint jobs. Arbal's Berserk Bust is my primary inspiration for this paint job, but sometimes I will take bits and pieces of other's work as well. Sometimes I start and then inspiration will hit and I will take off in my own direction, but doing things this way forces me to do and try techniques that I might not have done before. If trying to emulate others is looked down upon though, let me know. I started by blocking in some of the basic colors, and then adding in some shading and tinting. And thats what I accomplished before lunch. *edited to rotate pictures
  9. Loth, I feel your pain man, with a 7, 5, and 2 year old at home, most of my painting is done during down time at work right now. :(
  10. he is a difficult guy to photograph due to his size
  11. more slow progress, highlighting and shading, shading and highlighting. also did a little work on the stone idol.
  12. Some progress made yesterday. Hope to have another good painting day today!
  13. Thanks Rahz, I am enjoying seeing yours as well, though I just found it this morning.
  14. One step forward, two steps back... So I was working on the wings and was really liking the progress. At first my plan for the big guy was just kind high tabletop standard. but I was getting so much done today and having a good time doing it so I decided I might end up pushing it as far as I can and try to make a display piece eventually. However, I didn't put a ton of time into prepping him, and therefore there were several pretty bad mold lines left from prep. So I decided to go ahead and clean those up. so here is a little work on the wings, and several steps back removing the mold lines. Edit - crap forgot to rotate the pics, fixed now
  15. started rough shading, starting in on wings. still a long way to go. much quicker post this time though ;)
  16. Giving new meaning to the words VERY SLOWLY. ;) playing around with colors
  17. Oops. The iPhone didn't rotate the pic correctly. I'll send it from the desktop in the future.
  18. Ok. So I'm going to start another WIP thread/painting diary. This time I'm going to start work on Cthulhu from the first Bones campaign. I will likely have things come up that I may have to stop and start but I will come back here when work resumes. I still haven't finished the eyes from my bush (doh). Today I started trying to get some of the basecoating done. As I started I realized that I had done a poor job with a couple mold lines and filling the gap between body and tail. So a lot of the work today was done trying to smooth this out without taking out the scalpel. And for that I used some of both liquid green stuff and reaper brush on sealant. It has helped a lot but I may still have to go over once or twice more. So here is a very early and raw WIP. Not even done basecoating. Also Cthulhu is so big I can't take a full pic in the photo box I have here so most Of the pics will likely be close ups of different areas this time. Thanks for looking and comments and criticisms are always welcome!
  19. Ok. So I am trying to do this from my phone. I hope it works. I was able to touch up his hat, highlight the metal bits and his hair today. I am just about ready to call him done but I will take him home this weekend so that I may be able to do some work (attempting) to make his eyes more special. Not much new used today other than vmc gold and silver to highlight the vmc bronze bits from before. Everything else I believe was used previously. Assuming I get some decent work done on the eyes I will put up some pictures in the show off forum with my better light box at home. Thanks for following and the tips and encouragement along the way!
  20. thanks for the encouragement. Yeah, I was cutting steps hoping to save time and paint. One of the downsides to painting at work is that sometimes I mix paint up and it dries up before I get a chance to use it. The upside, of course, is I freaking get to paint at work. using a wet pallete or ceramic pallete with lid and slow drying agent helps, but still the consistency can change quite a bit due to dehydration between painting sessions. It is definitely something that will be fixable, but it is just going to cost me the time I hoped to save.
  21. one step forward, two steps back. Ok, so I worked to really push the highlights of the beret today to add more contrast between the highlights and shadows. and in doing so I felt I lost a lot of the deep blue feel that I had been working towards, as the highlights were approaching a much lighter whiter color. and so I decided I would try glazing over it with some Tamiya clear blue to try to bring back more of the blue that I had lost. Unfortunately, I thought I would try to do this right out of the bottle instead of putting some on my pallete and properly thinning it down, and so it came out darker than I had anticipated, and also was very streaky with lots of brushstrokes, So tomorrow I will be working to fix my mistakes here. However, I did some more work on the bow today as well. My goal was to keep this a kind of silvery fabric, but I don't really know how to do this, What I tried was keeping the majority of the fabric a neutral gray and working up to some thin ivory highlights. I had thought about trying to experiment with some irridescent medium, but apparently this hasn't made it back to my office from reapercon yet. As it is, I think it turned out ok, but I know there are probably much better ways I could achieve this effect. Getting closer....
  22. Links: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/61874-my-first-bust/
  23. Ok, so back from Vegas. Had a great time, but didn't win big. Back to work on finishing my bust. this is about the time I really start to struggle. Where I'm to the point I am starting to look forward to my next project and losing some of the drive to finish the one I am working currently. That combined with the where do I go from here aspect leads me to put a lot of my models on the shelf at this point in a never quite completed stage. So today, I continued working on weathering the leather shoulder strap first. I basically used two colors. Nightmare black, and nightmare black mixed with a little VMC Ivory. I would use the ivory mix to make several smallish lines or cut's/scratches in the leather and then take a glaze of the Nightmare black and go over it. I did this over and over again, focusing more of the scratches around the points I would expect to get the most wear (around the shoulder and buckle) also trying to keep the darker areas towards the center of the strap as the edges are also likely to get more wear. by going over and over and over with the scratches/glazes I was hoping to give the idea that it had been worn over time and some of the scratches and wear was much older than the others. I think this turned out ok, or at least as good as I have ever gotten it before. Next I started working on the beret, and highlighted the bow up with grey and ivory, then glazed it back down with purple and blue before hitting it again with grey. It will probably need some more work tomorrow taking this further. I also did the same with the ribbon/tie in the back of the beret. On the underside of the beret and in some of the darkest recess I started shading with GW Guillman blue + Nightmare black, and then I stepped this up to a highlight color with GW guillman blue + VMC sky blue, but again this is going to need to be taken further tomorrow as well as it is too subtle now.
  24. Thanks for the tips. We usually try to go quite a bit, and I try to schedule my work conferences there when I can. We have stayed at most of the places but for us the extra cost rarely is worth it. We have seen a lot of the shows and usually try to get at least one in when we are out there. The cirque shows that I have seen are great. I haven't seen blue man actually though I have heard it is great. We are watching zumanity this trip as it is one of the cirque shows I haven't seen, though it actually was one I was recommended not to go to. And I will definitely be bringing sunscreen, or my pale red headed skin will get blistered.
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