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  1. I believe we are staying at the Quad, though I would have to ask the wife to be certain. Somewhere we would be fairly centrally located without having to pay extra for a hotel room I will barely need. ;)
  2. very little painting time today, however, I did find some time to put some placeholder irises into those vacant eyes, and started weathing his shoulder strap. But really not much progress today. It will likely be slow until the middle of next week when I return from a Vegas trip.... Vegas Baby! Oh yeah, after my post last friday I did get some time to work on a little of the shading on the Fly, so that is different too. No new colors, everything used has been used before.
  3. actually the eyeballs are RMS vampiric highlights if I am being exact
  4. Ok, so I decided to try a little of what was suggested above. I still used the RMS rosy skin triad, but added some VMC ivory to the highlight on the bright end, and some GW mordian blue to the shadows as I had used this elsewhere on the model, and I am sticking with the cooler theme for the majority of the model. I also added some VMC red to the rosy shadow that I used to glaze over the lips, though I could probably take this further. I think that this is an improvement over the original shading from yesterday. Also no more soulless black eyes! Soulless white eyballs now!!! :)
  5. Thanks for the tip, I have already started experimenting by adding a little of the GW mordian blue that I have used elsewhere to the shadows, and some of the VMC red to the RMS rosy shadow for the lips, as well as a little VMC Ivory to the highlights, and I am liking the results so far. I will spend today trying to work with this and see how it turns out.
  6. OK, so I have had some time to paint today. and I have decided to work on the face/skin. I started with the MSP Rosy shadow as the base tone and worked up from there, and I know I still have a little blending to do especially in the neck/chest area, but I feel like the blends are starting to look pretty smooth on the actual face. but I need help. I love doing skin, one of my favorite things to paint are the scantily clad ladies, but even when I have things looking pretty good in my opinion, I don't know how to take it to the next level. and so, does anyone have suggestions for what I need to be doing? Do I need to go further up and deeper down on the shadows from where the triads take me on my own, do I need to incorporate more of the other colors from the model into the skin tone, and if so how do I do that without entirely shifting the tint of the figure. Thanks in advance for any help. Also I know the lighting still isn't great, I usually have great natural lighting in my office, but these rainy Oklahoma days are killing that, and the led's I have on hand aren't kicking out enough to be of any use. hopefully you can still get a sense from the pics though.
  7. None of the osl stuff is showing up, I have got to improve the lighting in this photobox. or maybe I'm worse at it than I thought. ;)
  8. Ok, so didn't get to work on the bust at all today, not enough time, meetings and computer work makes Jon an unhappy painter :( my son hit me up with a mini to paint for him as I was leaving the house this morning, and though I didn't get started on the bust, I did do a quick job on his mini, and I will post it here, after all it is Reaper bones. very quickly done, but did try to do a very subtle OSL on the runes, but didn't have a lot of time to devote to it, And I only used colors I had already used in this thread, other than a little MSP pumpkin orange, and tamiya clear blue. Hopefully back to the bust tomorrow.
  9. Ha, I usually save eyes for the end, but my friends who follow my painting always say the same thing about the empty soul less eye sockets.
  10. Thanks SlederTroll. I don't know for certain. I found mine on ebay, and everyplace else I have looked has it out of stock if they list it at all.
  11. Wow, don't paint over the weekend and you fall a long way down the list. very cool to see such an active painting community. Ok, so today was busy again, but I did get some work on the shirt again today working on highlighting and shadowing. Even tried to bring a couple small highlights up to near white (ivory) which I had been reluctant to try before. I know I still have some blending to do to smooth things out, and also looking at the pics I may need to further push the highlights and shades, but I am liking the look of the cooler colored shirt with the blues and purples in the shadows better than the original which felt too warm. Thanks for reading and all the comments so far! Jon
  12. Ok, so I came in today and decided to switch it up. I wasn't really happy with how the shading had started on the other figure, and wanted to do some more to try to bring the colors together. So I repainted the shirt. This time I went with a mixture of the GW mordian blue with the VGC bonewhite (just a bit of the mordian blue really, a little bit went a long way.) and from there I started highlighting up with the straight VGC bonewhite. I didn't have a whole lot of time today, as I have been busy nonstop at work, but I did get started on this, though there is still a lot of blending and then deepening of shadows that I will have to do, but I like this effect better than where I was at the end of the day yesterday. This is probably about all I will get done until Tuesday due to the holiday weekend. but I plan to be back then! Edit, note to self, I need better lighting in my photobox.
  13. Didn't get as much paint time this afternoon. However, I did start working with glazes and shades trying to add some shadow and depth. Actually started with Sepia colored shading on the shirt, which started to make it seem a lot warmer. I didn't like how this was looking so instead started using a lot more blues and purples to cool things off. went with a glaze of blue over the shoulder strap and a glaze of black over the hair attempting to further separate the two colors. All of the shades and glazes have been GW as that is what I have on hand. Had fun playing around and "dirtying" him up some and had a couple ideas about a couple things I might try, which will derail my attempt at trying to replicate the box art. I guess we will see how I feel tomorrow as far as which direction I decide to go. colors used: GW glaze Guilliman blue GW shade Druchi Violet GW wash Badab Black
  14. Ok, so far today has been slow, and that has made it a good painting day. Maybe I will get 2 updates today. So far I have finished getting everything a nice solid base coat. The bonewhite on the shirt ended up requiring more coats than anything else to get decent coloring over the black primer. I have also used: VMC Bronze on the metal bits VMC neutral grey on the ribbon/tie on the beret RMS Nightmare black on the leather shoulder strap and VMC German Camo black brown with a touch of Nightmare black on the hair I didn't line previously because it was primed black, and I didn't feel it needed a whole lot of lining, but I did go in and line in certain places with RMS blue liner. practiced my steady hand, and only had to touch up a couple places. I also noticed a couple places that werent as smooth as I would like, and so hit them with a coat of RMS brush on sealer, and will probably hit them again with another coat or two.
  15. Ok, So I will do my best to try to update this at least once a workday. This piece I am working on in my spare time at work, so progress will depend entirely on how busy I am. Today basically I just got started doing some of the base coating, and so there really isn't much to see here. some of the colors covered up the black primer better than others, and I will definitely need to go back and get another coat or 2 on in spots, but I wanted to get an update in before going home for the day, so that will be work for tomorrow. My plan is to try to recreate something like the box art: http://www.spruebrothers.com/sbmimages/war09053.jpg One of the ways I try to improve is by trying to recreate painting jobs others have done. Not very creative on my part I know, but right now my goal is just improving technique. Colors I have used so far: Beret - Citadel Mordian Blue Shirt - VGC Bonewhite Skin - RMS - Rosy Shadow Sash - VMC Red
  16. Ok, Like Miss Melons, I have decided to start work on my first bust. I believe this one is called Highlander Bust Jacobite Rebellion. I decided to start with this for no other reason than I got it as a steal from one of Metalhead Mini's ebay auctions, so even if I totally bomb I'm not out that much money. ;) So I am pretty new to the community, so if I am doing anything that is taboo or goes against the rules, please let me know. I encourage any comments, criticisms, or suggestions that anyone wishes to make, as part of the point of this is to help me improve as a painter, but also to work as sort of a digital painting diary, where I can come back to check on painting colors or techniques I might have used if I need to reference or touch something up in the future. Here he stands as I brought him in this morning, with a quick coat of primer (needs some touching up). I meant to prime him grey but I picked up the wrong can, oops.
  17. Thanks for the advice ub3r_n3rd! That was pretty much my plan for them, but I didn't realize that the inks were harder on my brushes so I will use them only with some of my cheaper brushes.
  18. Thanks for all the warm welcomes. Ha, that's funny about Kickstarter, but that is actually how I discovered the hobby (unfortunately right after the end of Bones I), so I might have to stick my nose in there every now and then. It has been a huge hit to the wallet though.
  19. Well I say the entire line, I think the MSP is complete, except for anything in the Heavy Gear set that isn't also included in complete set 1 or 2. I don't have all of the HD line, and while I have several of the limited edition colors (con colors and holiday colors etc.) I am not sure I have all of these. It is actually a little embarassing how much I have invested in a hobby that I knew nothing about 3 years ago, but it does seem to have stuch with me so I hope to make use of these for years and years to come. As for winnings and mini pics, I'd love to show off some and get some constructive critisism on improving (I really only do this for my own enjoyment and hoping to be able to produce something nearing the beauty of the incredible artists in the community). However, I am pretty awful at getting good pics of my minis (or perhaps when I get them on photo i realize that they paint job is crap???) however, I just received some of the hanger 18 backdrops, and I have taken some test pics of minis w/o any paint on them, and can already tell that they will easily level up my photo skills. So hopefully I will have some soon, and will probably keep a thread going in the WIP area, as I really like to have a place to document my progress and get input from others. I did bring home 2 bronze medals from the convention, but currently the best pics I have of the pieces are probably the ones that are on the reapercon page. My name is Jon Doyle there, and you can also see my wife, Jennifer, and 2 son's, Jude 7, and Noah 5, entries. I am very proud that I was able to achieve medals this year, but hope to continue to improve and step up my painting.
  20. Thanks guys, I have samplings from various paint brands, but really do seem to prefer reapers lines. I have some of vallejo, army painter, citadel, secret weapon (I do love these washes) but have invested in a full set of the MSP. I even will occasionally use craft paint for certain tasks, and as a cheap alternative for the kids. just thought I would ask, and use it as an excuse to introduce myself to the community. And congratulations to you too MissMelons! We were all very excited to receive our rewards.
  21. Hello everyone, My name is Jon Doyle but I go by osugambit on just about anywhere you might find me online. I was at reapercon with my family (wife and 2 oldest children). We had a great time though the boys are still a couple years away from really being able to enjoy (or allow their parents to fully enjoy) the con. After seeing how much the community is active here on the forums, I wanted to make a concerted effort to try to become a part of the forum community as I work to level up my painting. So, for my question, at the con I kind of got caught with my pants down, walking by Anne when I had just bought set of Scale 75 paints from one of the vendors. But in my defense, it was the Inktensity set. So my question, as I am a huge fan of the MSP's, does Reaper have plans to extend their current selection of inks in the MSP range? Thanks in advance, and I look forward to interacting more here as time goes by. Jon
  22. Ok, Thanks, that was my big concern. We are primarily coming to paint, and have plenty I could bring, but that would take up a ton of room and be pretty heavy carrying around.
  23. Hello all, Sorry if this is already posted somewhere, I looked quickly but didn't see anything. This year my wife and I will be coming down for our first reapercon and we are very excited. What do we need to bring? Thanks.
  24. one last bump, 3 hours left and we keep unlocking more stretch goal goodness.
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