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  1. This has been one of my favorite projects to follow. Lots of good sculpts and I love the huge sculpts. I hope the project is able to bring in some new backers as I think the current backers have pushed it about as high as they can by themselves. Will be fun to watch over the final 24 hours.
  2. Thanks for the info. I think we will pass this year as I don't imagine I'll be able to get a lot of painting or gaming in with 3 kids under 5 years old. But will plan ahead better so that we can make it next year. Thanks again.
  3. Hello all, I am new to the hobby of miniature painting and gaming. I have recently backed several kickstarters and am really looking forward to getting more involved. (though I just missed out on the Bones kickstarter ) I also have a nice new set of reaper paints that I am loving. I live in southeast OK and am thinking about trying to make it to Reapercon next week. But there is a problem... My usual babysitters aren't going to be around to watch the little ones and so any trip that my wife and I take will be shorter and we will be limited in what we can do. I will be unable to do any painting/classes/gaming due to having the children with us. So my question is... Is the set up such that there will be plenty of booths and things to check out, such that it will be worth my time to make the trip, or is the convention mainly set up around the painting/classes/gaming in which case I am better off waiting and making reapercon 2014? Thanks for your help.
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