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  1. I regret not getting the Kalidrax. Being the kickstarter concept drawing was the only one without a figure for scale I did not have a clue just how big it was.. Had I had a regular mini for scale I would have definitely grabbed it.

  2. Wow this thread really got a bit farther then I expected. I just started it to just say it's my luck I would be in the latter shipments. No blame to ReaperMinis for this at all. They have always done what they said they will do. This thread was more along the lines of 'crap I am too busy to cash this lottery ticket until next week'. Not that bad just mildly annoying since I am impatient. Some folks got WAY to serious. =p Lighten up.. I mean really.. they are little plastic figures =p (but cool plastic figures!)

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  3. I swapped Sophie for the Orc Attack set (can always use more orcs) and then got a paint set and the Mind your Manors add-on. Was (well.. still am) looking forward to these since they will really be my first set of miniatures. The only others I have ever had were some cheap plastic Battletech ones that came with the boxed set.

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