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  1. Words can be copyrighted, ideas cannot. It's... Not that hard to understand. It was the Chapter House lawsuit. They half won, half lost. The judge (that poor, poor judge) pointed out that if you can't trademark a name, you can't stop people from using it to sell things that work with your stuff. If it hadn't have been for the outrage, and money, GW would have been able to win. This is one of the major problems with copyright and trademark law (and civil law in general); Who has the most money, wins. AND PROTECTOR OF MEXICO! Also, he fired Congress. Twice.
  2. I can't even... I mean, just to START with, there's the difference between civil and criminal law. Because just because you've wronged someone CIVILLY does not mean that they have been wronged CRIMINALLY. Also, GW can go jump in a lake. For a lot of reasons. In good news, my mom got released from the hospital last night. After two days of the antibiotic version of carpet bombing, things are looking better. It looks like the bruises she suffered exacerbated the blood flow problem from her diabetes and that made the infection worse. Two days doing nothing but being in bed seems to ha
  3. So, my story from yesterday: I ended up telling one of my bosses about what *might* happen in relation to my mom and me having to uproot everything. His response was something to the effect of "Since we've moved to merit raises (cue me trying not to laugh), you can ask them for more money, since you've been here since forever. As for the Uber/Lyft thing, they have a subscription service, monthly pay thing that let's you schedule rides. If you ask, I'll bet they'll pay for that, too. And just tell them that you want to go to part time." My reaction was something like this: No, they're not
  4. I guess I'm moving to Scotland. I mean, you all will be out of the UK before things get too bad there, I bet. I just scream "BUY MY BOOK!" and set the phone down. In other news, my mom spent last night in the hospital. Which isn't good for a lot of reason, notably The Plague, but she did say that they were planning to send her home today. However, I'm laying the ground work for getting out of my place and my job. I have a kind of humorous story about telling one of my bosses that I might have to quit but it'll have to wait until tomorrow. My belly is empty and my local Taco
  5. I already put a raygun in one of their hands for Raygun Gothic conversion. Of the quick and dirty kind. I'm in the "Your Problem Now" camp. I still don't like the idea of prequels for anything, much less Trek. However, while I did end up enjoying the first season of Discovery (all I've seen so far), I did have some issues with it. The first being the whole eye thing from the Mirror Universe. The Klingons upset me. And I don't like how Micheal gets back to being back into good standing in only one season. Mutiny is something I take a rather dim view of and takes a lot to get me
  6. Since I have to clean tonight, I can't binge on any Star Trek because I'll just do that. But I discovered 48 Hours on Paramount+, so I can get my true crime fix and keep working. Maybe. If I don't change my mind and start watching Picard. I ended up ordering a lot of eBay of Reaper stuff, so I could get some stuff that's currently out of stock, and I'm going to end up with three of Rosie. One I bought, another that was a freebee from Reaper, and now this one. Oh, wait, four actually. I forgot about the Bones version of her!
  7. So, I signed up for Paramount+ and started watching on my computer. And it started skipping. I decided I'd look for an app and turns out that there is one. I put it on my old $20 phone and... There's no skipping. Like, at all. I guess I figured out what the problem is. The only good news is that Lower Decks is as good as I imagined it. However, I need to clean my apartment.
  8. My Reaper order for this month was $66.61. I also noticed that the free minis (not the Bones USA) are now just Bones, either regular or Black, this month. I'll miss the free metals.
  9. If you are missing your legs below the knee, maybe you shouldn't threaten people with a stun gun. Because, you know, stairs are a thing. I ended up not working the desk last night so no progress on the game project. It's fine. At least I didn't have to deal with the drive-by. In worse news, my mom was washing her car this weekend and slipped and fell, because she was wearing flip-flops. She went to the doctor, looks like a sprain. However, she sent me a picture of her leg and it's bad. She told me that because of the diabetes, she has to be careful, as she could lose the leg. Which I
  10. Yeah... This is now canon in my mind. So, last night, I was talking with our office person when she found out that she had lost her wallet. She had been running for the bus, tripped and fell. She didn't realize that she had lost her wallet at the time. So, she lost it. Crying, bawling, screaming. Which, I get. We're both broke, so I know that this happening before payday was just kicking her while she was down. I had an emergency $20 that I spotted her, so she can get to and from work. While she was melting down, I had to just... Stop. I know that saying "it'll be okay" and the lik
  11. I actually liked them? I have mixed feelings about Into Darkness but it wasn't terrible. And I'm going to be getting a Paramount+ account next week. There will be much watching of Star Trek. Probably going to start with Lower Decks.
  12. I watched Star Trek: Insurrection the other day and it was about what I remembered. Very much a longer TV episode. I've also discovered why it started the downfall of Star Trek movies: The shaved Riker's beard. Since growing the beard made TNG good, taking it away is directly responsible for the train wreck that was Nemesis. The thing that really bothers me is how they tried to so hard to maintain the status quo. No mention of Worf losing Jadzia. Only lip service to the Dominion War. And, I mean, Ru'Afo? Rufio! Just... A little too on the nose. However, age and distance did make me appreciate
  13. I read the books for "Planets of the UFP" and the adventure book. I rather like the idea of re-visiting worlds visited during early TNG just before (and perhaps during) the Dominion War. I mean, that's what the Enterprise-E was doing right? Couldn't risk the ol' flagship of Starfleet during the largest confrontation the Federation had faced in its history, right? Personally, I blame Rick Berman. Now, to work out a timeline so I can figure how to include the Cardassian/Klingon conflict and then the Federation/Klingon kind-of war... And figure out how to prevent my players
  14. Well, I guess I'm going to be developing a Star Trek: The Next Generation RPG campaign for NaNoWriMo this year...
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