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  1. I just wanted to pop in and say thanks to those who recommended Turbo Dork's Spicy Meatball paint. It worked for the first project I needed it for. Reaper's Ruby red makes an excellent undercoat for it. Now, back to painting.
  2. I haven't tried using one myself, as I just got a folio a little while ago, but I'm also curious to what experiences people have. I'm very much on the fence about having one in a group.
  3. Quarantine 37 turned up and I don't know what to make of it. The two mini campaigns are nice but they're so short. I'll have to play through it and see how I feel after that.
  4. I have those and they are shrimpy. In addition to what zenjw said, being monopose and small, they're also really bendy and a few of mine won't stand up right because of it. If you're looking for cheap and in 28mm scale, I've found quite a few Zombiecide boxes for about $20-25 and they have about two dozen minis in the Walk of the Dead, with I think three of 6 different sculpts. I found it to be the most price effective, when I was looking to getting into Last Days: Zombie Apocalypse.
  5. I have a ton of Reaper zombies and the first Walk Of The Dead from Zombiecide, so I'm pretty sure I have enough. But I'll also have the scale problem, if I have to use the Walk zombies. Oh, that's a good idea. I'll have to give that some thought after I get a chance to read the book.
  6. Dracula's America has the Emissary of Dagon, made by North Star, that should have a dress and tentacles.
  7. I'm looking forward to giving it a shot. I have more than enough zombies (I hope, I think I have over 30 at this point) but I don't think I have enough bugs. I'll deal with that problem after I play the zombie stuff. My copy also turned up yesterday and I haven't looked through the campaign completely yet. I was happy for the new crew and other stuff, however. I'm really happy to have melee combat crew, so I can use some minis I got a while back. As far as I've read, I agree with you, this campaign is really a good thing for a consistent group to play with. I'd love to try it with four players, as it would be a fun bit of chaos. Oddly enough, Gods of Fire is the one Ghost Archipelago supplement that I didn't pick up.
  8. Well, that sold me on Q37... After I already ordered some books for Ghost Archipelago and pre-ordered SpellJammer... My wallet weeps.
  9. I'm getting ready to start working on my "learn to play" crews, so I was wondering what people think of Quarantine 37 and The Last Prospector? I ordered TLP but I'm not sure if Q37 is worth it.
  10. I'm trying to dig through my good sized collection of manga to find a one-off one that has mecha in it and I'm not having a lot of luck. I'm thinking about doing the second manga for Dominion Tank Police or the manga for Black magic, which is very different than the anime. Hmm. I'm also watching the Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles. I've seen it before but was totally lost because I had forgotten or not seen a lot of original stuff. This time around, it was a lot easier to know what the hell was going on. I'm going to be spending the rest of the morning cooking and cleaning. Can I stop having to be an adult now? I want a refund!
  11. I have tons of them. It's been helpful the past few years, as I wasn't able to bring my laptop to work, to get those notes down and ideas hashed out. I actually had to go through them recently to pull out my notes for something I want to finish this year. A lot of my larger projects have several notebooks, sketchbooks, and graph paper. I think this is something else. It's like... One part imposter syndrome, one part stressing myself out because I feel like I *have* to be doing something. And maybe a few other things. As I put that story out there, I then sat down and cranked out a follow up. I was already planning it but I'm wondering if it's good enough or if the same people will like it and so on. And I force myself to wait to edit things because of that. While I'm waiting to let the thing cool, I usually try to do something completely different, so I'm not thinking about it. I also had some sinus issues this week, which kind of killed my motivation. So... Now, looking at it, I have no idea what's going on.
  12. It looks like I'm suffering from "Idea ADHD" yet again. I keep coming up with new projects or ideas I want to work on and keep jumping around from project to project. And it is driving me up a wall! I went months without having much creativity and now I can't turn it off or get it to focus. I think that means I need to buckle down and get something done. Exactly what, I don't know yet. I'll probably try to direct it toward that group project but get some notes down for some of the others. Now, my next non-creative project is going to be working on my minis photography. I've got some ideas but I need to get things worked out. It'll be a nice distraction to get me to let the creative stuff to cool off.
  13. These were taken at the same time as the last ones I showed off, so the lighting issue is the same. I'm working on the lighting. The cord in the background is a set of LED lights that I'm going to start fooling around. I used an older digital camera without flash, as I was afraid it would wash out the details. I'll keep experimenting with the set up.
  14. So, I painted this one, too. I know that a lot of the colors are very bold but I wanted it to look like some old comics, with vivid colors. Let me know what you think.
  15. This sounds familiar. Have you talked about it before? And I had a vague idea of what a ghost clown horror movie could be and it wasn't that. You could go for the "Scooby Doo Classic" and have a ghost clown haunting an amusement park. Or you could go for "inspired by real people" where there was a serial killer who lived in the house before and killed people in the clown suit but was buried alive by the community because he got off on a technicality in court. Or reverse it and the serial killer killed people dressed up in clown outfits and buried them in the garden. Either one of those could be done easily and well on a low budget.
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