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  1. I've never really done a full blown conversion. I've done a kit bash or three, but I do have a conversion I want to start.
  2. "Take the land, boil the sea, you can't take the sky from me..."
  3. It seems that I have missed... Quite a bit. Time to go exploring!
  4. This last week was miserable. Even after the smoke cleared at the start of the weekend, I'm still coughing, trying to clear the gunk out of my lungs. At least I have energy now to do, well, anything. I had a friend over Friday night and played a game. He's been in quarantine pretty much the whole time since he lives with his grandmother (and graduated college right when the quarantine kicked in) and I took a lot of precautions. We're going to try and keep doing stuff once a month because we're both going nuts without playing games. Since I've been avoiding social media and the news, I just found out that the Venture Brothers got cancelled and I'm going to ugly cry about it, I swear...
  5. Don't forget writers. Yeah... I keep trying to switch it back and Blogger "helpfully" changes it back. I'm seriously thinking of finding another place to host or something. I don't really have a following so it doesn't matter.
  6. I haven't caught up yet, but I thought I might pass on some information about the situation here: The EPA has an Air Quality Index that ranges between 0 and 500. Anything above 50 should be noted. When I left work today, the AQI was ranging from 232 to 434, depending on your location in the city. Eugene had an AQI of over 700 this weekend. We're dying here. At the levels we're dealing with, they don't have reliable data on what happens to your body. It sounds like ash particles are entering our bloodstream, as your parts can't filter this stuff out at the levels we're seeing, which means we're going to starting having lung damage, strokes, and heart attacks. I have to work outside and my company doesn't care enough to send even an email to everyone about what to do. And they haven't bothered to even try to get N95 masks for us. When the pandemic hit, you know what they bought us (after someone told the state that they were leaving us flapping in the breeze)? Bandanas. Thin, crappy bandanas. That's it. And the one guy who was trying to organize a union is now getting promoted into management, so we're probably all going to get fired away. I just... I can't even this whole year.
  7. I think you missed the "quick test" part of my statement...
  8. So, I saw people trying to figure out if they were Gen X or Gen Y/Millennial. Here's a quick test from a Gen Xer I knew: Do you remember the fall of the Berlin Wall? If so, did you know what it meant? If yes to both questions, you're Gen X. If yes and then no, you're an early Millennial. To see if you're a Millennial, here's the questions: Do you remember 9/11? Did you know what it meant? Again, if you answer yes to both, you're a Millennial.
  9. I'm currently using some of the "Oh no" masks I got early in the pandemic that don't work that well. Except that I can put some coffee filters in them that work really well in current conditions.
  10. I can remember most of the things I've read/watched/listened to. If I try, I think I can come up with something, but it's going to be because I didn't see the whole thing, just that scene.
  11. Never. Seeing the definition (40+ floors), I've never been in one. I have worked in buildings that were fairly tall. I think the tallest was 26 floors? Something like that. I was suppose to check the roof but it was under renovation and didn't have a guard around the edge. My boss told me to check it and I went "Sure." I'd go up there, look around without leaving the doorway, and turn around. Not worth the pay.
  12. As promised, here is a full review of the game. At some point in the future, a friend of mine and I are planning on getting (safely) together and playing a game. I'll do a battle report, probably.
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