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  1. Okay. I finally got the rules and started fooling around with making army lists and I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. I played IG, CSM, and Inquisitor with Sisters, and looking over what I can do with their factions just isn't quite clicking for me yet. However, a buddy of mine and I are discussing how to get together to get in a game or two so we can learn.
  2. You might look at Night Watch by the guy who did Zona Alfa. I only remembered it recently but it might be the easiest for you to modify for a solo game, as it only requires four heroes total. I haven't looked at the book in a while but it might even have stuff in there for just one hero.
  3. Zona Alfa has single player rules. As does Last Days: Zombie Apocalypse. There's also Perilous Tales, which has free beta rules out. But, honestly, any game that has any sort of uncontrolled monster can be a solo game. It just takes a bit to figure out what's enough to present a challenge but not too much of one.
  4. I was thinking about this and I remembered that I picked up "Charlie and SAD-006" for Rezolution. It's a two pack with a monster looking thing and a lady in a jumpsuit with two pistols. It might be something to look at. You'll probably want to check eBay for it, I don't know if the original company is still producing things.
  5. There might be some in StarGrave range on North Star.
  6. Seeing how the armies have been in boxes for years, any reason to start painting them again is a good reason...
  7. I looked through my art books, as I do for inspiration, and decided I need more. I bought more Luis Royo books. And then saw a print for a reasonable price. So... Now I have to wait for that to arrive.
  8. This is on of my favorites, because I've been on both ends of it...
  9. I am the keeper of the old memes.
  10. So, I did a bad. Okay, not a real bad. I happened to have some extra money and the craft store was right there, so I thought I would just check for a few things. And I found several things I'd been looking for. On sale. I picked up some off brand Micron pens, some brushes that might work for minis, and some acrylic craft paint to use on Bones terrain. I didn't spend too much.
  11. Wow. It's been almost a year since I've posted in this thread. Mostly because I keep forgetting about it. I played a few games a few months ago and found out just how tough Dricheans are and how tough my tough list is. I have a list with three crossbows and three bows and, due to some bad placement of terrain, I got picked apart by my friend. After that game, my friend and I started working on a few changes we're thinking about using, mostly having weapons have damage ratings and changing how armor works. I still like this game but it's so hard to get games in these days. 😕
  12. I'd disagree with that. While the wizard and apprentice are more versatile, the Heritor and warden have better health and combat. I mean, the warden has the same stats as a wizard but doesn't suffer health loss if they fail to cast the spell. Also, GA crews are usually going to be larger, as they're easier to fill out with free crewmen. I'm actually thinking of having a friend run a FG warband against one of my GA crews when we get a chance.
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