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  1. It looks like it's going to be just the three of us, no one else in the circle we have seems interested right now. This all assumes that we don't go back into lockdown or something again. Since I've had it on the brain, I ended up putting down my ideas for a campaignmy . I won't throw it on these folks yet, not until we get some games in and until I finish the ideas. If you want to check them out, go for it and let me know what you think of it (as it stands right now).
  2. I (shock! Gasp!) actually got some work done on minis. I primed a baker's dozen of minis, including two centaurs. Since they're for mini gaming, and are just poor slobs, I'm not going to put too much effort into the paint job. Just enough to tell what they are. I really want to get enough painted that I can a game in with everything painted. I'm also going to be working on some Bones, too. And all of this is really to take my mind off of how little money I have in my bank account.
  3. I haven't seen 3.0+10 yet, I will soon. I've also been a fan of the series/media for 20+ years so I'm curious to see how he ends it (again).
  4. This is why when I leave a message, I spell my first and last name (because my first name can be spelled two way and my last name is unique) and rattle off my phone number. Twice. Because I've had to take down information from voicemails and listen to it over and over again to get a single digit in a phone number.
  5. Me. You did it to me. I just got out of the shower and haven't had a chance to make breakfast. I hope you're happy. We're having a massive cool down lately. Not only have we dropped from the high highs but below our average high for this month. I'm enjoying every minute of it. I might actually be able to watch a movie tonight! I usually don't during the summer because of how loud I have to turn up the TV due to the AC and fans. AS for what I'm going to do tonight, I'm thinking about putting on Star Trek: Insurrection (I paid $2 for it) and get some work done on my minis. I really want to get some painted and finished this year...
  6. That's the Very Special Kind Of Hell Shepard Book talked about...
  7. So, in my search for a fourth player, I picked up the PDF (Osprey is having a sale, in case you didn't know) and linked my friend to the page for GA. We had a conversation that went something like this: Him - Oh, yeah, FrostGrave, I've seen that around. Me - I'm talking about Ghost Archipelago, the spin-off. Less Wizards, More Dinosaurs. I think I'm going to start giving the game this subtitle from now on.
  8. Um... I see what could easily go wrong... If you're using cloth masks, my understanding is that they lose effectiveness due to wear and tear after 50 trips through the washer and dryer. 100 if you hand wash and drip dry. My mom makes me new ones every six months or so, so I have a pretty good reserve. So the kid I spent training the other night? Yeah, he quit 8 hours after clocking out. Waste of my time. I train someone else on Tuesday night for the same thing. We shall see how long they last.
  9. I got a text telling me that I was supposed to go to (place I don't like to work at) rather than training someone for (place I don't know much about). As soon as I walk into (place I don't like), I get a text saying that the plan had changed and I was do the training. I just looked at the other guy and said "I guess I'm not here to relieve you. Good luck!" and just walked to the office. And it's a good thing because some stuff had gone missing and there's a lot of things coming out of that, so if I had stayed, I would have been in the middle of it. The training was mess. We got told to go way the heck out to help someone. On the way back, I decided to check on a place where this guy has been camping out but has been cooperative when I kick him out in the morning. Last night, he decided to be a jerk, so I called the cops. Since I get paid the same if I sit around and wait for them or if I train this new guy, I don't mind at all. Cops roll up and he gets up, starts picking up his stuff. Like, dude, I've been waking you up almost every day for two weeks, you KNOW I'm going to make the call and wait. Also, don't lie to me and say you've never talked with the cops before. Who do you think gave us your name and DOB? As for the training... That was messy. He was a kid, only 19. He didn't seem to care so I just kind of gave up. Not my problem. I think it's time for bed. I want to do some other stuff but I'm just drained...
  10. I fail to see how this is a threat at all. I've made it no secret that enjoy such things, and even some of the weird stuff I get into when I do. Honestly, I have no shame. I hate hearing people sharing stories like this. Especially women. Like, can we trust people to know their own bodies? There's another factor: the companies that make the phones have been pushing for thinner and thinner phones. Every time the screen makers are about to make the screens stronger, they end up making them thinner instead. They could easily make a phone with a screen that couldn't be cracked but it would be "too thick" for the "market." They're really hard to kill. I dropped that sucker on concrete floors more than a few times. When I was in middle school, I had to walk to school because I was "too close" to catch the bus and I was in a single-parent household. So, everyday, I walked back and fourth along the same route, mostly through residential areas because there was less traffic. Once, I had an older kid (who wasn't at school because he had been suspended) flick matches at me and try to light my hair on fire. I was 12 years old. I don't mean to be mean but I think there's other factors that might require kids to catch the bus that you didn't mention. Single parent households, people without reliable transportation, parents who have jobs that get them out of the house long before school starts, just to name a few (this is also why these same people can't just up and move). If you want to get people to be bus drivers, you have to pay them enough to make it worth it. Not to mention that driving a bus full of people that probably can't be vaccinated (they're at 12 and up, I think?) does not sound like something most people would want to do for large sums of money. I'm not angry with you, you just kind of touched a nerve. Now, I'm willing to bet that some people hooting and hollering can probably do any (or all) of those things and I fully back calling out the lazy. It's just... These days, it's becoming too common to paint people in broad strokes. Especially little metal and plastic people.
  11. My mom gave me this egg cooker thing and I finally tired it out yesterday. I liked being able to make deviled eggs without much hassle. I will now have to try this... If it's not against the rules, it's not cheating. I have a similar story from a while back. I had a flip phone because it was cheap. I think I paid something like $30 for it? Held on to it until the switch to 4G network. I walked into the store and ended up with the most expensive phone they had (at the time): A Windows phone. With the trade-in from my old phone, plus a bonus for being with my provider for years, I paid a total of $75 for the phone. I think that was less than a third of the price. I still have it. It works on my wifi... Kinda. I actually dropped it behind a bookshelf and hadn't bothered to dig it out yet. That was a few... Um, months ago? Now that things are cooling down (for now), I really want to sit down and get to work on my minis. But I could not sleep yesterday to save my life. So, I'm home and totally exhausted. I guess the little metal people can wait a few more days.
  12. To all of you posting pictures of delicious food: All of my hate belongs to you at this moment. I'm trying to cook be it's not going fast enough, you jerks! This week I'm getting two nights on a desk, so I guess I'll work on my Ghost Archipelago stuff. I'm debating about picking up some of the source/expansions but I'm not sure yet. Funds are low right now. And last night was not fun. Got tossed to a place I really don't like and had some weird, one scary, stuff happen. I really need to pay off my Weirdness Magnet Disadvantage... I'm going to try out the egg cooker thing my mom gave me. If successful, I will have deviled eggs!
  13. Update: AC is hooked up and my apartment is finally cooling down. The other half is still warm but I moved the old AC in there and am running it as a fan to both move and filter the air. Hopefully this will continue. Hooking it up was... An ordeal. This one is different than the others I've had, with a tube that had to be connected with a screw to the window panel thing. Which made it really had to deal with the tube when it kept falling out of place and hooking it back up was very tiring. The one good thing about the design is that it came with a hose to drain. Since I have an old milk crate to set the unit on, as well as a bucket, emptying the water will be a breeze. I might actually start painting stuff now because my brain isn't fried all the time. I went to get smokes and found two wallets. Well, one normal wallet and a leather bill holder thing that I'm calling a wallet. The wallet-wallet had ID and only $10. The bill wallet thing had probably $100+. I asked the guy at 7-11 if he knew who it belonged to and he said he did. A herion user who just had a kid. I really thought about keeping the cash but I just couldn't. So, I called the police and turned all of it over. I could have used that cash but I didn't want (possible) drug money. And, you know, karma. I'll keep cash I find on the street, as you can't figure out who owns it most of the time, but I always turn in wallets with ID intact. I just ask myself "what would I want someone to do for me?" Now, I should get working on those Swedish meatballs I bought stuff for...
  14. I got my new AC hooked up and running. It's working but it was a bit of a fiasco to get it hooked up. The vent tube kept popping out and made things worse in my place. I'm trying to figure out what I want to do with the old one. It might be salvageable, if someone is willing to invest the time and money. I'm thinking about keeping it around to filter the air but I don't know yet. I'll think about it. And ask if a friend is willing to pick it up. And I really need to go shopping tonight. I'm down to ramen and cans of soup. In hobby news, my Reaper order showed up in record time. I've cleaned everything and done some of the prep work. I also have the "retro sci-fi weapons" pack so I can start doing some minor conversions for "Raygun Gothic" stuff. I've already done it with one mini and I'm going to start eyeing up some others. I'm actually looking forward to doing this, as it's something I've never really tried before.
  15. I forgot something from this morning. And it was more weird than anything else. I was starting rounds in a very chic-chic building that was built around '09. I walk into the stairwell at the top of the building and see motion on the landing below. I stop and look around. And that's when I see something furry move towards me. I had several thoughts: it could be a rat, a tarantula, and then I thought it was a squirrel. It was none of the above, it was a chipmunk. It took one look at me and vanished under the landing. I... I got nothing.
  16. AQI dropped from 90 to 107 while I was trying to make it to work. I have a single N95 mask I can use for this... Stuff. I plan on using it to get to the store tonight. Assuming I don't die from the heat today. Which reminds me. The smoke killed my AC last year and I'm pretty sure it'll be dead-dead by the end of this season. I was talking with my mom about trying to find a new one, mostly looking for advice, and she went out and ordered one for me. And that sent a text saying "I don't want you to run it when you're not home, make sure to read the manual..." *looks at age* Really, mom, really?
  17. YES! Thank you. I looked and looked but wasn't seeing it. Maybe I need new glasses? Along with new shoes. I got home and saw one of them was coming apart. I've had them for four months and haven't worn them the whole time. This was after: -Waking up stupid early due to the heat -Being late to work because the light rail went from "on time" to "about 30 minutes late" in the time it took me to walk to the station -Was almost run over when I tried to cross the street walking to the office -Was almost bitten by a dog about 100' from the office because the owner didn't think to keep his dog under control -Had my trainee not show up. Because they weren't suppose to. And my "comms" people at work can't actually communicate. -Rounded the corner less than 90 minutes into my shift and almost ran into the police investigating a stabbing. And had the cops just kind of check out after looking around took too long. - The highlight of this incident was the homeless woman laying on the ground, refusing to move as the put up the crime scene tape around her. She woke up, started yelling at the cops, and TORE DOWN THE CRIME SCENE TAPE on her way out. I had to grab one of the ends for the cop so he could kick her back out of the crime scene. She was "this close" to getting cuffed and stuffed. And now I have to walk to the bank in the smoke and the heat... I want this summer to be over so, so badly.
  18. Taco Bell is cheap and filly and sometimes, you just want it. I crave their nachos often. But, I also like Carl's Jr. I knew it was up the road but... Pandemic... And decent company. Her and I spent the night together a while back. Very quiet and relaxed, didn't bother me at all. I managed to read half of 1984 while she loomed over me. EDIT: I forgot to ask about this, figuring someone here would know: A while back, Reaper released some sort of... Weather vane/compass/thing. I remember seeing it and was going to add it to my wish list and forgot. I was trying to find it yesterday and couldn't Anyone have any idea what I'm talking about?
  19. I was going to ask if you were following my Twitter. But then I realized that I block, I don't argue. The heat wave is starting today. I don't want it. I want rain and cold and wind. And I work outside. That's how over this super hot summer I am. In other news, it looks like the Taco Bell I used to get delivered has either closed or is no longer doing delivery. Which is sad. On the other hand, Carl's Jr is now doing delivery. So, half full glass type thing. Now, I should probably type up the notes I wrote last night for a Ghost Archipelago campaign for finding the Crystal Pool but... I also need to go to bed.
  20. I was going to paint some Bones and prime some metals... And then I had a new story idea and did that instead. I might still try to get something done, paint-wise, this week but it really depends on how I do in this heat wave that's about to hit. Looking at getting within kissing distance of 110 degrees. That might not sound like a lot if you're from Texas or Arizona but around these parts, people die. And I don't even know if I'll be able to work when that high hits.
  21. I seriously debate about making a "dungeon" of some kind, with jail cells, rooms, kitchen, and all that good stuff. And then I realize that I wouldn't have room to store it. I do have a 3x3 board that's suppose to be dungeon or basement thing from foam core but it lays flat. And I cut it into 1x1 sections for storage and transport.
  22. I sat down and set out the fantasy genre minis I've been picking up and I have enough to make four full crews for Ghost Archipelago. I think it's time to pick up some other stuff... However, I'm going to be working on painting up those minis, putting the super hero stuff to the side for now. Since I'm probably going to be playing some games soon. I hope.
  23. I'm familiar with the usual definitions of the words, I was wondering what they were suppose to be in the context of this game. I was asking mostly out of curiosity, as some old films/media use the term "ghoul" instead of "zombie."
  24. Earlier this year, my dad let me know that my aunt had dementia. Wednesday, she died from COVID. Honestly, it doesn't do much to me. Not just because the person I knew was gone a while ago due to the dementia but also because I've had a lot of family die over the last decade. Somehow, my dad with his many medical issues, has managed to out-live both of his parents and all three of his (biological) sisters. I'm more confused than anything else...
  25. Thanks. That's got a fair bit of the information I think I'll need but I might make my own... The less I have to open a book, the happier I am. I put down for some notes for my own ideas for centaurs and then some notes for other races. Once I get a chance to play test them, I'll leave them here. It's kind of a shame that there's no "official" rules for other races but I can understand why the creator wouldn't want to put them together, it would be time intensive. Yeah, I have FB. And I mostly use it for keeping up with gaming stuff.
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