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  1. Made my Spooky Month Reaper order. Not too much spooky in the order (I have another one I'd like to make with more spooky, if I can afford it). I also ordered some bases from Dragon Force, who's been my resin base supplier for about 5-10 years now.
  2. I think I have four now. I literally gave away a couple of them because I'll never use that much. Which is why I'll also be skipping it on this order, too. I've been trying to find minis to use it on, but it's not easy.
  3. While it's a joke, he actually created what are now the Nobel Prizes. Because he felt so bad after what his creation was used for...
  4. I managed to wrap up several minis in the last 24 hours. I'm having trouble with some of Bones Black minis just not wanting to take paint. The Scarecrow from Wizard of Oz set is currently the bane of my existence. Also has some very mushy details. I didn't realize that he's supposed to have a rifle until I got some paint on it. He looks cool. I just hate painting him. Now, I need to decide which big mini I want to tackle. I can either go a 3D printed t-rex I picked up a few years ago or a large Satan on a throne. I'm not going to paint the dinosaur brown, as I've been painting western and Deadlands minis, so I've had my fill of brown, so I'm thinking it's going to be green. I just don't know which one I want to paint first...
  5. So... You're dead inside and welcome the sweet embrace of the forever nap?
  6. It's funny how I can steal time to paint but not for anything important, like chores for example. I also realized why I get burned out on painting so quickly sometimes. As soon as I start, I set a reasonable goal, like a dozen or so minis in a month. However, as soon as I start finishing stuff, I start to pile up other things I want to paint, and before long, end up with a pile of plastic and metal that grows and grows. So... Let's see if I can stop that from happening this time around. And I've finished my snack, so it's time to go to the pharmacy and then a stop at the store. Which are things I should have done on Sunday...
  7. Since I'm all three, I have to laugh at the stuff they try to advertise to me.
  8. I haven't painted in a year or two. I tend to do a bunch, get burned out, do something else, and then come back to it. This time, I'm trying not to burn out... Trying to. Well, I'll just add that to the list of other hobbies I have. And, here's the amazing part, I actually finished a few. I finished one of the Hellhounds I picked up, painted up one my OG Bones from the first KS as a statue, and a Bones version of the Wild West Tin Woodsman. Everything else, as it the metal ones that require more time, is in progress.
  9. And now I have committed the ultimate heresy, I have begun painting minis!
  10. Saw my mom's cat today. We are not friends.
  11. But what about The Horrors of Spider Island? Or Tarantula!?
  12. Indeed you do. At least she was okay with it. I need to find more Atomic Horror movies. I have quite a few, from those cheap collections they pumped out a while ago. Hmm. Maybe I should make a GURPS Atomic Horror game for Halloween.
  13. Blerg. I've had no energy this week at all. And I can't use caffeine like I used to, to reverse it. Getting old is for the birds. Again. I also have too much to do today, but I just want to go to bed for a week or so. As for the earlier conversation about the cakewalk stuff, we had one when I worked at Safeway, ages ago. It was rather dumb and wasn't handled well, as there were numbers on the floor that didn't match the aisles they were in and it caused no end of confusion. It was like musical chairs but... Worse.
  14. While that's probably true, except that these ads were about the time they were born, so I have some questions. Also, my grandfather wasn't exactly a great person, so I wouldn't be surprised if he remembered the names from that and pitched them because of that. Ha. Not possible. His mother was from a tiny town in Idaho and she would have been... Maybe 18-20 when the war started, if I'm remembering correctly. Her husband, my grandfather, was born in 1920, and she had to have been younger than him. As it was the style at the time...
  15. I ordered some prints of old photographs for a supernatural horror game I'm going to run (at some point, as soon as I settle on which system to use, and what kind of game it'll be) and got a print of an old Lucky Strikes ad. That had some pin-up drawing on them. Two of the girls, the only ones with their names fully visible, have the same names as my mom and one of her sisters. I now have questions for my deceased grandparents... I also ordered a print of a pin-up with my grandfather's plane (other side of my family), which is kind of neat. I didn't realize that she was *ahem* disrobed in the thumbnail. This makes showing it to my dad a little more awkward.
  16. Phone bill was paid in the end. I ended up going on to the website and kept clicking links to pay my bill until I managed to bypass the 404 I got when trying to log in. Still can't use my debit card, it always says that my information is incorrect, even after entering it by hand. I might have to give them a call. Or maybe file a complaint with some government agency. I've gotten more spiteful in my "old age." In better news, my copy of the Perfect Blue soundtrack arrived and I'm listening to it now. It's kind of fun to listen to the full pop songs they only play in the background for the "band." It also arrived much faster than expected. It was originally quoted as arriving on the 20th of next month. Now, I need to wrap up those tiny Soviet troopers. And I need to look for a squad-level Weird War WWII miniatures game...
  17. I seem to be unable to pay my phone bill using the app or the website. Of course, I could pay it in person or over the phone, but they want an extra $5 for that. The payment system has been slowly getting worse, first it stopped taking debit cards, then Gpay, and now the payment of pals. I can't even log into my account to try. I don't even know what to think... But I'm starting suspect that they're letting all this fall apart so they can make some extra money. I might be paranoid but after the last few years, I will never doubt a company's attempts to squeeze every last dime out of people.
  18. Since I've cleaned up and set up my hobby space, I (of course) didn't start painting minis. Instead, I've started working on some old Wargames Factory WWII Soviet troops I got ages ago. It's slower going than I remember but it's fun to get back into it. Once I wrap these guys up, I might even start building some Gunpla a friend game back in... 2002? 2003?
  19. I'm so glad for the cohesion change. I play Guard/HDF. The old rule was rough for me.
  20. I just read an article that compared ST: TNG and ST: DS9 to Superman and Batman, respectively, in tone, and I don't know how I feel about this...
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