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  1. Thanks. That's got a fair bit of the information I think I'll need but I might make my own... The less I have to open a book, the happier I am. I put down for some notes for my own ideas for centaurs and then some notes for other races. Once I get a chance to play test them, I'll leave them here. It's kind of a shame that there's no "official" rules for other races but I can understand why the creator wouldn't want to put them together, it would be time intensive. Yeah, I have FB. And I mostly use it for keeping up with gaming stuff.
  2. Thanks for all of your thoughts, I'm making notes and looking at what I can do. I did have another idea: What if I leveled up my crew and/or upped the Specialists I could take? That could balance things out. I haven't played many games (mostly just fooling around by myself to get a sense of how things work). Oh, and does anyone know where I could find some reference sheets? I remember finding one but it was behind a paywall. I think. Now, I've got another question for you all: Are there stats out there for different races? I don't mean stuff like dwarves and elves but centaurs and other weird stuff. I ended up with two centaurs that I'm thinking about using but it would seem odd to me to have them move and stuff like everyone else. If there aren't rules, I might just give them +2 Move and they don't get Encumbered when carrying loot, but can only be Specialists and cost 25g more.
  3. I had to take tonight off from work due to a two hour waste of my time meeting with a state agency. The hardest part was watching the owner of my company show some real ignorance about the legal process in terms of how lawsuits work. It kind of scares me that I know more about lawsuits/criminal law than the person who's in charge of everything. And most of what I've learned is from watching lawyers on YouTube. In other news, we're suppose to get rain this weekend (still) but I don't know if it's going to make things worse or better. Almost 80 degrees AND rain? That doesn't bode well for me. However, we need the rain.
  4. I think we made a thread for it? EDIT: Yes, we did.
  5. If I ever run a game of D&D again, Aussie accents are canon for Drow.
  6. Hmm, I think the husband's sister might be interested, but I'll have to ask. However, I don't know if I have enough minis to run four full crews. *looks at pile of Bones* On second thought... And the husband is rather competitive.
  7. WELL ACTUALLY! (Okay, I kid, I kid) It was originally an RPG by the people who did Kobolds Ate My Baby, using the Beer and Pretzels system. Sadly, the Chinese take-out container and soy sauce packet that came with it were destroyed/lost in a move but I still have my Kanji dice and little plastic ninjas, with the book still holding together. Ah, the old days... So... Isekai? That's the genre in anime. And it's SUPER popular these days. To the point of being (very, very) overdone. Which all of you talking about fried pickles, I've remembered how much I miss fried chicken gizzards. Used to be that you could find them in most grocery store delis and a places that did most anything fried. I can't remember the last time I saw them anywhere. I blame the usual suspects in Oregon: The Californians. But, seriously, I would easily kill a man for some fried chicken gizzards.
  8. Huh. We do have a thread for this... Excellent. So, I've decided to use GA to teach a friend and her husband learn how to play minis games. However, since it's going to be a three player game, I'd like a few ideas on how to not have them gang up on me too hard or at least not get creamed out of the gate. So, um, help?
  9. Let me get it all typed up. It'll take... A bit. And now I have a goal in life... Because I want to make sure they've all been used before putting them in the jug. I know have about 2 pounds right now. I'm now all caught up. It was a hard week with the heat, which doesn't look like it'll be much better until Thursday. I hope. I really hope to get things set up to begin painting again next week.
  10. So, I accidentally a Raygun Gothic minis game thing. This is what happens when I get stuck at a desk at work... I mean, I didn't make the whole thing but I re-skinned something and it looks like it'll work. Now, to find willing subjects, I, uh, I mean, friends to play it with me. Will will not speak of how long it will take to get the minis and paint them. I really do want to paint but it's too hot for me. And, of course, we've got another heat wave coming in this week (not like it has really cooled down much since the last one, we're still seeing highs above 70, usually 80) and I am not ready for it. I'm going to try to get my place cleaned up this weekend. Because I'm going to just lay down and melt this week.
  11. So. The police shot a guy where I was working until February. I guess they got called out because the guy wouldn't leave the store. Guy pulled a knife. Officer fired once. The guy is already out of the hospital. And now in jail. I'm just sitting here like "and this is why I don't work there anymore." I also think that one of my favorite co-workers... Let's be honest, one of my ONLY co-workers is going to quit. She's a good one but she's really stressed out right now. I get it. I was thinking about it and I realized that my tolerance for stress seems to border on inhuman. And I don't know what to make of that.
  12. And this is why I... Yeah. Exactly. It's also why I never played 40k in a store. I don't play games in stores at all anymore because of stupidity and jerks. The two seem to pop up together a lot.
  13. Speaking of minis with different scales (in my last post, I mean), I picked up a "Neiran" from Bombshell, as they're the same design of Andromedans that Reaper sells, and oh boy, she's a big girl! I mean, she's quite taller and larger. They have one that's clearly just an up-scale of the Andromedan Hunter Reaper sells. As I was planning on using them for something, I had to change my lore a bit. In other news, I'm tired. See you tomorrow.
  14. My Reaper order arrived... Only for me to realize that I forgot something and had to do another (small) order. Oops. I had to do a re-cretification class on Friday for work and it messed up my sleep schedule really bad. It sucks because my weekend has been all messed up and I don't think I'm going to get anything done. EDIT: I forgot to mention that I was kind of thrown by the new Cyber Reavers. They're bigger than the older ones so they look off when they're side by side.
  15. I really that those responsible receive a Buck Rodgers sentence for their actions. This brings up something that I've been thinking about the last few yeas. With many places legalizing/decriminalizing the Devil's Lettuce, and many drug dogs trained to alert on that, what are they doing? Since they can't charge (or won't bother) if they find it, there's a problem as the dogs aren't trained to alert differently for different substances. I'm really curious about this now...
  16. Update: it was the lunch special. Country gravy on mashed potatoes is also a good combination. However, green beans from a restaurant never taste good. And I didn't get my soup or salad. But, whatever.
  17. This is an unacceptable amount of gravy. This is an acceptable amount of gravy. I got some more demons from an order. I got a Ral Partha succubus that actually looks monstrous. I like it. Of course, there's two other "succubi" that are just naked ladies half covered with a blanket. And now I'm going to order a chicken fried steak.
  18. @kristof65 Thanks for the suggestion. Turns out Wargame Vault had it for "pay what you want." I gave it $5. I overspent myself this week. However, I found a $100 bill on the ground. You'd think with the amount of homeless people we have in downtown, someone else would have snagged it. It didn't and ended up safe and sound in my checking account (my credit union had a ATM a few blocks away). If there had been anyone around, or if it had been in a wallet or something, but there wasn't. Not a lot of people out on the streets at 2am. Come to Portland. Go to The Roxy. Order The Ghost And Mr. Chicken Fried Steak. Or the Big Fat Heart Attack. The BFHA has double the gravy and four eggs. Worth the clogged arteries. It's called a "Chicken Fried Steak" because it's fried like chicken but is a steak. I'm sure you've seen the other posts but I know how confusing the name is. It caught me off guard the first time I heard about it. I was, like, seven, so... Also come to Portland. They're all along the light rail lines. Because of federal funding stuff.
  19. I'll look into it, thanks. And I've spent two nights at a desk. Which means that I got to work on things. Not the things I *should* be finishing. Nope. This Raygun Gothic thing bit me on the behind so I wrote down notes for a setting, using a mix of Reaper and Bombshell minis. I even starting making notes for how to do it using the original SuperSystem. I'm quite sure that I'm going insane from a lack of playing games...
  20. How about you just take everyone from the McHale's navy movie cast, except Tom Arnold, and just do a version with them? I love how they pretty much wrote their own lines. On my way home from work, a woman decided that she didn't want to wait for me to finish crossing in a marked crosswalk at a 4-way stop. I looked over, saw her stop (after the person in front of her didn't) and started crossing. Checked the other side, just to be sure, and she's about to run me down. I throw my arms wide and stop. She motions me to *keep going* and when I verbally unload on her, she just goes around me. I feel the need to write a letter to someone, because this continues to happen. They put a 4-way stop on a 35 MPH road between two stop lights, not far from a few busy roads. Every few months, there's the remains of tail lights in the crosswalk. Someone is going to die before too long, you all forgot how to drive during lockdown, and I just hope it isn't me. In other news, I'm finally giving in and tracking down as many "Raygun Gothic" type minis I can. No idea what I'm going to do with them quite yet, but I'm getting ideas. I might just re-skin a minis game I already have and pretend it's suppose to be about rockets and rayguns.
  21. I ordered from Reaper on Friday before I remembered that the latest Bones KS stuff is shipping... I'm not looking forward to going back to work. I didn't get a raise and they're "talking about" with the clients. Who, given our staffing levels, are particularly happy with us. Honestly, at this point, I'm going back to waiting for the company to fall apart and just relaxing on unemployment for a few weeks before getting another job. Or I might just apply for another job. I don't know. I'm not mad, mostly amused at the whole thing. I need to get ready for bed soon but I'm going to try and do some writing. I might try to paint next week as it's looking like we're going to drop out of the 80s halfway through the week.
  22. After work, I did some errands and went to check out a game store that a friend of mine found that's down the street of my place. They didn't have a whole lot that interested me, mostly anime stuff (which I don't really have room for) and board games (which I don't have room to really play). However, I just happened to ask about minis and the lady behind the counter said she had a box in the back. It was quite a box. A mix of Reaper's Bones, Dark Haven, and Chronoscope. I found a mini in the box that I had literally ordered a few hours ago. I still walked out with several. There were also over a dozen of these old Middle Earth and Fantasy War(something) minis. They were so old, the foam thing in the back of the blisters were starting to become powder. I also found some that had been damaged and were coming apart. So, I did the super nerdy thing and started to sort them when I put them away. Went I got the box, it looked like someone had just dumped everything in it. When I was finished, I had sorted the Reaper stuff by product line, separated the different stuff in different areas, put the broken stuff aside, and then had it looking really nice. Not only did I get a sweet deal (Bathalian Primarch for $5, metal), the lady who was running things tossed in some stuff that had broken open. So, yeah, I will be coming back. I saw some stuff in that box that I kind of wanted but didn't want to break the bank.
  23. It's fun to find out that you got a raise from the posting for your job online... I'm not going to be replaced, don't worry. I did have fun with getting an email asking me if I could come in on Friday to "help the team" and had to bite back the response of "you mean me? Because I'm, no joke, all you have on my shift." In other news, mini painting is being suspended for a while due to the heat. Instead, I'm probably going to write some stuff. I'd like to talk about it but we're PG-13 here.
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