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  1. The sun is going down and the fireworks are picking up. Nevermind the fact that everything out here is dry as a bone. Thankfully, my mom gave me some heavy masks, so when someone lights part of the state on fire, I guess I'll be okay.
  2. Spend something like six hours with my mom. She needed my help with... Nothing really. Just moving a few things that weren't really heavy. But, I now have a ton of stuff she gave me. She likes to buy things she thinks I'll need. For example, I got this egg cooker thing, for making hard boiled eggs. I'm not a huge fan of hard boiled eggs but I foresee deviled eggs the next time I see other humans. Be a fair trade for the eggs a friend gives me from their backyard chickens. I also got shorts. Since I'm tall, and most of my height is in my legs, I can never find shorts in my "Goldilocks Zone." Since my mom sews, I just buy pants that are too short and have her make them into shorts that don't make me look like a Kenny in Gamera movie. Now, once things cool down tonight, I'm going to start painting again! I have eight more super characters to do to finish off three "teams" out of the five I have. Still looking for a decent game to use them in...
  3. Got my physical copy and I'm trying to figure out what to do for a second force. I have a list of minis that I think I'm going to pick up and just go from there. Now, to work on a playlist to have on in the background...
  4. Tomorrow, I'm going to see my mom for the first time since Christmas 2019. At the start of last year, my work schedule changed and I was just getting used to it when The Plague hit and we entered lockdown. Since we're both vaccinated and immunized, we're going to get together. I honestly didn't know if I was ever going to see her again. I'm in one of those fields that lost a lot of people due to The Plague. Not as bad as cooks, in terms of death, but we're not that far down on the list. Plus, she was high risk. Thankfully, she's retired and was able to just batten down the hatches and ride it out. My dad, who is even higher risk, isn't vaccinated yet. I just spoke with him. I don't know why he hasn't gotten it yet. It's not because of the reasons that may come to mind. I just... I don't know. Sounds like he's forgetting. I don't know. I think I'm going to hit up a bar or something this weekend.
  5. I have a lot of choice words and punishments in mind for that... Person. In other news, another one of the bosses quit last night. Before his shift. Without notice. He's friends with the other one that quit. There's one more of this trio still working for the company (wasn't promoted to boss level) and I'm going to be reliving him when I come in tonight. I'm looking forward to collecting unemployment if (really when) the company collapses. I've been with them more than long enough to get benefits. In other news, IT RAINED TONIGHT! Not much, just a few drizzles, but it was glorious. GLORIOUS I SAY!
  6. Today is the first day to be below 90 degrees we've had for... A while. My memory is faulty, ever since my brain oozed out of my ears this week. We get a "break" today and tomorrow and then it's back to the 90s as far as I can see. I hate this summer. Thankfully, they're banning fireworks in hopes that people don't light the state on fire. Again. Fingers crossed that people listen to their local governments and better angels...
  7. I survived the heat. But it was not fun. Work is just going downhill fast. My boss *walked off the job* last night.
  8. Can confirm it is a real thing. Been seeing ads for it on YouTube recently. I'm currently sitting in my apartment complex's common area because it's only in the mid 80s right now. And my apartment is in the low 90s. That's with three fans running and my AC going as best as it can. I switched it over to fan mode, as it didn't seem to be cooling at all and the temperature went up by a degree and a half. I'm going to hang out here with my old laptop (which I had to update last night) and just write or something for a few hours. After that, I'm going to hit the store as it should be in the mid to upper 70s by then. Thankfully, my WiFi reaches out here. 😅 When it comes to minis and my ever-growing collection, I am only picking up things that I want to paint and/or can use in games. I've gotten back into the hobby again because as much as I like RPGs, it's much easier to organize and play a skirmish minis game because I only need one other person. I also missed painting. I'm still hanging on to my 40k stuff because I want to paint it but will probably never play a full game of it ever again, just Kill Team. I really should write out a list of friends who will appreciate my nerd collection, should something happen to me. My family doesn't understand my hobbies at all so I have no idea what they would do with it if I got hit by a truck tomorrow.
  9. I knew my AC might have gotten messed up by the ash last summer. It might not be able to help me over this heat wave. My mom, who has central air, offered to let me stay with her this weekend. We only get along in small doses so... Yeah, no. I'm going to be trying to figure out how to beat the heat this weekend. I know Saturday night, I plan on sitting outside with my laptop...
  10. I want to suggest some sort of paranormal thing but I don't use that term anymore. It's a Navajo word, so you can probably figure it out. I'm trying to prepare for the impending heat wave that's going to hit this weekend. I'm working the night of the worst of it. We're talking Arizona temps. I've never seen it this hot in my life. I've already warned my work that I might call out on Sunday. Part of it is because I'm working at a dangerous location and the other part is, if I can't sleep, I don't work. If I'm tired, I can't work. I don't even care if they fire me.
  11. Thanks. Nothing popping up right now. I did find a few companies hiring for more but you have to buy gear on your own if you get hired. I once saw a deer in the middle of the city in the middle of the night. After calling non-emergency (because animal control is 9-5), I found out that the wild ones in the large park will sometimes follow the train tracks at night and wander into the city. I have (bad) pictures but I can't find them right now.
  12. I just tried the "Naked Chicken" thing. Yes, I blame you all. It wasn't terrible but it didn't exactly knock my socks off. Or would have, had I been wearing them. I will say that the sauce and the seasoning were interesting, combined well. I don't think I'll order it again.
  13. I'm going to be looking for a job again today. I haven't been fired, I didn't quit, and the company hasn't fallen apart (yet, to all of those). I just got stuck somewhere and then got told that I have to do some things that I can't physically do. Like, get up on a ladder. I mean, yes, I can get on one but since those stairs fell apart when I was walking down then back in 2012, my fear of heights is rather... Overwhelming. So, time to go back on the hunt. I've been looking on and off for a few months but nothing has really looked good. Now... Well, I'm thinking that anything is better than this. It's suppose to get REALLY hot this weekend/next week. I am not looking forward to it.
  14. Leonard French/Lawful Masses has been a really good one for me to learn from. When you own a copyright, it's nice to know how to defend it. I've gotten to file a DMCA take-down for piracy already... But, I have to be certified for my job by the state. Which means actually knowing the bits of the law that apply directly to my job. I'm by no means an expert but I can clearly define the difference between public and private property. And I do know about SCOTUS rulings. In culinary news, I recently tried a pack of "pepper stir fry" frozen veggies with some stir fry yesterday and I rather liked the blend. I might end up using in more in the future. Now, if I could just get some chow mein noodles that don't cost so much. And aren't crap. I suppose I need to spend more time in the Asian Super Store when I get time (and money).
  15. Ugh. Pro tip: If you say someone is going to be arrested, don't end up being the one who gets arrested. I hate it went people act like they "know the law." Yeah, you probably don't. Unless you're a lawyer. And even then... In other news, I hope that I can get some painting done today. Before the heat sets in.
  16. My order arrived before I went to bed yesterday so I got everything glued down and put together when I got up. We shall not speak of when they will have primer, much less paint, on them. Speaking of painting, I was hoping to have stuff to compare on my Instagram from last year (when I was doing a building blitz) but it looks like everything before May 2020 is gone? I don't know. It's not like I don't have copies of the pictures, so there's no loss, it's just weird. Could be my phone didn't want to load the older stuff. And I got some paint on some minis earlier. Not a whole lot but some is better than none. I was hoping to have all the super heroes done by the end of the month, that probably won't happen. The heat wave is arriving here this week, so I plan on going hope and crashing before it gets too hot this week.
  17. Perhaps the classic "Giver" and "Taker" dynamic? Hmm. It reminds me of the Law/Chaos thing from the D&D alignment chart. What I mean is, are you about the Individual (looking after yourself) or the Community (providing for the group as a whole), if that makes sense? I think it's not really based on the person but the group, as I've seen with many of the folks posting here. And those rules/guidelines are usually based on the person (or people) in charge or are physically hosting. Does that make sense? For example, if you have a GM/DM that has plenty of room to host and paint minis (and enjoys cooking), you're going to probably be a "guest" player by the metrics given. The GM/DM would then be a "Host" player. However, if you play in a game store, you've got way more limits on what you can and cannot do/bring. I can see what you're going for but I think there's too many outside influences to gather real data. Okay, that might not be what you're looking for, it's just a casual survey but I don't know what you're really trying to ask. Are you trying to figure out if people, gamers, are selfish? Because this forum is going to skew your results, as we tend to play nice around here.
  18. Ugh. I'm tired. I was suppose to have a drink (or three) with my boss and his girlfriend but they bailed. After I'd gotten up early. Hopefully, I'll have enough energy to get stuff done tonight. And my Reaper order should be here today.
  19. Hmm. After reading over this, I think the terms aren't quite right but I don't have any alternatives. I'll think about it. I tend to be somewhere in the middle of the two groups. I don't have space to really host or keep a lot of things. However, I do have quite the collection of figures, terrain, and etc. When it comes to miniature games, I usually pick up two forces (sometimes way more) as I like putting things together and having options. I've also picked up a fair amount of terrain for the same reason. Back when I had a regular group, no one else was willing to invest time/effort in terrain, so I kind of stepped up. These days, I don't have a regular group to play anything with but I have a friend who plays (and a few others who are willing to try it sounds like), and my friend also likes to put together terrain, plus he's picked up several gaming mats. One thing I learned early on when picking up miniature games is that: If you want to get someone else into the game you want to play, you have to provide them with a group to play. Not every store has an army/force/whatever to loan out for every game, so it's good to have your own to have. And, again, I sometimes like to try something different. For games I really like, I'll buy a second rule book to loan out for friends to read, to see if they want to pick up a force. When it comes to stuff like this, I tend to just ask that they pick up a force of their own if they really like it, then the book(s) if they want to play it regularly. When it comes to RPGs, I am a "host" as you've defined it, but don't actually host the games. I've have two different groups I was playing with in the Before Times. One was a family and some friends, so we had a literal Mom Friend who would host. She always provided food and stuff, almost forcefully. Of course, her husband and older son were playing, too... The other group would meet in a rented common room in an apartment complex. This was my Deadlands posse of legend, by the way. We had several times where we bought food (and adult beverages) together and would cook before/during games. When it comes to figures, books, and etc for RPGs, I almost always run games, so I tend to bring everything for a game. For Deadlands, I have three Player's Guides and a printed out copy of the various player's sections of books for east reference. When I played and ran D&D 3.5, I picked up a second PHB to have to loan out for people. I tend to pick up a "loaner copy" of core rule books (or player books), usually a used copy that's been around the block a few times. I can let someone borrow it and it doesn't really matter if it gets a little more beat up. For figures, well... I like putting them together and I bought in on the first Bones KS, which has provided me with just about as many minis I could really need for most games. When it comes to provisions, in general, I have a policy of "if you visit me, I will feed you." Sometimes, I make a big meal or I'll have someone pick up a take-n-bake pizza I can pop into the oven when they get here. When I go to someone else's place for a game, I usually try to provide my own caffeine plus some food, if we're not meeting somewhere with a kitchen. If we have a kitchen, I'll try to bring something to share or something. Often times, I try to set up potluck type things, or assign people to things to bring, that way no one has the burden of making food for the group. Splitting the cost of delivery is another thing. I think there's two ways of dealing with food; either you make it known that you bring your own or you bring stuff to share. Each group finds the way that works best for them. Since I'm usually bringing the books, figures, and everything else on public transit, I tend to just pay someone back for buying my share. Boy. That was a lot longer than I thought it was going to be. I think I'm going to write up an even longer novel of this for my gaming blog, thanks for the idea.
  20. Meg Ryan has a scar on her collar bone from hot brass. I can't remember the movie she was filming when it happen (Courage Under Fire?) but I remember reading about it. Every time I go shooting, I wear long sleeves. After the week I just had, I was happy to discover that Pepsi Blue is back.
  21. So, I ordered the physical copy and had been reading the digital version that came with it. I'm thinking about going for Lords of Hell and going for 6 Mephits and a single Slaughter Fiend (since I can get one for free). I figure numbers are important... And I have six old young Nephilim from Malifaux.
  22. Ugh. I want to get some painting done but last night was hard. And I need to shave. Here's a question for you: What's the weirdest paint scheme you've given a model?
  23. According to Twitter, the print copy is available again.
  24. My company seems to forget that I will ignore any attempt by them to get me to come in on my days off. I've made it very clear that if I'm not scheduled, I'm not coming in. I've been doing that *for years* at this point and they still do it. They also call your emergency contact if they can't get ahold of you. Like, you haven't shown up for your shift, one shift, and they call your emergency contact to see where you are. They even did it to my boss this weekend because they "blew up the phone" and he "didn't answer." They called him once. And his emergency contact is another employee. They don't have an emergency contact for me for a reason. I've told them "if something happens to me, just google my last name." Because I have an extremely uncommon last name in the US.
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