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  1. Ah ha! I knew there would be a thread for this! So, I'm waiting for the new print version to become available again. For those of you who have it, can you tell me how many models I'm going to need? And how many of them can have wings? I just finished my second one... But, I would also like a "devil in a suit" mini if it can be found.
  2. Thanks, I have it open in a tab now. "Tobacco Use Only." I feel like some of you need this:
  3. I had to stop painting while I wash my painting towels. I'm getting more work done. It's not great looking but it's paint on minis, I'll take it. And improve as time goes on. I've been wanting to pick up a game called Reign In Hell, a BYOM (Bring Your Own Minis) game by the guy behind Tabletop Minions, but I can't get a print copy until they get the corrected version uploaded. Anyone else interested in it or heard about it?
  4. Well, I watched Kite earlier. That took a while to recover from. I've seen some stuff in my life but I just... So many problems with it. I can't believe that they managed to make an American live action version of it. I'm going to watch it week after next. Liquor has a high chance of being involved. Since my arm finally got better, I've been getting more painting done. It's funny how minis go from "I hate it, I'm terrible" to "I'm not too bad, I like this" as you add more colors and coats, isn't it? And I'm going to be doing several orders for more minis when my paycheck lands in a bit. Because that's how you do it, right? When you finish painting minis, you buy more, correct? Or am I doing it wrong?
  5. Well, I slept for something like 12 hours and feel way better than I did before bed. I was starting to feel tired, felt like I had a low fever, etc. Now, I feel decent. My arm is also better. And since I called out already for tonight, I have two things I want to do: Paint some minis and watch Kite. Pray for me with that last one...
  6. I got my second shot this morning and the nurse literally hit a nerve during the injection. I'm mostly tired and grumpy. I didn't sleep very much today, thankfully I already took the night off. I'm going to call out in the morning so I can get some hobby stuff done. Don't tell my boss.
  7. Haha. I haven't painted too many nude models yet but I recently started painting Harpy and I'm going with a purple skin tone. So, now I'm trying to figure out if I want to go light colored, and draw attention to them, or go darker and make them slightly less obvious? Personally, I made no bones about being a perv but I do have some Christian friends (as well as some folks with kids) that might have an issue with it.
  8. Something I just said to myself that made me pause: "Okay, but, what color should her nipples be?" This hobby gets weird on occasion...
  9. Work continues. Remembering how to do what is happening. Slowly. Now, if only I could find a rule set for super hero minis that aren't based on existing IP, don't annoy me or not make sense to me, or I can find a physical copy of. This seems to be a tall order. But, hey, I'll have plenty of minis to slap down if I ever run a supers RPG campaign again...
  10. I'm going to watch the original Kite anime tonight. Wish me luck... I'm going to need it.
  11. Well, I put paint on some minis last night. But, I discovered that my brushes are in terrible shape. I'm going to need new ones... As soon as I get paid. And after I figure out what ones to get. I've also forgotten several things so I'll have to go back to my old resources so I can re-learn stuff. I guess painting IS a persishable skill.
  12. I have many unfinished stories on my computer. I was thinking about getting back to one of them this weekend. And then I had another story idea pop up... I don't know what to do. But I have a fair idea what I'm going to do.
  13. And people STILL won't say the name right... In less fun news, my aunt has full-blown dementia. Which my dad neglected to mention to me. Probably for months. This isn't the first member of that side of the family to have it (or other memory problems) so, I guess I get to look forward to that.
  14. I'm waiting for my "maintenance" inspection. My place smells slightly musty as I found some and cleaned it... And then it got super hot (70 to 90+ in three days) and I haven't really been able to open the windows and air my place out. I also need to wash the sheet I use to cover the window when the AC is in the window. Since things are suppose to cool down this weekend, I plan on putting paint on minis. We will see what happens...
  15. I got to play a game tonight! And I didn't lose! I'm starting to have a winning streak, which is really weird to me. I usually lose, badly, when I play games... I am now suspicious of something terrible happening. But, have a picture of the game with my friend's arm in the shot (that I probably won't use for the battle report I really should write):
  16. Me: *posts about Alexander* The Thread: So... *brand new information I didn't know* Um... Maybe next week? I think I'll just watch something else instead... And it's a "Director's Cut." No, I don't know which one. I'll look at it later. It intimidates me now.
  17. UGH. I have my yearly apartment inspection next week, and I don't know if I can handle all the cleaning. I mean, most of it is done but I'm tired. It was a long week... Here, have one of my favorite cat pictures:
  18. I've been cleaning up and found a stack of DVDs a friend gave me. In the pile was "Alexander" the one with Angela Jolie. I'm thinking about watching it this weekend. What am I in for?
  19. So, one of you mentioned crew experience in the Off Topic thread and I thought it wasn't a half bad idea. What about giving crew XP and levels, giving them stat boosts every few levels?
  20. Had to book it away from a rather large group of protesters last night. I'm tired.
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