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  1. I mean the whole thing. Cities, towns, parks, everything. There will be no Texans, only wind turbines. Bury the state and let there be not a thing left! Muwahahaha! Yes, I think this is my super villain origin story... And then I remember this. 😛 In other news, I'm going to finally take some pictures of my painted minis. I'll have them up on my blog soon.
  2. Finished my story last night. I almost finished it yesterday but just didn't have it in me. I'm finding that the more I get things done, the more I start to second guess myself and the stories. I'll probably have to take a break before I get tempted to throw my laptop in the toilet. In other news, I am going to be working desks from now on. Three days at one spot and two days where I've already been working. I'm so happy to be sitting down. I'm too old to be walking the beat. I just don't have it in me anymore. I do worry about my health a bit, as walking around has kept away a lot of health issues. I'll be able to make some other changes to off-set the changes. And I have a friend coming by today (I hope). I think we're going to play some Ghost Archipelago...
  3. Well, I'm assuming that there might be alcohol and my ability to keep my damn mouth shut (already defective) fails when I have even one drink. So.... Yeah.
  4. There's so many other places I have people I know online. There are some things that I would like Reaper, as a company comment on due to being located in Texas. And the government of Texas has done two things in the past year or so, one very recently, that makes it hard to not just take over the world so I can pave over the whole state and turn it into a massive wind power farm. That idea came from a Texas native, by the way. However, I have those other places to discuss those things and do so there. That's what the internet is for, isn't it? Screaming at people you don't know and calling them names? So, I rather like just talking about little plastic and metal people. And how to paint them. And what ones I'd like to see. And so on. The other problem is that things have gotten so bad in the last six years that friendships and families have been broken up because of their political beliefs, not to mention the religious and others, which are all tied up into a massive knot in the US (and some other places). If we were to discuss some of the topics, even politely, there's a very good chance that you might find that the folks you like might have very drastically different beliefs than you thought. There's a few people I interact with here that I freely admit I would slam with memes and taunts on, say, Twitter if we were talking there, due our drastically different beliefs on the topics of politics, religion, labor rights, Covid, and so on. I'm able to set that aside because I'm here to talk about those little people I mentioned earlier and not those issues. That said, that's probably why I won't go to ReaperCon for a while.
  5. Another night and more writing done. Of course, the place I've been working at is falling apart, I swear. For those of you who don't live in cities, a lot of buildings built after 2000 or so switched, at least out here, to electronic locks and use FOBs (no, not the military TLA, the thing you use to turn on your car alarm, close enough). These systems are good for access control and replacing a FOB is cheaper than replacing a ton of locks around a building. The nifty thing about these systems is that you can use a computer program to pop a door open or closed, which is really handy. There are flaws to these systems, as many of them use magnetic locks, which are really electromagnets, and unlock if the power goes out. And now, there's a big flaw, as the system where I've been seems to be suffering a cascade system failure. At one point, none of the FOBs worked and they had to manually open the doors and then put someone in an elevator to press buttons, because they had to put it in independent mode. That means that it goes to the floor and stays there. So, yeah, hot mess all around. Last night, the garage gate was locked open and not one but two homeless dudes tried to walk right in, which isn't cool because every time the doors or gate mess up, someone gets in and busts car windows. And the loading dock was messed up so I had to got pop open the door manually without a jacket. As much as I enjoy working desks, this is becoming a nightmare. As for the state of the world today, not just overseas but in the US, I just.... I got nothing. Giant Meteor 2024!
  6. In the original Deadlands system, they had variant Walkin' Dead for various environments where the bodies ended up before getting "inhabited." Insects do interesting things to bodies, post mortem, but the basics (that can be discussed on a full stomach) are that they will get rid of soft bits. It's not uncommon or unheard of for people in the forensics business to use beetles and others to remove the meaty bits to get to the skeletons. One of the more weird things that have happened was a skeleton that was left somewhere with a heavy mineral count and ended up with a skull-geode. I have a picture *sighs* somewhere...
  7. So, one of the things I've discovered about my body as I've gotten older is that I can get extremely dry skin. On my hands. On my knuckles. Since we've dried out (and dropped to ice cold), my knuckles look like I got in a fight. It's not like I need to use my hands for anything. Nope. Not at all. I've got some cream I can put on my hands but I'm only suppose to when I go to bed and then I have to wear something over them. I usually use old socks. I think I'm going to put on a layer after I finish cooking. I'm also writing at work this week and it is fun times. When things quiet down and I put my music on, I can actually get stuff done. Tonight I got a call that someone thought they heard a dog on a patio after midnight. It was something like 20 degrees in Freedom Units and the wind was blowing. I poked around and couldn't hear anything but I will do something terrible if I find out someone actually did something like that. I hoping that the dog was at the patio door and whining, rather than being outside.
  8. I believe there's a quote for that: The road to hell is paved with good intentions.
  9. I watched a video yesterday about crypto and NFTs and it started with what caused the Great Recession. The parallels are there but there's one key difference: Crypto isn't regulated. At all. It's like the 1980s stock market but with even more graft. I still don't understand how people still think that these things are still going to be around in 10-20 years. I doubt they'll be around, as they are, in five years. Anyway. I spent last night at the desk and got some writing in. I wasn't really feeling it, listening to stuff on YouTube instead, but finally buckled down and got some work done. I hope to have the whole thing done by the end of the week. Best laid plans and all that...
  10. *cracks knuckles* Okay, here we go... This is mostly from memory but I'll see if I can reach my books if I get stuck. Being in water causes a "floater" or "bloater" and there's a lot of changes that happen. One of the big ones is that the upper layer of skin can come off pretty quick. The main factor for rot is temperature and I have a loose formula for this: Y = 1285/X. Y equals days until skeletonization and X equals the temperature in C. I bring this up as water is usually much colder than the ground around it, so bodies stick around longer but will suffer a lot of damage. Debris, rocks, animal predation, etc. We actually have a thing I've heard the Sheriff's (they handle bodies in the water) called "Bloat Season." It's in the Spring, as the water starts to pop up. Literally. It's because the river can drop below freezing (moving water may not freeze if it's below freezing, just like it can suddenly boil, physics is fun) There's a thing used by coroners called Casper's Dictum. One week in air = two weeks in water = eight weeks in soil. Coloring would also be affected by livor mortis (I think), where the blood pools. The higher parts of the body would appear pale or marbled, as the blood would pool in the lower portions of the body would appear bruised or reddish. So, if you want to have more "colorful" zombies, you could say that they died face down. And you could have then be colorful on one side and pale on the other, as they died on their side. As for green coloration, do we really see that in human rot? I honestly don't know but I don't think so. According to my sources, the skin does come off and would be pink underneath, but would dry out and turn a yellowish leather. Oddly enough, it does say that the skin turns green and then black as decomp moves forward. Interesting. However, it doesn't mention when you turn green. I might have to dig into another book but it's going to take a bit.
  11. Since I'm a big fan of forensics, and I imagine I'm a writer, I've seen a lot of that stuff. While I've only had to deal with one dead body directly, they were fresh and I can tell you that, aside from being pale, you could imagine that they would just get up and walk away. Now, the other one I had to deal with indirectly, I can tell you what zombies will smell like. It isn't pleasant.
  12. While I don't have many zombies finished (yet), I am thinking about pale white, shades of grey, and slightly lighter human shades. Green might be used here and there but I only have one that I want to do green. Otherwise, it doesn't really make sense to make them green. I mean, given what happens to the human body, after death.
  13. Well, in my effort to clean, I packed up my paints. I don't dare count how many I have (for that leads to madness) but I did pick up two containers at Ross a few weeks ago and filled them with my paints. I suppose I have some room for more but I really should start, I don't know, use them? I'm also trying to sort my minis a bit better, putting them in different containers based on when they would be used. Like, one box for low-level encounters (Kobolds, goblins, zombies, and skeletons), another for higher level monsters, and another for bosses and character minis. However, I did discover that I might need more containers. And space to put them. In short, cleaning and organizing sucks when you realize that you don't have enough room for all your stuff.
  14. A friend of mine calls it the "idiot tax." We've all had to pay it some time or another.
  15. I'm having one of those weird productive nights. I've getting a start on my backlog of cleaning but I keep getting overwhelmed and stopping. So, instead, I've also gotten some blog posts finished for my anime blog and started working on a sequel to a story I had posted somewhere. I wasn't going to write it yet but the response was pretty positive, so here we are. I also picked up a collection of WWII footage in color and I'm trying to watch that, too. It started with Dunkirk and is now on to the war in Norway. Not stuff Americans really learn about, as we usually focus on D-Day in school and stuff.
  16. It's a concierge position that's overnight. Even the most hopping places get quiet by 3-4am.
  17. I get to spend all of next week at a desk and I have no idea what I'm going to do. Yet. I do have a few (dozen) stories I could finish but I also have a new gaming idea kicking around, so... Here's a conversation starter: What's the one table top (RPG or minis) game that you've always wanted to play but have never had a chance to? And why is that? For me, it's probably Dark Heresy. I always wanted to get into it but either didn't have the money, time, or people. I do have a copy of Black Crusade but haven't been able to find the right people to play it.
  18. So, what troops have you found most useful in your games? What about powers? Well, I suppose I should have started with what kind of COs and XOs you're using and crews you're building but... Meh.
  19. It's so nice to be able to bring my laptop to work and peruse the forums. I can't wait until I get to sit at desks all the time... It's a shame I can't bring my paints with me and get some of that work done. No, I'm not even going to try, no matter how tempted I am. And yes I am very tempted. About the various food conversations, I make lasagna when I bring a lady to my apartment. It takes forever, it uses so many dishes, but it is amazing and I make a mean lasagna. However, that means I haven't made it in years. When it comes to steak, I am like a few of you, having a parent ruin the enjoyment of meat by thinking well done is the only way to get it. Having become enlightened, I usually go for medium rare to rare, depending on the place's reputation. I also know, from friends in the food industry, that if you order a steak well done, you're going to get the oldest, toughest, and worst piece of meat they have. Because the cooks know that you're never going to know the difference. I understand that some people like it that way and some people have to have it that way and they have my sympathy.
  20. Is anyone else current on the official releases of Komi Can't Communicate? Because I have feelings and thoughts.
  21. I picked up those new crabs from Reaper in my monthly order and I really like them. I'm going to keep the small one around and use him for a base decoration. Now, what mini needs a tiny angry crab at their feet? This week has been rough, physically. I've just been tired and sore all week and I just want to sleep forever. However, I have to work tonight. At least it's at a desk. As for the painting question, I am technically a "gaming painter" but mostly I just put paint on things so I can tell them apart.
  22. This is some biting commentary on the American healthcare system. Just one more shift until I get to sit at a desk for a night. I am very much looking forward to it. I don't know what I'm going to work on but I do have all of those Rifts and Palladium books to look through... Or maybe I'll find something else to flip through. I think I need to take a break from writing, I have a bunch of other stuff I need to do. Plus, I'm waiting to hear back if they're going to put that story up. Oh, I could catch up on blog articles. Hmm.
  23. There was actually some talk of doing this, or at least at a "Why didn't we?" after the ENT two-parter set in the Mirror Universe. There's actually a few comics and books set in it. But, there's so many errors between just those two. In the first DS9 Mirror Universe episode, the Klingon/Cardassian Alliance ships are *clearly* seen de-cloaking. Then in the final DS9 Mirror Universe episode (sigh) "The Emperor's New Cloak" Regent Worf is suddenly hot for a Klingon cloaking device? Which makes zero sense as the Romulans have always been the masters of cloaking technology. Aside from the one very notable exception of the Bird Of Prey that could fire while cloaked. You know the one. For a real world explanation, the early drafts for Star Trek III: The Search for Spock involved a ROMULAN Bird of Prey but was changed to the Klingons because they were more well known. Now, as for the whole Discovery Mirror Universe, where to begin? First of all, the whole sensitivity to light thing was clearly a "we need a dramatic twist to reveal and a quick way to do it" that kind of flies in the face of what we knew about the Mirror Universe counterparts. While the DS9 Mirror Universe used darker lighting to help show how "dark" the universe was, the original TOS "Mirror, Mirror" episode had no change in lighting, which I think made it even harsher. Next up, we have the Terran Emperor being the regent of a whole host of worlds that doesn't really make it possible for what happened in the DS9 episodes. How could the Klingons go from getting their teeth kicked in to creating a powerful enough force to help challenge the Terran Empire in a few centuries? And how would the Terran Empire NOT know about the Prime Universe after not one, but TWO, major incidents before Kirk's time? It just doesn't jive with me. Now, all of that said, I love the Mirror Universe and think it's very neat. I do think that the canon is a mess and ST needs to stay the EFF out of the Mirror Universe from now on. It's part of what I call the "Lazy Trek Writer Trifecta" (which is Time Travel, the Borg, and the Mirror Universe or some alternate, evil version of the crew/cast). Every time a series hits these three things, it tends to fall apart, as Voyager and Enterprise both did. While Voyager didn't go full Mirror Universe, probably due to it being used in DS9, but they did have more than a few different evil or otherwise radical versions of characters. And can I just take a moment to point out how Ensign Kim was done dirty in that show. His only real character development was always done by a clone, illusion, alternate timeline version of himself, or alternate future version of himself (which was ALWAYS the worst because he would get erased). Oh, and he was also STILL a damn ensign by the end of the show. I could go on... I actually like this idea. I would like to see either TMP (movies) era of the Empire falling apart or a post-DS9 era series where the rebellion is trying to put things back together without being as terrible as the Alliance or the Empire before it. Give me some Mirror Universe Romulans, please! Ahem. Why, yes, I do have strong feelings about Star Trek and the Mirror Universe... Now, I'm going to do some dishes and continue jamming out to my Showa era Godzilla tunes.
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