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  1. Blerg. Much work, much busy. Well, work wasn't too much but I went through two days of training that I didn't really need. But it was still kind of exhausting. Plus, having my days split up really threw me for a loop. I've been writing but having trouble with a story. It's some super hero stuff, which I like to dabble in, but I'm trying to figure out why people who can control minds haven't taken over the world. This is why I write about super hero stuff, to do though experiments about the powers and how they would change the world. Hopefully, if I can get this story cranked out and move on to something else. I'm hoping to get back to painting minis at some point this month. I really want to get things finished. I'm hoping that things will get better and I can get some games going soon, so I might need to have things finished.
  2. Coffins are stupidly heavy. I found that out when I had to do the same for my grandfather in 2012. That was a whole mess but it's over and done with. I think I'm only going to have to do it twice more, at most. I've been working on my sequel and not much else. I need to get on my taxes before too much longer but since I had those split days off, I'll probably do them then. I should also get some painting of minis done and some work on the old blogs done. Hopefully, working the desks will help with that. Speaking of which, I had to call the guy in charge of the schedule and we talked. I know he lied to me, as he does, but I do think the conversation was helpful. I've been thinking about it since we talked and I'm also going to take my time getting the resume (finally) finished. Since I'll have to lose my weekends to get off patrols, there's no real reason to stick around for much longer. If I can find a position that offers more money while getting to sit on my butt, I'll see what it looks like.
  3. Truer words have never been written. Y'all talk a lot, you know that, right? I've been busy for the last week or so. Work was messy because someone was on vacation, so I had to cover the desk in the office for a few days, which was fine. I ended up bringing my laptop and starting getting some writing done. I *thought* it was going to be a short story but then it ballooned into something that's almost 17k words. And then I had an idea for a follow-up, which I'm kind of half working on. I'll have to edit the first one soon. While my work is trying to get this new schedule mess figured out. Right now, I'm training someone on Sunday, getting trained Monday and Tuesday, and then working solo on Thursday and Friday. That means that I get Wednesday and Saturday off, which is going to suck. After that, it's one big mess, and I don't know what I'm doing. I'm willing to give them some slack and time to figure it out but they almost lost me when they were giving away one of the spots I wanted to someone else. We'll see how that pans out. But it's going to mean losing my weekends. Then again, I work graveyard so I never see anyone anymore. However, if I get a lot of desk shifts, I'll be able to write while at work and maybe get my side hustle off the ground. And now it's time to catch up on some other stuff around here.
  4. I think it's technically post-post apocalypse? Since the apocalypse happened a very long time ago, I think a century or two, before the start of the show. There are some dystopian elements but I wouldn't say that that's the setting. It is worth watching, if no other reason, than the designs by Jack Kirby.
  5. I'm going to try to get my taxes done tonight. However, there's a software problem I read a news article about and I'm hoping it doesn't effect me. We shall see what happens. After I get that done, I'm going to try to get some pictures taken of my painted minis, and then maybe write some reviews of a few volumes of Komi-san. And clean. Can't forget about that. Like I did last night.
  6. Her brother uses her Twitter account from time to time and posted about people stealing her art a while ago, for NFTs. I was very ticked off about it and it sealed the deal for me with them. I only got to know her, via Twitter, right before she went in for the transplant surgery. Since I worked nights and she was up at night, we'd have these really long conversations on Twitter all night long. When she died, it hit me really hard. I even stopped using a certain GIF because of it. Every few months, people find those conversations and start liking parts of our conversations and it hurts every time. It really sucks. I won't say we were friends, as that would be a parasocial relationship, but I miss talking with her, seeing her art, and just... Yeah. Hang on, have to go cry for a minute. My goal was to get successful enough to commission her for a book cover. But that's not going to happen now.
  7. NFT stands for Non Fungable Token. It is, in simple terms, a crypto coin but represents an image. I think the best way to think about it is that the image gets assigned a number via blockchain generation that is unique and traceable much like a BitCoin or whatever else crypto currency that's out there. Now, there's a few problems with NFTs. The first one is that they don't respect any sort of copyright and artists are CONSTANTLY having their art stolen and sold as NTFs. The other problem is the power used to generate the tokens, we're talking a lot of time for the computers to work them out, which increases the load on the grids. The last one, and the one I hate the most, is how people are hyping up not just NFTs, but crypto-currency in general. It's like the old "pump and dump" schemes used during the cocaine fulled excess of the 80s Wall Street. But, unlike most stock markets, crypto is completely unregulated. Eventually, the bubble with go bust and a lot of people are going to be hurt. Plus, as an side, I don't really have a clear picture of how the NFT really works for using them, as you can just save them like normal pictures. There's a lot of people talking about it, who have a much better understanding than I do, but when I saw that people were stealing Quin Han's art for them, I never wanted anything to do with them. That said, I do think that NFTs could be great for copyright but that's not going to happen. I haven't seen it, as I don't have an account set up, but Patreon recently sent out a survey and they were kind of dancing around talking about them, but obliquely. Again, I can't speak to the actual wording used but people that I trust have been bringing it up, talking about the survey and trying to explain why they don't want NFTs.
  8. They recently did some studies and proved that it doesn't work. I find it mildly amusing that they had to do that but it does help shut down some people when they start bringing it up... And they played music for quite a while afterwards. I mean, I remember watching MTV and VH1 and seeing music videos. Before they were pushed back to the night time, and then it vanished forever. Since I have Paramount+, I can watch MTV stuff but I always ask myself "Why?"
  9. A modern classic. Well, had a conversation with a member of management yesterday. Got a lot of "I understand" and I was willing to give them until halfway through next month, so we can try to fill the gaps, but I think I'm going to end up quitting in a month or so. Which I already wanted to do. But, I can't even get a desk five days a week, I'd have to work one day out in the field. Adding to the fact that I'd have to work Fridays, they're not making me want to stay anyway. So, going to file my taxes and get some work done on the old resume... But, this weekend is dedicated to cleaning and taking some pictures of my (terribly) painted minis. And updating my anime blog. And getting on top of the whole writer thing. With Patreon discussing NFTs, I might have to look for another service to use.
  10. If anyone is interested, I did do a thing about different brands and where to find them. To help bring people into the game. I was doing a series about the game. I really miss playing it.
  11. I did after the original version came out and had fun. I really want to try Refueled but I haven't had a chance. I also want to take some time to modify my collection of cheap cars.
  12. Well, I got a response about my email. To paraphrase, it said "yeah, I get the burnout, things are tough. As for COVID, we're working on it. Call me." And now I'm looking up apps to record phone calls while I talk... I ended up at a desk last night. I was getting ready and someone calls saying "hey, your person isn't here yet" five minutes after they were suppose to be there. I go take care of something as they start calling said person. By the time I got back, they had gotten ahold of them and they said that they had called out with someone because they got new glasses and they had a headache. I know how that goes but... It's sitting at a desk. There's literally nothing to do. Unless someone needs a package or something. That's it. And tonight, there's two open shifts at desks. So, we'll see how that goes. I'm trying to pick what to work on.
  13. I'm another one of the youngins that wasn't quite born yet. My parents weren't even married yet. That would be the next year, with me following along about a year after that.
  14. Loading up my email so I can send an email to my boss saying "yeah... Move me to a desk, this stuff ain't worth it anymore" instead of doing work on the writing stuff. And then I'm going to watch Planet of the Vampires before bed. I swear I will. I tried watching it the other day but was too tired to pay attention... UPDATE: Send out several paragraphs of "this is why I want to jump off of a bridge, your move." We'll see what happens.
  15. In an effort to get my stuff together, I logged into my "I'm a professional writer, I swear, blog" for the first time since 2019 or so and there's been some changes. Since Squarespace took over, it looks like they're converted everything to an online store and... This is going to be fun. I want to go back and kick myself. I bought supplies for making stir-fry... Except for the oil. I guess I'm using olive oil. It's not terrible but it's not what I wanted, either. Here's a fun one from work: Boss: Hey, so, where you at (this building) at about 11pm Thursday night? Me: No. Boss: Are you sure, can you check? Me: Check what? I was clocking in at exactly that time, nine blocks away. Even if I haul it up that hill, it takes me about 15 minutes because of the lights and the hill. So, unless I managed to teleport and then forget about it, there's no way in hell I was there. Boss: I figured, I just have to ask because your name was included in an email from management (about issue). Me: How in the hell did my name get included in that? If that had happened, you would have known about it. It wouldn't have been my problem to solve but I would have let you know that there was an issue! Cue me cussing a storm. Like, someone put my name on this thing, even though there was no physical way possible for me to be in that location at that time. I was there, a few hours later, for about ten minutes to clean up someone's mess. Found out that the issue had happened at 9pm. When I was on the can after waking up.
  16. I ended up watching all of the MonsterVerse movies this weekend, in chronological (not release) order. This is almost heresy but Kong: Skull Island is probably the best movie you can watch out of the series without seeing any of the others. King of the Monsters is probably my favorite one out of all of them. Godzilla is, sadly, the weakest of the bunch. In other news. Planet of the Vampires is showing up today. Hopefully, I can resist trying to watch it today and wait until tomorrow.
  17. And Future MvM is going to hate you, just so you know. If anyone cares, I'm still working out some stuff for writing and money and stuff. Right now, I'm thinking about getting a Patreon set up and offering some (very low) support levels, one for each of the things I do: blogs, writing, and the, uh, good stuff, shall we say? That's going to mean doing some research on how that all works, notes for how to deal with the taxes and fees, and all that good stuff. I'm going to also offer up some stuff on my writing blog, for free, just some samples and stuff that I never finished. I also had a bunch of stuff I'd written for another blog I kept about writing that I need to edit and upload. And then I have to edit up some stuff I wrote a while ago and start planning out another collection, as well as trying to get some written for that. And then I'm going to try to wrap up some of the "spicy" stuff (yeah, let's just use that word) and get it out. That one gets more complicated due to credit card processing companies. I only wish I was kidding about that one. And I'm not even thinking about building an audience and marketing and all that fun stuff. Because that's a whole other bundle of stress that I'll have to tackle at some point. But, hey, at least I'll get some minis panted this weekend as I avoid all of this because that's just how I roll.
  18. That's usually all I ask for in a beta read. What it boils down to: What did you enjoy, and what didn't you enjoy, and why? for developmental and grammatical editing, you usually have to pay for it. Or know someone. The tough thing that I have when I beta read is when it's something I don't really like but, since they're usually a friend, I can't just say "it sucked." I mean, I do try to let them down easy but I'm, um, a bit blunt. And it's also really hard when someone wants me to beta when I'm working on something myself. There's only two things worse than that. The first one is when they ask me to read something that's totally outside of my wheelhouse, like cozy romance or paranormal romance. And then it's so hard when someone asks you to read something that's similar to something you've been working on (or want to work on) because, god damn, have I met some very over-protective writers. However, I totally get it. I've just learned that there's nothing new under the sun and what they write will be very different than what I write. All of that said, a good beta reader is worth their weight in gold and go on you for being the sacrificial lamb for their book.
  19. I'm thinking about it. I also have a place I can post some more, ahem, "quality content" that might get me some views for that sort of thing (I'm kind of all over the place when it comes to what I write, to be frank). There are a few issues that I'm working out right now. First one is copyright. While you don't need to register your work with the copyright office, it does help if/when things go to court, and I've had to file one DMCA take down for something. If you put something up like that and then try to file your copyright, I can't remember if it's more expense, harder to do, limits the statutory damages, or all of the above. I migth be able to get around it by tossing that sample in with some other stuff, if I publish another collection. So, it's something to think about. The other problem with putting something out there is getting people to look at it. I put up a few things (one story I was working on and another thing that was a collection of false starts) on Wattpad but it was becoming work to get people to look at your work. Plus, given how studios are clearly trying to harvest ideas from that place, I'm much more gunshy about putting stuff there. Um, the whole point of that was getting people to give you a chance. You either have to post your links a lot on social media (which annoys me to no end) or pay for ads, which only have a small amount of success from what I'm hearing. I get really frustrated with a lot of this stuff because I constantly hear "what's your brand?" Like, me, a person, has to be a brand. And it is the most disgusting and dehumanizing thing I've ever heard about creators. We're not people, we're products. And that's not how it works. What I'm MAKING is the PRODUCT, not me. This might be just me, but I don't buy something because of what brand it is (I might NOT buy something because of the brand but that summons the buzzing of bees, I fear if I continue). And I had exactly four authors that I would read just because it was them. And two of them are now dead. So, maybe that's how it works for others but doesn't work that way for me. That means that I have to try to figure out how to do something that is the exact opposite of how I work, which isn't easy. Sorry about the wall of text, all of this has been stewing in my head recently and I'm still sorting it out.
  20. I decided to sit down and watch all the MonsterVerse movies, since I keep forgetting to watch Kong vs Godzilla. After that, I'm probably going back to old science fiction B-movies. In "fun" news, I have all the tax documents I need... Except for my W-2. I hope I get that before the end of the month. I could use my interest-free loan back from the government. I had this thought on social media but I think there's enough people here that might be in a similar situation. So, I write. I put out a book about 4-5 years ago but it was hard and haven't really been able to finish enough since then to put out another. When I show rough drafts to folks, they say they're pretty good but I never seem to get around to finishing the longer things. I've been thinking about either putting up the rough drafts on my (never updated) "professional author website" where I have a Ko-Fi button, or maybe setting up a Patreon and just having the $1 option and putting it up there. I mean, yeah, charging for a rough draft isn't exactly great but we do live in a capitalist financial system, which means we have to make money. And since the publishing industry is going through a lot (and I mean a *LOT*) of changes, it's hard for a dude like me to get in on anything. The other thing is that I used to have a pretty solid group of people who would read my stuff online, back in the day, but that's fallen apart these days, and having those readers, people telling me that they were enjoying it, really helped me finish stuff. And, it's just... The last few years really messed up a lot of things for me. And I... I don't know anymore. Uh... I'm going to go now... Maybe I'm going to paint some things tonight. Time will tell.
  21. It's a solid fantasy adventure movie with some unique elements. I own it for a reason.
  22. Well, it is the weekend. After a week of not getting enough sleep, I doubled up on pills and just crashed for about 10 hours. It was glorious. Now, I need to get things done... Speaking of getting things done, I think I'm going to start showing off my terrible painting on my gaming blog. Which means I need to set up a thing to photograph them. And that's going to be fun. I should have enough stuff around the place to make it look nice. And I have a bunch of things unfinished that I should probably get done, too.
  23. I bought Mars Attacks! and plan on watching today before bed. This weekend will probably be a marathon of Attack Of The 50' Woman, Queen Of Space, and The Giant Behemoth. If you're sensing a theme, you're probably right...
  24. I'm just going to leave this here... You ever watch John Oliver's Last Week Tonight? You should look up the bit he did about the power grid, it's free to watch on YouTube.
  25. I've been on another "spooky story" kick. I have no idea why, when I work alone. At night.
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