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  1. Well, I successfully made Jiffy cornbread last night and my artist friend is willing to do some concept art for me for an idea that is sure to land me in hell when I pass away. Almost makes up for my dad not showing up when he was suppose to. Now, I just need to figure out what I want to with the day, before settling in with beer and movies for the night...
  2. I'm very glad that neither one of my parents have asked me about kids, except as a joke. So very, very glad. My mother just wants me to get another relationship so she has an excuse to show off my baby pictures...
  3. I made a comment while I was hanging out with my friends last week about how I thought I'd make an OK dad and got laughed at. I was told, to my face, that I would be a terrible father. I hate my friends sometimes...
  4. When I talk with people I know who are getting married or plan on it or... Well, anyone in a long-term relationship, I ask them "Are you thinking about having kids?" So I don't assume that they're going to have them and it gives them a chance to explain why or why not. I'd like to have kids, but I'd have to find a woman willing to put up with me long enough to get married first.
  5. Okay, I've got a work story for you all: I'm walking around at almost 2:30am, and this guy comes bursting out of some bushes from across the street. He comes running over to be and this is how things go - Him: You gotta help me! There's ten big black dudes chasing me! I don't know who they are but they're out to get me! Me: End up calling the police for him and they come out. They also go as we never see anyone. Not sure if the guy was crazy, exaggerating or trying to get attention but he made me do paperwork and that's just not okay.
  6. So glad Christmas is over so I can listen to the radio again. Next year, I'm celebrating Shinji-mas... He whined for your sins...
  7. I think he was planning to beam her out then blow up the ship (followed by the laughing and stuff) until he found out about her sneaking a peek at the data. My take on it is that she looked at it without permission, looked at it on an unsecure computer and he might have had another reason for killing her. Okay, I'm tired of Nazi as bad guys. Can we bring back the Soviets for the whole fake-retro mocking movies? Please?
  8. "Girls with Shotguns. For, hm, let's go with Character Art reasons."

  9. The CEO and the president of my company was driving around Christmas Eve and part of Christmas day dropping off 'lunches' to everyone working. As much as I appreciate the thought, my wallet would like to get a bonus instead.
  10. I have to admit that I recognized the name but could not place it, I was thinking he was possibly a ballet dancer. However Google confirmed. NOT a ballet dancer. The same question came from a co-worker. I wonder if that means Russia's only good at guns and ballet.... -Dave It might be more a question of the American education system and media.
  11. Well, I guess Mikhail Kalashnikov died. That's kind of sad.
  12. This is the one with the girls with rocket boots flying around everywhere, right? Yeah, my wife and I never figured out what happened to pants in that universe. The only thing I could come up with is cloth shortage because of the war. I would be more behind the show if they had something on besides underwear.
  13. You know what sucks? Discovering the chicken you thought was defrosted, wasn't, after cutting open the bag. Now, my stove will be covered in chicken blood. Hmm, perhaps the Loa will look in favor at my cooking then...
  14. I just watched the first six episodes of Strike Witches and I have a question: Why do they not have pants or skirts in this alternate reality? Seriously. I'm okay with fan service. I just roll my eyes at it. But this, this is worse. I feel like a pedophile during some of these scenes where they have to do panty shots of every single character in less that 90 seconds. Otherwise, Yuri goggles to full power and the fun of trying to figure out where the girls are suppose to be from. Except Sanya. "Great Russia" Really guys? You couldn't even try to make something up?
  15. Ugh... Why did I stay up for 26 hours? Why? Nothing quite like waking up starving to give you a good reason to never do it again. How is everyone else's Monday going so far?
  16. Nerd alert! Just kidding. We're all nerds here. I think there needs to me 'miniatures anonymous' or something. Between my recent Reaper order, the minis I just got from a Kickstarter, plus the boxes and boxes of other unpainted ones laying around, I think I need to admit I have a problem... Mostly a lack of free time
  17. Well, this week is looking to be on an upward trend. My pork roast was good (my co-worker asked me last night "What smells so good?"), one of my kickstarter rewards showed up and I think the roofers are finally finished... This means I'll be hit by a truck or something on my way to work tonight. Edit: Oh, and my old blogging site came back online after a week of no service. Yay?
  18. So jealous. It's so hard to find .25 pistol ammo.... Jebus, I hate to think. I've never been a mouse gun fan, though. I have a .22LR Saturday Night Special and a .22LR revolver for plinkers, everything else is in a service calibre. it from my grandfather. Fun little pop gun, super loud but I only have the one box we found with it.
  19. So jealous. It's so hard to find .25 pistol ammo....
  20. I think the best fanfic I ever read was Lemon fic (do they even use that term anymore? For that matter, am I using it right?) that was this massive anime crossover. Ranma 1/2, Sailor Moon, MS Gundam, with a few dashes of NGE, Escaflowne, Dragonball Z and some other popular stuff. I don't remember much except the ending. Sailor object (random numbers), the Sailor Scout of a random object in the solar system, had used her power (to summon said object) two or three chapters previously. All the main characters were on a space station and the object arrived, killing them all. I know it sounds terrible, but was done in such a funny way.
  21. I've read some really good fanfiction. It's rare, but it does happen. The Mary-Sue issue kills most of it, however. The crossovers kill the rest. (Harry Potter/Sailor Moon, for example. Pray it doesn't exist.) Sometimes, it makes me laugh. Then my brain bleeds.
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