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  1. Robin Williams had a skit about this from a while ago... (content warning for Robin's very flexible vocabulary and, well, if you know what happened to him, he kind of jokes about it.)
  2. Getting old is the worst. I think I pulled a muscle in my shoulder while reaching for something while sitting at my desk...
  3. I think you need to learn about Huu-Mahns...
  4. I'm slowly working on my cyberpunk/science fiction mini collection (with my super heroes on the side) for some Reality's Edge game/campaign I'm hoping to start up with some friends soon. I'm also going to start working on some aquatic stuff for an "underwater" miniatures game I've got the seed of an idea for kicking around in my head. And I really should set up to take some pictures for my blog...
  5. The fear that someone pointed out to me is something like Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey but with Steamboat Willie. I just think that just because you can do a thing, doesn't mean that you should. There's also some very fun complications with Peter Pan now, too.
  6. Well, the show started airing on Adult Swim back in 2004, with a total of seven seasons, when it got cancelled in... 2019? I think? Anyway, there was just enough fan outcry that WB-Discovery allowed them to have a 71 minute movie (which got expanded into an 83 minute movie) to sum up the several hanging threads the last season ended with. I also listened to the commentary and watched the interview thing on the disc and, oh boy, it sounds like the creators did not have fun with their new corporate masters. The worst part is that the show, all 86 episodes over those seven seasons, where all written and directed (as well as made music for, partly voice acted, and so many other things) by two people. And they don't even own the characters. If it wasn't owned by WB-Discovery, we might have seen them finish their stories in the comic books the pair had talked about doing if they had time, but since the comic company also owned by WB-Discovery isn't exactly doing great, that's not going to happen... Also, they have quite the naming pattern for the episodes, so the title makes sense in context.
  7. I'd rather drink green tea than coffee any day.
  8. After 20 years, I have finally completed watching The Venture Brothers with the finale film "Radiant is the Blood of the Baboon Heart." That was... A lot...
  9. I just use a hard plastic water cup with a screw on cap and straw for water around the painting area.
  10. I coughed so hard, I threw up at work this morning. The good news was that I was in the bathroom. The bad news was that I happened to be on the toilet when that happened. The mixed news was that I was wearing thermals, so that caught most of it. I did it twice more while walking to the light rail. The worst news was that I ordered some cold medicine on the way home... Only for them to be out. Your horoscope for today:
  11. Boo. That's no good. I hate when they do that. If there's no customers, why do we have to be tortured by the "music we can afford" and ads for the company we work for?
  12. I can't believe that because Santa runs a non-union shop of Elves.
  13. Wen I worked the freight crew, we unplugged the music and used my CD player to put on classic rock. It was a blessing during the holiday season. Today's horoscope:
  14. Rifts has two books about the Dinosaur Swamp, the post apocalyptic area what was once Florida filled with dinosaurs, monsters, and also the regular denizens of Florida, including Florida Men. I've been tempted to pick them up once or twice...
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