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  1. There's a few reasons for that. Mergers and profits fluctuating are part of it. The other part is "streamlining." If you're not familiar, streamlining is there to make it so the brand, company, or restaurant uses most of the same ingredients in different foods or products. It started during The Plague, when they were losing people and profits, and it's continued since then. They've been ditching low sellers and more complicated products for the last few years. There's also been a few relaunches (looking at you, Mexican Pizza) but this is probably how things are going to be for a long while. I enjoy them and I can assure that I am NOT one of those.
  2. It's just a story about a woman in her 20s hanging out with a man in his 40s, while they smoke and talk, behind a convenience store. She's also playing a prank on him, as he's her biggest "fan" but is pretending to be someone else while they're smoking. It's published monthly (roughly) so it takes forever to get updates.
  3. Can of Bud in a brown paper bag. That's a classy joint.
  4. If anyone is interested, it looks like "Smoking Behind The Market With You" (or whatever the translation is) is getting an official English release and I am super excited for it.
  5. Really, it should be a claymore....
  6. Yeah... Two of the things that make my blood pressure rise and my eyes roll.
  7. Okay. You've got a lot of booms going on in a training base, right? What if you have some smaller access tunnels, probably something for maintenance (venting waste heat, for example?) that have to be run to some other areas to help cover up the secret part of the base. Well, what those tunnels happen to run parallel to some natural tunnels from when the moon was first formed, like some lava tunnels that were mentioned? Now, what would happen if there was some bigger booms than normal, or just booms happening a lot over a long period of time. I may not be a space geologist, but I would hazard a guess that there might be a break between the those two sets of tunnels. Now, you've got an access point to the base. The best part is, you can have your group have to fake being maintenance people, the ones assigned to fix this random tunnel that isn't really important, but strangely has been put at the top of the To-Do list. This will give them a reason to be there, give them a way to bring the stuff their going to need to get in and get out, and make them feel like James Bond. But that's just my thinking.
  8. He's probably the worst example of a DM to take tips from. But at least he could make up riddles that children could solve.
  9. Made my Spooky Month Reaper order. Not too much spooky in the order (I have another one I'd like to make with more spooky, if I can afford it). I also ordered some bases from Dragon Force, who's been my resin base supplier for about 5-10 years now.
  10. I think I have four now. I literally gave away a couple of them because I'll never use that much. Which is why I'll also be skipping it on this order, too. I've been trying to find minis to use it on, but it's not easy.
  11. While it's a joke, he actually created what are now the Nobel Prizes. Because he felt so bad after what his creation was used for...
  12. I managed to wrap up several minis in the last 24 hours. I'm having trouble with some of Bones Black minis just not wanting to take paint. The Scarecrow from Wizard of Oz set is currently the bane of my existence. Also has some very mushy details. I didn't realize that he's supposed to have a rifle until I got some paint on it. He looks cool. I just hate painting him. Now, I need to decide which big mini I want to tackle. I can either go a 3D printed t-rex I picked up a few years ago or a large Satan on a throne. I'm not going to paint the dinosaur brown, as I've been painting western and Deadlands minis, so I've had my fill of brown, so I'm thinking it's going to be green. I just don't know which one I want to paint first...
  13. So... You're dead inside and welcome the sweet embrace of the forever nap?
  14. It's funny how I can steal time to paint but not for anything important, like chores for example. I also realized why I get burned out on painting so quickly sometimes. As soon as I start, I set a reasonable goal, like a dozen or so minis in a month. However, as soon as I start finishing stuff, I start to pile up other things I want to paint, and before long, end up with a pile of plastic and metal that grows and grows. So... Let's see if I can stop that from happening this time around. And I've finished my snack, so it's time to go to the pharmacy and then a stop at the store. Which are things I should have done on Sunday...
  15. Since I'm all three, I have to laugh at the stuff they try to advertise to me.
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