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  1. Yeah, I'm looking at the same thing coming up tonight. Maybe snow. Maybe freezing rain. Maybe sleet. Maybe the end of the world. Seriously, it's 25F. I woke up this morning at 4am and it was 13F. I really wanted to do laundry...
  2. Something tells me that'll be the least of your problems after drinking it...
  3. To me, it would be like someone out here buying a case of PBR in a liquor store. Given that our liquor stores are state-run, and you can't buy booze anywhere but a liquor store, it makes no sense to buy your crappy beer at a liquor store. Walk to the nearest grocery store and get that stuff there. I will never understand why hipsters obsess over PBR. Sure I have some in my fridge, but that's because it's cheap. It's also almost two years old now. You see how often I drink. Great. Now I want vodka. Or whiskey.
  4. Thanks to my accident, I now take my 'little brown pills' about once a week. When I had braces, I remember eating nothing but yogurt for a few days each month. I also have more wear on my teeth on the side that wasn't being adjusted. Thankfully, I only had the suckers for 18 months. In other news, I am happy to post this. I am not so happy about the related article at the bottom of the page there.
  5. Man, I had managed to forget the existence of that show. Thanks. Jerk.
  6. The low today is going to be 9F. I have never seen a single digit low in my home town in my life. Most of my cold weather gear doesn't work so well below 20F. I'm not happy at all with this turn of events. There's not even snow! Here's a good one for everyone. Last night, I'm talking with someone and I said something like "Yeah, it's a little chilly right now" (It was 20-something degrees and extremely windy). He says something about the guys in Bastonne and how cold it was for them and gives me this look. I wasn't even complaining, just being sarcastic. Edit: By the way, the average low for this month is 35F...
  7. Oh, god no.... Kidding, Buglips, you're awesome.
  8. Don't you die on me? Breathe, thread, breathe and re-join the land of the living! For some content, the Eva Rebuild 3.33 is up for pre-order. I have a that and 13th volume of the Shinji Ikari Rasing Project managa (also pre-order) in my Amazon cart. Just waiting for payday...
  9. May I suggest some reading material? Yes, the link to Amazon was intentional.
  10. You work ... where, exactly? I work security. That's Top Secret, if he told you he'd have to kill you... I'd rather not reveal where I work because then I'm sure one of you would track me down to put a face to the name. Because I'm like Bigfoot: rarely photographed and some people think I don't exist. So, what, yours isn't pure enough? I don't get it... If you're wondering why they came to visit, watch this
  11. Well, I can add a new 'yes, that actually happened at work' moment to my very long list: The FBI came for a visit. At least I wasn't one of our guys who found a half pound of crystal meth so pure they had to call in the DEA.
  12. It was 17F when I got home today. That's a new record low for today.
  13. Is email their preferred method of communication? I know some people don't hardly ever read emails and actually prefer face to face conversations or calls over the phone. We work different schedules so email is the only way I can get ahold of them without being rude... "Hey, dude, I wanted to-" "It's 9am. WTF? I only got off work six hours ago."
  14. I sent it a few days ago and gave them two weeks to get back to me. Since almost all of the people have already gotten back to me, I don't know why these guys haven't. I know they're not out of town or super busy. Given their history, I actually shouldn't be surprised...
  15. So, last week I had an idea for my birthday (which is in March). I thought I'd rent out my friend's game store to help him out, and I can't host a thing in my studio apartment, and I sent him an email. He said I should start the ball rolling, so I sent out an email to most of the people I know. Most have responded with interest, but a few that I have known for 14-15 years haven't bothered to at least say that they were interested. I'm now even more hesitant about the idea because my friends have a way of cancelling at the last minute or forgetting things and sleeping in. All I want is to hang out and play games. How can you not be interested in that? I really need to proof-read more after getting home from work.
  16. Given that the OP was pondering some future Reaper version of aerial delivery you would think it might involve Harpies, Winged Gargoyles or... ...Succubi? Succubi would make he most sense to me... ' I see you've got miniature A,B,and C in this order.' Smiles and bats eyelashes 'You know, miniature D and E would be a great compliment to these three, and paint X,Y and Z would look great on them all. You should reeaally go ahead and order them.' Maybe we can get a steampunk amazon Sophie. I support this.
  17. I really want to just lay on the floor, rolling around and screaming like a five year-old. Sadly, I'm an adult and that's not acceptable behavior.
  18. I for one welcome our new package delivering robot overlords.
  19. That's beyond messed up. That's 'take a tack hammer to someone's face' level of response. I hope they just somehow forgot to put the mini inside the package and they aren't completely trying to screw you. I doubt that's the case, but you never know. A friend of mine ordered some 40k stuff a few years ago and waited a month before contacting the seller. The seller thought they had shipped it because it wasn't in their house. Low and behold, the package was in the truck of their car, all ready to be shipped out. They doubled his order for his trouble. I'm not suggesting anything, but I haven't broken someone's legs for a while... Just going to point that out to you...
  20. I honestly should have expected a campaign like this when, on the first session, the group accidentally caused a goblin orgy.

  21. That is the best way to handle the death of loved one, for me. I am sorry for your loss. To be random, I just updated my gaming blog. I realized I hadn't for 3 months. I need to be more reliable on my projects...
  22. Well, last night was surprisingly free of half-naked men, crazy drivers and other such issues. On my way home I did notice an uptick in the homeless walking about town. You know what's the best Christmas music? Twisted Christmas. Here, let me show you:
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