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  1. Book: Stephen King's The Stand. Shows humans at their best and worst, showcases our ability for good an for evil. Movie: Ordinary People, with Mary Tyler Moore. Song: Imagine, by John Lennon. After the other two, it shows our ability to strive to be better than we (sadly) are. Glad to see that I'm not in the minority for choosing The Stand. Here's another one for you, but not as deep: last movie you saw that you enjoyed?
  2. This is a question for the sages, not us mere mortals, amigo.
  3. Here's a deep one for you: Aliens show up at your house and ask you to show them one book, one movie and one song that they can use to understand humanity. What do you choose and why?
  4. Be glad you don't end up in the Friend Zone like many nice guys... Oh, god, I'm so alone...
  5. I understand enough 'woman' to know that I am out of my depth and usually manage to steer clear of making the really big mistakes in conversations with women.
  6. "Dad? Dad I'm- … y- … Not a crazed gunman, Dad, I'm an assassin! Well, the difference being one's a job, and the other's mental sickness! [to audience] I'll be honest with you— my parents... do not get me." (The Sniper, Team Fortress 2's "Meet The Sniper") Because everyone needs to see this:
  7. Last night... Early this morning, I came within a hair's breath of punching someone in anger. I don't think I've hit someone in anger in maybe... 15 years? But I came so close. I would have lost my job and gone to jail. There's was a little part of myself that said "Do it, it's totally worth it." Somehow, I managed to take a step back and call 911 instead. Always fun to see them run when they realize that, yes, the police are on their way.
  8. I've been having a miserable week. But, I did find $20 on the ground at work this morning. It's mine! All mine! I freely admit I used part of it to buy a candy bar.
  9. The nice (and cute) Ukrainian girl from my office keeps calling me, trying to get me to come in for more hours this week. Sadly, I know that my bosses are making her call me because I'm nice to her.
  10. That better be one pimped out cane. Nope, just a basic one that isn't covered in 'girly stuff.' Now, when I get the insurance pay-out, there will be so many pimp canes! Pimp canes for everyone! (Except pimps are really evil people and shouldn't be idolized.)
  11. Thanks for the advice, guys, but right now... I just don't care about the little plastic dudes(at this moment). I'll just wait for retail. There wasn't all that much I really wanted, so I'm okay with that. Besides, I'm sure there was someone who really needed that Wave 2 spot more than I did. The plus side is that I can buy the cane I wanted with the money I've got left over from everything.
  12. I love how a medical bill had to pop up today. Of all days. So much for my Bones II.... If anyone needs me, I'll be planning the demise of modern medicine.
  13. Quick, there's a Wave 2 core spot open! Edit: I had to bow out because of a $135 medical bill landing in my lap. Not happy at this moment.
  14. Welp, I think I'll be breaking my f5 key (again) over the next 30 hours. I just hope I can afford everything... I can live off ramen if I have to!
  15. I rarely have dreams about people I know, but I have been known to have dreams in other languages. And now I want to see a tiny Cobra Commander goblin fighting Freddy Krueger comic.
  16. I don't read biographies, but this is one of the exceptions. Everyone should read this book. I'm re-reading Night Watch. No, not Discworld. The Russian one. Haven't read the books yet, but I liked the movies (Night Watch and Day Watch). The movie of Night Watch only covers one of the three major stories in the Night Watch book. I enjoy the movies, but I feel the plot of the books is far superior than the movie. The author wrote a fourth book (Last Watch) and makes little jokes about the differences between the book and movies. Day Watch is nothing like the book of the same name and doesn't have all that much to do with the book plots at all. I didn't like it as much as I did the NW movie, but I'm going to re-watch it tonight. Hopefully, a second viewing will allow me to enjoy it more.
  17. I don't read biographies, but this is one of the exceptions. Everyone should read this book. I'm re-reading Night Watch. No, not Discworld. The Russian one.
  18. You know what I don't like? Jury Duty. You know what I like less then that? Getting called to jury duty twice in one month. You know what I like even less? Making plans to get from work to jury duty in the 61 minutes my work gives me to make it there, then have my jury duty cancelled. Again. Some days, you just can't win for losing.
  19. That's better that my first Halloween costume when I was a kid. I was a box of Pampers. I still have not forgiven my parents.
  20. Okay, I'm guilty of the first one, but I didn't realize I was writing it wrong. You have educated me this morning.
  21. I was working at an event, checking IDs, and me and another guy started asking all of those questions to people when they were trying to get wristbands. Conversations when something like this: Me: What's your zip code? (a common question to catch people with fake IDs) Them: 9**** Me: What is your quest? Them: Me: What is your favorite color? Them: Um, what does this have- Me: What is the capital of Assyria? Oh, those were good times...
  22. I can do a Russian accent, should you need that in the future.
  23. I'm trying to get my Hunter game off the ground, but it looks like one of the players isn't going to be able to keep up with the game. The reason? His girlfriend is pregnant with his kid. They're 19. They're working out what they're going to do, but I think this is one of the best reasons I've ever heard for cancelling on a game.
  24. Okay, I've got a real-life random encounter from work last night: I see this girl run down a set of stairs that leads to nothing but people often use to pee in (gotta love drunks) and I go around to the other side and lean over, shining my light down on her. Before I can say anything, she says the following: "I don't want any god damn cookies!" I explain that I'm not trying to give her cookies, I'm trying to figure out why she's running down stairs to nowhere. She then explains that she was just in someone's place and had to run away from him because he was being weird. A friend of her's turns up and she goes on her merry (and very intoxicated) way. Later on, I come across a guy with his keys locked in his car. The car is running. I offer to call a locksmith. His solution? Break the window. He figures it'll be cheaper. Then, he can't even break the window. He breaks the rock before he breaks the window. At this point, I bail. Let him explain it to the cops if they roll by. I swear, I can not make this stuff up.
  25. Things that I like about work: The quiet. Being left alone for hours at a time. The peacefulness of the river at night. Things that I don't like about work: Having to 86 someone for running around naked after telling him, flat out, "No, you can't run around naked on someone else's property. You have your own home for that." Full moons are the worst, I tell you.
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