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  1. I am so mad at myself for not thinking of saying that! In other news, I ended up ordering Rogue Stars and Black Ops from Osprey Wargames. Do we have threads for these Black Ops?
  2. Last night, while walking back from 7-11, I saw a coyote hauling tail down the road. Once the fear had faded, it was rather amusing. I was afraid because I thought it was going to turn towards me for a minute, and I didn't know if there were going to be more when I got up there.
  3. So, this is 2022... Isn't this the year Soylent Green is set in? For those of you who are interested, I was able to run my zombie game. As I was stuck at desks three times last week, I was able to come up with a lot of content. The players made it through one page of it, so that was much better than I expected. I had their helicopter crash in the woods (they were, of course, the only survivors) and then they made their way to the lake they had seen while in the air. Where they found a cabin. In the woods. What can I say? I have a fondness for the classics. Since I've got all these notes, I'm going to type them up and put them on my blog, so someone else can use them and run their own version of it. I tend to look at resolutions like to do deadlines, I like they sound they make as the whoosh by. However, I am trying to make a list of things I'd like to do this year. One of my things is to get to painting on a semi-regular schedule. I keep buying more, I should make them look cool. Not good, because I'll never be good, but so long as they look cool, I'm okay with it.
  4. Like they have much else to crow about... The weather has been weird the last 24 hours. The temps went up and all the snow melted. And then when I got up last night, it was freezing. Like, literally freezing. After I got to work, it started to snow. And it stuck. Not much to it but it was enough to slow me down. And then it stopped. And then it rained. And then, in a very much F-U, it started RAINING and SNOWING. So. Yeah. I'm very much done with this wintry crap! In other news, we have settled what game we're going to play: All Flesh Must Be Eaten. When we last left this game, the characters had gotten on to a helicopter and gotten out of the city... And then the engines started making an odd sound. So, yeah, perfect place to pick back up AND give me the perfect place to introduce new characters. Man, 2019 me was thinking smart.
  5. Well, thanks to the "winter storm" and Omicron, my little group have decided to play online. Now, the battle begins to figure out what game to play...
  6. OHHHHH, BURN!!! Last night, I got to spend the night at the desk. Since I picked up the Cyberpunk 2020 core book (my second copy, I mean), I took that and some supplements with me, to look over them. I ended up with the Fixer book that a friend of mine sold me, because he accidentally bought it twice, and, um, yeah. I found out that they made rules for *cough* um, shall we say "ladies of the night"? I mean, C2020 has been very progressive in a lot of ways, and it is a dystopia, I was just surprised. And I really hope I never end up with a player that wants to play it. In weather news, our "winter storm" finally arrived. It's not much but it's enough to cause problems. Downtown has a whole lot of nothing but what little there was starting to freeze on my way home. Out where I am, there's enough to wear my "cleats" when I'm outside. It looks like this is going to be off and on for the rest of the week. Fun times.
  7. Well, no snow yet but it's in the air. I really don't want to work in it but that's the job. Which reminds me that I need to get my resume finished...
  8. Ugh. I keep forgetting to keep up with this thread. I've actually been busy lately. For a wonder. I made the mistake of going to a Powell's Books location yesterday morning. You see, my work gave my a bonus in cash and I figured I'd use it on books. I picked up a few things that I'd had my eye on for a while, like another Cyberpunk 2020 core book (mine is old and was bought used maybe 20 years ago?) and the 2nd Edition of FrostGrave. I spent maybe 15 minutes looking around and checking to see if there was anything else that I wanted. I then spent over half an hour in line. Of course, I got stuck behind a guy who kept looking at stuff, with a couple in front of him that were doing the same, making me want to scream. Like, I've been avoiding crowds for a while now and with the latest developments in terms of the pandemic, I wanted to get in and get out. It was draining. But, I got what I wanted and I'm happy with that. I hope those of you who celebrate the holiday today have a good one. I think I need to recharge my batteries still.
  9. I agree with this statement but I still want to own it. The last time I went looking for it on DVD, it wasn't affordable.
  10. I decided to watch Passengers. It was okay. I mean, the visuals were great and I liked the concept of someone waking up on accident but... The whole "waking another person up because I'm lonely" made me very uncomfortable. I finally got around to watching Alexander: Director's Cut. It was okay. Again, great visuals. But more things that made me comfortable and some very interesting choices with the story. I didn't like the jumping around in the narrative, it was hard to keep track of at times. And I started to fall asleep towards the end. Partly due to exhaustion and partly due to how lost I was feeling. I may have to give it another try when I'm not tired.
  11. I had four days off and I barely got anything done. Except for taking the Turbo Scrub to the bathtub. It's great for that, just saying. However, that means that I'm going to be putting painting off. Again. Tell no one.
  12. Funny, as for NYE, I'm going to be running the Deadlands (Classic) adventure "Guess Who's Coming To Donner?" for some friends... Last night, I went to a bar with a coworker and his girlfriend. It was a vegan bar but they made good perogies. I impressed a table full of hipsters by downing a double of Jack Daniels in one go. I'm kind of sad that they found that impressive. In other news, I've been working with some Bones I bought a while back, as well as some new ones, and I like how easy it is to get them bent back into shape. I was also happy to see that the boiling water trick works with Bones Black.
  13. Sorry about kind of vanishing for a bit, work was crazy and I was tired and trying to catch up on stuff. Speaking of work, last week was a nightmare and I mentioned to the HR person (who had to cover the desk) that nights like that make me just want to quit, I'm so overwhelmed and ground down and just... Done. She says "please don't quit." As soon as I leave, my coworker overheard her saying that I'm "easily replaced." So... I'm going to give her the chance to test that assumption, as I'm applying for other jobs. Also, if I go, two of my coworkers say they're going to quit, too. We're all currently planning our exits, trying to time it around the same time. It other news, I got a summons for jury duty tomorrow but my number wasn't selected, so I get a four day weekend. One of which has been wasted waiting to find out if I had to do jury duty tomorrow. And I've been waiting for the apartment's "blinds guy" to come measure my window all damn afternoon but I don't think he's showing at this point. And since I work nights, I kind of NEED blinds...
  14. May I suggest keeping Teenagers From Outer Space on hand, if you need something to run on short notice. Or you want really lite rules... I have a review of it. My dad's oldest sister had Alzheimer's. And his father had Dementia. And so did my dad's younger sister. Who took care of her father while he had it. So. I feel your pain. Especially since my aunt died from Covid before I had a chance to say goodbye. It's not just Christmas in July, don't forget our fair friends who live on the other side of the equator and get their cold weather when we're melting...
  15. I posted it on Twitter and tagged their account but got nothing. I guess I don't have enough clout. No painting got done. I did get some cleaning done and wrote out a rather long review and thoughts on A Silent Voice. And since I had enough money, I ordered the movie, too. No idea when that will turn up. I also spent some time talking with my mom via text about art. Today has been weird.
  16. Well, work has been a mess. Previous shift boss doesn't do his job and left a ton for the rest of us. Had someone call out and they stuck someone else at the desk. The person who works our desk got called into a meeting with the bosses because someone else has been going off about how little the desk people get paid. And I'm really mad about this. I want these folks to get paid more but me saying anything about it will not help. I am willing to support them, when they're ready to make the moves for the pay, not start stuff with the people in charge over it. Thankfully, federal law allows you to discuss your pay at work. For now. It's just a big mess and I'm tired of it. I keep looking for jobs but nothing is really looking good right now in my industry... In other news, I got Carl's Jr. yesterday and had something very odd happen. I ordered a burger and a spicy chicken sandwich. I ate the burger and was still hungry, so I grab the chicken sandwich. I take a bite and the meat is a bit tough, kind of weird. As soon as I got my teeth through it, there's a rush of air. I thought there was an air pocket or something in the patty. No. There's no meat in the patty. It's a hollow breaded thing. I was more confused than anything else. Like, it looked exactly normal and I didn't notice the difference in weight because of the bread and lettuce and so on. I got a refund and put it in my fridge. Since I got it delivered, I'm thinking about walking up there tomorrow and showing it to them. I'm not mad, I got my money back, I think they might get a chuckle out of it.
  17. To quote an old Carl's Jr ad campaign: If it doesn't get all over the place, it doesn't belong in your face. Work has been... Interesting. The guy that I found asleep? Yeah. He did something else weird that day, that I don't want to get into, but he's getting fired tomorrow. So not my problem. The servers went down as I was trying to clock out this morning. That was... Unpleasent. I'm almost done with my Amazon crew for Ghost Archipelago. I was hoping to finish them today but I got busy yesterday and I don't have the time today. I also need to prime a pile of minis.
  18. So. I read all seven volumes of A Silent Voice before bed yesterday. Really played with my head but it was a good read. Deals with some very hard stuff, especially for nerds like us. I would recommend it.
  19. Got a fun one for you: I show up for work, get set to a place I was told I couldn't work out but they put me there anyway. While we're getting things figured out, we can't get ahold of the guy who's there. Work phone, personal phone, another work phone. Nada. My boss and I get there, find the phones, the radio, and the keys sitting out, but everything else locked up. We ask the person at the desk and no one has seen him since before 9pm. It's a quarter after 11 at this point. He also had another set of keys but no sign of those. We conclude that he just walked off the job and didn't bother to tell anyone. Cue me going to the bathroom over an hour later. In order to get to the bathroom, you have to go through a common room with couches and stuff. I'm in a hurry and go to the bathroom. When I get out of the bathroom, there's the missing guy. Just sitting there. On the couch. Staring at the window. Having seen this horror movie before (really, take your pick), I have A LOT of thoughts. I call out something like "(coworker) is that you?" He says it is, like really calmly. Cue that horror movie soundtrack, I swear. After I point out that it's an hour after he was suppose to leave and we've been looking for him FOR HOURS, he starts acting normally. I can confirm that he wasn't drunk. And he's in a ton of trouble. My guess is that he set that stuff down, went to the bathroom, and then sat down on the couch. And then fell asleep. I didn't check the place because I worked at this place for two weeks, several years ago, and had to ask where the bathroom was. It wasn't until I got there that I even remembered that the room existed. And I didn't see him when I walked to the bathroom because of a wall that blocks the view of the couch on the way in and is on the other side of where the bathroom is. So, yeah, I was glad I had gone to the bathroom first, because I probably would have let go with how odd he was acting.
  20. Painting has happened! But nothing new is finished. That said, I'm going to try to get some more work done this morning. I was thinking about my collection and I really want to get the "ladies of the night" and zombie strippers (peelers for our Canadian friends) done. In a color scheme that makes me chuckle. But first, I'm going to get some more work done on my game project.
  21. The rain finally stopped last night, so I don't have to worry about rafting to work when that comes up. Instead, we got fog all night last night, which seems to be hanging around. I don't mind it. Until I remember how much Silent Hill I've played. No painting got done last night. Instead, I was on a roll with the post-apoc game I've been tinkering with. I really just want to get it done. Or just type up the notes I wrote... A couple of years ago? Damn. I really need to get on top of the projects I start. I might also be hanging out with a friend later today. I'll try not to spend too much money.
  22. It's been raining for... A week? Something like that. My boots gave up the ghost about halfway through my night. I swear, if I tripped, I would have drown! I was suppose to run to the bank today but that's not happening. I'm ordering pizza instead. I actually have $20 in my wallet, maybe I'll go somewhere tomorrow and make it into quarters. Painting will happen tonight. I will make it happen.
  23. I have spent far too much money this month. And I got paid yesterday... Last night was better than the night before but I'm still going to buckle down and look for a new job. My tentative game plan is to save up some money between now and the end of the year, ask for a raise, and then get a new job when they say no. Because I could get paid the same for doing less. In other news, I think I'm going to try to work on painting up minis this weekend to relax. And since no one is free to hang out and play some games. I'm also going to try and get my post-apoc minis game (really just expanding and fixing one that was published a few years ago and appears abandoned) finished up and try to get some people to try it out. After that, I'll be ready to work on some other games, including the Raygun Gothic game I want to make.
  24. I already do something like that. I make errors when typing but don't bother to correct them just for that reason. I also write mine in a very particular way. And everyone knows this. But they're starting to do it anyway. And you think they care about harassment? I'm in an "at will" or "right to work" state. So, since there's no union, they can get away with a lot.
  25. I almost walked off my job today. Why? Paperwork. They don't want us to copy and paste. But the stuff we do is literally the same thing over and over again, so I have to repeat myself. I do try to change some things up but it gets so mind-numbly boring and I tend to go through patterns, so duplication is going to happen. So, they wanted to write me up. One of my bosses stepped in and said we would talk about it. We talked. If I had been written up, I would have walked. Because there are people who are copying and pasting. From my paperwork. And nothing is happening to them. So, I flat out said "if you write me up for this, and not everyone else, I will walk out the door." I have been busting my hump for months and this is what they want to talk about. Seriously. This is why they can't keep people. Don't mind me, I'll be putting in applications until bed time.
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