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  1. You're terrible. Terrible, I say!
  2. Well, The Faceless King is going for classic HeroQuest while I'm building off of D20. Look at it this way, you'll get TWO systems to use your minis for. But mine is better because I'm going to use the ChronoScope stuff.
  3. I'm in the middle of working on a board game for the Vampire level Bones based on the old HeroQuest game. Right now, I'm calling it "BonesQuest." If I get it finished, I'll be sure to share it with folks.
  4. While I was unhappy that my Bones didn't show up in March for my birthday, I am perfectly happy with how things are working out. I do feel bad for folks who ordered tons of stuff and hope it shows up soon. I also have respect for Reaper for communicating what they have and for doing what they've done. I worked in a warehouse for a few weeks and that was enough for me.
  5. I'm . . . I'm touched. "Now show us on the doll where the bad man touched you..."
  6. That's not bad as some of the USPS or UPS drivers I get at my place. I had one USPS guy throw a package on my stoop from a few feet away. Lucky for him, it was just books. But, because he didn't even knock (I was home and asleep at the time), it got stolen by a neighbor's husband. That was a whole ordeal, let me tell you... They also seem to say "Screw it" and just leave packages with my manager. Or how I moved from one apartment to another and some place I ordered from sent something to the old address (maybe 200-300 feet away) and the mail carrier took it there. I also love when they put packages under my doormat. Yeah, because that's not obvious. I let my manager know I was expecting a large package on Wednesday. She's pretty good about catching them if they leave something on my doorstep.
  7. Joke's on you, because there's nothing in it! (I blew all my money on Kickstarters and ramen.)
  8. I picked up a Rex to use for SpineSpur and I'm getting the four elemental heroines for a 'fun' painting project. I'm debating about making a diorama with them and maybe a few villains.
  9. Okay.... I'm just going to back away slowly before I run away screaming.
  10. Don't forget the nervous twitch under the eye before the laughter starts.
  11. This whole 'Goblin Sitcom" idea... It makee my head hurt.
  12. I have a stuff all over my place that needs painting. Thankfully, my Closet of Gaming is mostly things like terrain, things to make more terrain, painting supplies and the like... But, that's because most of my unpainted stuff is in smallish boxes...
  13. What... I don't even... What are you all smoking and where can I get some?
  14. God, I do not miss THAC0. At all. I'm also for turning 11 again when I get my Bones. I'm going to unbox them at a friend's game store, so I'm sure it'll go over well there.
  15. Okay, people have mentioned TFOS and Rifts. I'm having flashbacks to high school... ... And taking longing looks at my gaming books. Oh, the fun we had...
  16. SInce I work graveyard shift, I will be woken up by my Bones delivery. Or, I won't be and they'll have to re-deliver it...
  17. D&D and other RPGs are the most common uses for them, I imagine. I'm currently working on a board game that will require my Bones, because I'll have just so dang many.
  18. While I haven't gotten my Bones yet, they do look to be way more 'bendy' than normal plasics used on the tabletop. I don't think 'Bonesium' can really support any kind of large metal or other heavier materials attached to it. Sure, a hand with a weapon isn't going to cause an issue to a 32mm guy, but wings on a foot tall dragon are going to fall out in no time. Also, Bones are designed to be painted as-is; metal is not. Plus, Bones don't take too well to some primers. It sounds a tad too complex to be worth it.
  19. It wouldn't surprise me if the 'schedule' was simply the total number of orders divided by the number of orders they have to ship. Then, it'd be very easy to be 'ahead of schedule'
  20. Hah. I just created an account to join in on the conversation and someone has beaten me to my own punch. As of yet, I have no tracking data for the package but I expect it won't update until tomorrow. To update, I have tracking data. It looks like 4 days shipping, which I imagine to be standard for most of these Bones orders.
  21. Hah. I just created an account to join in on the conversation and someone has beaten me to my own punch. As of yet, I have no tracking data for the package but I expect it won't update until tomorrow.
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