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  1. I almost walked off my job today. Why? Paperwork. They don't want us to copy and paste. But the stuff we do is literally the same thing over and over again, so I have to repeat myself. I do try to change some things up but it gets so mind-numbly boring and I tend to go through patterns, so duplication is going to happen. So, they wanted to write me up. One of my bosses stepped in and said we would talk about it. We talked. If I had been written up, I would have walked. Because there are people who are copying and pasting. From my paperwork. And nothing is happening to them. So, I flat out said "if you write me up for this, and not everyone else, I will walk out the door." I have been busting my hump for months and this is what they want to talk about. Seriously. This is why they can't keep people. Don't mind me, I'll be putting in applications until bed time.
  2. And this is why I try extra hard to bring women in and make sure that they have a good experience. It's also why I don't go to game stores to play games. There was also a huge screw up involving the Colorado river and a flood of water from a huge gold mine. Because arsenic is used in gold mining. So, there's a few reasons why. And roll up their windows. I actually have a story I'm working on that shows that humanity would be a scourge on the galaxy if we ever got off planet... I had a bad night last night and got home to a jury duty summons. At least I get paid tomorrow?
  3. I don't blame anyone for not painting during the pandemic. In part because we all react to stress differently. The other part is that it wasn't just the pandemic, there was A LOT going on in 2020, especially towards the end. Even if you started up strong when things got back, I think everyone suffered some kind of burn out from... *waves in general direction of the last two years*
  4. I do realize that adulting is a trap. However, I do need to keep my living space some-what clean... I have a lighting problem and talent problem. I'm working on the lighting issue, I might even have enough if I move things around. But my talent seems to have hit the ceiling. Again. I mean...
  5. Has anyone seen A Silent Voice? Someone told me about the movie and I'm thinking about picking up the manga, since it's only seven volumes. However, I'm curious to hear what people have to say about the movie.
  6. You might need to check the temperature in Florida, because I actually got some painting in today! Not a whole lot, only finished two, but I did get some work done and I'm hoping to get more done this week. I also started a bit of work on priming the new batch but I'm forcing myself to focus on what is in progress. However, I do need to experiment with getting dark elf skin figured out... Of course, that does mean that nothing else got done. And I'm okay with that. Well, that's not 100% accurate. I did crank out a review for the anime blog and did a bit of work on the post-apoc minis game I've been modifying/creating. So, I got more than nothing done. However, no real cleaning got done or any other "adult" things that you're suppose to do when you're legal an adult. You know, putting things away, balancing your checkbook, etc. I'm also debating about starting threads here with what I paint but I'm not very good. I think I'd rather humiliate myself on my blog.
  7. *sigh* I really screwed up my plans to get ready for my change in schedule next week. I couldn't get to sleep and then woke up late. Ugh. I'm just mad at myself. I'll have to get stuff done before bed and just starve myself of sleep tonight to get things on track. I'm also on the hunt for a red metallic paint. I picked up Ruby Red from Reaper, which looks like a metallic on the website, but doesn't look like it in person. Suggestions?
  8. And what did you have for lunch? I had frozen burritos last night. I had no energy to make anything good yesterday.
  9. I'm quite familiar with SNAFU. It's been my life for the last few months. Eh. I'm just here for my check these days. We're going to lose more people and ask "why do we keep losing people?" Like they do every time. Honestly, I want it to fall apart so I collect unemployment and take a break.
  10. It's management that makes the messes so they tell me to clean everything up.
  11. You might want to pitch the idea of the co-op campaign in Oculus Spear. It's there. I wish they had done full co-op rules but they've got their own ideas.
  12. Orange is an interesting color but I don't know if it's something I want to work with for demons. That said, you tempt me... Yes. Especially going up from black primer. Indeed. I'm seriously debating about just taping a note to my boss' door that says "F- You, I quit! PS Eat my behind!" I'm just... Tired. There's too much going on right now and they keep making messes and I'm getting tired of being the one to clean it up.
  13. I already did pink, well, magenta for my CSM and I will never paint that much pink ever again. Until I actually sit down to finish them... However, I do like the idea of white/pale for it. There's a lot of metal on it, so I might just use black for the armor and helmet and other metallics for the various chains and stuff. Thanks. I almost want to take this as a challenge. Speaking of challenges, my work is screwing my schedule up on Sunday and Monday. They want me to get in half an hour before I normally get up. Which is very crappy, because they want me to train someone for a place I barely know, instead of the guy I trained a while back and has been doing a good job. Of course, they're sending him off to the Place I Hate, which he likes, not only because his usual gig has become a nightmare because of one client that is demanding a lot from us. It wouldn't be that much of a problem if we were, you know, remotely staffed. We're running on a skull crew, because we don't have enough for a whole skeleton! This also screws up my plans for painting and writing this week and next week. Because I have to slowly adjust my sleep schedule and move around things I wanted to do.
  14. Didn't we have a discussion (briefly and obliquely) a while back here about it? I made it through five of the six Resident Evil movies Halloween night. I also got a few hundred words in for my "not really NaNo but we're still involved" stuff. I'm kind of jumping around on a few projects, with one in focus. I'm just not logging the words. I'm also hoping to get ahead on my blogs (which both updated on Sunday) but I don't know if I can keep it up... I also failed to get started with painting again and it's annoying me. I got a big 'ol demon I want to get done. He's going to be my Executioner for Reign In Hell and I want to get him looking nice. I'm still not sure what color to do his skin... I'm kind of tired of using blue and red for demons (but I'm also going to keep doing it for some stuff) but I don't know what else to do. I know my Kali mini is going to be black/grey, like Drow coloring.
  15. *casts thread necromancy* So, I was looking over the Oculus Spear campaign and I'm thinking about trying it out. I now have two forces, a Lords list with Mephits, and a Judge list with a mix of slower demons, and I want to figure out which one to try the campaign with. Has anyone else given it a shot yet? Some pictures of what my Cabals are looking like right now.
  16. I finally got my AC out of the window. Well, the tube part. I actually had to use it yesterday, even though it was really cold the night before. I had to clean the filter so I haven't put it away yet. I need to get it broken down and the fans cleaned and put away. Because it's Halloween and there's nothing scarier to me that looking around and saying "Where the hell am I going to put this?" in my apartment. Since it is the spooky holiday, I'm going to be watching Overlord before bed this morning, before starting the Resident Evil marathon tonight. I'm thinking I might also prime up some demons to paint tonight. Or not. I need to clean up some more before I get to the chair...
  17. Well, I'm going to try and get things done tonight. I went to the store and bought some supplies but I keep getting sticker shock every time I go. I think I'm only going to spent $40-50 and walk out having spent $60+. It would be nice if wages were increasing enough to catch up... I really do need to get things cleaned up so I can reach my table. And sit in the chair. For some reason, I have a box full of pluck foam (that was used as filler in a bag I ordered) that my packrat mind keeps telling me I'm going to use some day. I have used some of it, and I do need/want to use some more of it but there's more that I'll ever use in there. I'll have to run it out to the trash tonight. I might sort through it first, set aside the stuff I know I'm going to use right away. I haven't been a complete waste of space tonight, that said, as I did polish off my review for the Ring novel for my anime blog. And have my Deadlands gaming story ready to drop. Both of which will be going out on Sunday. Because, you know, Halloween. And I think I am going to put on the Resident Evil movies Sunday night and just paint some minis. I wanted to have these batch done by the end of the month. I guess I can cheat a little bit.
  18. There's a reason Reaper has the whole HobbyQ thing. It makes it easier for people to get stuff without revealing how much of a degenerate they are...
  19. Last night was revenge for the last two, easy nights, I had. The rain never really stopped. I had to put my jacket, work shirt, mask, and hat in the dryer. Twice. My boots, which did fine in the last storm, failed me after about six hours. Not bad but not good enough. And since I've worn them down on the sides, because of my jacked hip, I almost ate broccoli on a tiled entrance. So, not fun. Oh, and they dumped some extra stuff on us, last minute. If it wasn't Friday, and a 3-day weekend for me, I've had quit. However, before I left, one of my bosses was talking about how I'm in the new "Employee Spotlight" thing they're doing now. Apparently, they're going to buy me something that's worth $20-40. It took me a minute, but I was able to come up with something. Which I doubt they're going to go for but I cackled with glee as I sent the link to my boss. You know that new Bones Black demon set Reaper released this month? Yeah. I sent that to him. He just kind of shrugged at it. I said I wanted to see how the big boss would respond but my boss said "Eh. I have a corporate credit card."
  20. I dislike sportsball so much that I didn't even realize how bad this one was until I read the replies... I got nothing today. I've spent the last two nights at a desk and last night I did some work on a sci-fi story I was working on this summer. I was looking it over and realized that I didn't really have a plot, just having some character interaction. Which I feel is important for the first part of the story (world building, characterization) but I didn't really know where to go from there. Since it's going to be a series, I figured out how to drop something in that will connect to the later stuff...
  21. I had a mini Scooby Doo marathon last weekend: Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island, Scooby- Doo and the Witch's Ghost, Scooby-Doo and the Curse of the 13th Ghost, and KISS Meets Scooby-Doo; A Rock n Roll Mystery. Those are all the ones I currently own. I am totally an adult. I think for Halloween night, I'm going marathon the Resident Evil movies. I might need to buy more alcohol for that...
  22. My reaction to this was... Different... Honestly, you have a game that can make people into your "friends" and/or control their actions. This is an interesting topic to discuss both in and out of game with those elements... Last night, I read Ring. Like, the book that The Ring is based on. I've read it before but not for a long time. I also own Spiral, which I might read this week. I also have a lot of the various manga versions of the stories. It's interesting how there's little hints about stuff that gets explored in the sequel but I was never interested in Loop. Too weird for me.
  23. How did you raise such a monster??? I think I'm going to sit down and watch all of the Resident Evil movies for Halloween night. I have managed to acquire all of them but I think I only paid for 3-4 of them? The rest were given to me. Eek. Glad you seem to be doing okay with it (long hauling is not good) and I wish your roommate the best of luck with it.
  24. I find that the TV used to consume much of my time off. These days it's split between the computer screen and my phone. I'm trying to get back on track. Trying. Tonight, I'm going to finish my write up of the Deadlands adventure and then put on some Scooby Doo while I try to clean. And paint, if I have time.
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