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  1. .. because they were a fine source of experience points. Then they came for the hobgoblins, because they were higher level. Next up, bugbears. But, where do the kobolds and orcs fit in to that scheme?
  2. Exactly my plan. The goblin lawyers are at the top of the list, however.
  3. You have inspired me to paint my giants from the Vampire set as Papa Smurf and Smurfette. I'm not sure if I should thank you or hate you.
  4. On Saturday, I went for a walk because, well, I needed to walk. Mind you, I put in about 10 miles a day at work, but I wanted a different walk. On my walk, I found a nature trail that I had been aware of, but had never really thought about. As soon as I walked inside, I entered a forest canopy and was starkly reminded that the suburb I live in is a wetlands. Well was at one time. Fun fact: when my grandfather did deliveries in this area in the 60's, he use to bring a shotgun with him so he could go duck hunting on his lunch. I then came home and pumped out about 15 pages of a story I've been working on.
  5. You might also want to run the pictures though some software... I think Picasa is the name I saw thrown around a while back? Some white balance, or some such thing, might do you good. I know next to nothing about photography but I do pay attention to what people say about it.
  6. Those are amazing. If you're going to do a lava well, put one of those medium sized see-through fire elementals inside of it, so it looks like it's coming out of the flames.
  7. Today's lesson: Just because you are unique does not mean you are useful. But, I'm sure your mother loves you anyway.

  8. That is awesome and you are an awesome dad, if you went along with it.
  9. I am aware of all of these things, believe me. I wanted to pick her up the moment I saw her... Okay, that sounded really creepy. I mean, I saw the unpainted version of the mini a while back on a website and wanted to buy it, but couldn't justify it. Soviet women snipers were badass during the Great Patriotic War.
  10. I wasn't in this group, but I heard a story about how a cleric (2nd edition D&D) somehow managed to kill a peasant after he cast stone fist. His character immediately turned Chaoitic Evil and got taken over by the DM. I wish I had been there for that one.
  11. That, my friend, is quite a dedication to plastic you have there.
  12. I pick up the most random things, so no theme at all. I have been wanting Ivanetta mini for a long time, but the cost has kept me away. I do plan on doing all the not-Sucker Punch ones, but I made myself promise not to buy them until I do the four elemental supers (sand woman, torrent, inferno and twister) because my queue is huge right now.
  13. Coming from someone who has held in too much stuff then made massive mistakes because of it, I urge you to talk with someone about you problems, Last Knight. Talk to a random stranger from the internet, like those above, or call a family member/friend you know and trust. For me, talking with people, or even just writing on a blog, helps me sort out my problems and release part of what has me stressed. I also offer an open ear and open mind, should you feel the desire to vent.
  14. The voices tell me thinks. Sadly, they speak in Russian so I have to guess at what they're trying to tell me.

    1. CaptainPete


      Things. God damn you keyboard, not reading my mind and making sure I'm hitting the right keys.

    2. Email2085


      That was just your Russian voice's English accent.

  15. If this were an isolated instance, you might have a point. But in fact he has been consistently abusive toward fans asking when the next volume in his latest series will be out. The skit was yet another example of that, though couched in "comedy". To play devil's advocate for a moment, how many times to you think he hears that same question every time he meets fans? If it were me, I'd start frothing at the mouth after the first hundred times or so.
  16. I'm jumping on the 'want to paint that mini bandwagon.' And I also second getting better or smaller brushes. I usually use 2-3 different brush sizes (one for base coats, one for details and one for dry brushing and/or washes) but making sure they are quality is the important part. My brushes have served me well, but have been abused to hell and back and I need new ones.
  17. I'd like to see a not-Cassie Hack from Hack/Slash. And a not-Vlad.
  18. They all want our precious bodily fluids.
  19. I hate lawyers, doctors and medical insurance companies. If any of you ever get in an accident, please be sure to get the best of those.
  20. Fixed that for you. As someone with the name, I get really tired of seeing that misspelling. My apologies, Neil. Fixed my post. It's no big deal, really. I have an extremely rare last name (only five of us in the States and we're all related. Oddly enough, it isn't a made up name and belongs to a Scandinavian royal house of some sort) and it blows my mind when people get that right then mess up my first name. It's the same name as the first man to step on the moon, and yet people still get it wrong. Now that Mr. Martin has finished his cake and opened his presents, let's hope he's back to writing for all his fans. Which I'm sure he loves, even when they demand things from him.
  21. Fixed that for you. As someone with the name, I get really tired of seeing that misspelling.
  22. I'm thinking about just getting these two:(in addition to my Ape-X replacement) http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/50276/sku-down/50276 http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/50226/sku-down/50226 and using the rest of my credit to cover shipping.
  23. Wanted beer or whiskey, ended up with ice cream. I don't know how that happened but my wallet is happier.

    1. Last Knight

      Last Knight

      Your liver, too, I imagine. (But screw that organ, it is evil and must be punished!)

    2. CaptainPete


      Pssh. I haven't had a drink in over a year and I don't take any drugs, so my liver can suffer just this once.

  24. I don't know who scares me more in that video: Neil Gaiman or George R. R. Martin. Sure, Martin is destroying a guitar, but Gaiman seems like he's ready to just lay the smack-down. I have to say, I've never picked any of Song of Fire and Ice books, but I did read the first Wildcards book and thought it was a good read.
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