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  1. My grandfather had something like that happen to a shed in his back yard. There were several jokes about how the problem had been solved. It sucks, but I'm glad you came out mostly unscathed. In other news, my friend just left after having dinner. She was pretty pissed that I didn't answer the phone and she had forgotten my address. I was trying to take a nap before she got here and I didn't hear the phone or anything. She was mad I 'made her wait' outside, but I explained that answering the door in my boxers would not have been fun for anyone.
  2. As Loim said, it comes from a lot of places, including art. I also use some minor color theory when picking colors as well. For example, I not too long ago I was working on this guy and I thought I'd give him a yellow shirt because it was an homage to Luke Cage from Marvel, as well as being in theme from the 70's he seemed to be from. Once I picked the shirt color, I went with a dark blue for the pants after a short debate about using purple. I kept the gun black, as I've been using silver for too many of them. I'm not done with him yet, but I think his medallion will be silver since his gun is a dark color and it will contrast well with his dark skin tone. Mostly, I just look at the mini and the colors appear in my mind's eye. When I can't make up my mind, I pick the one I think will work the best. I'm also debating about buying doubles (or even triples) of a few minis because I had too many ideas for the one mini.
  3. This is a good idea, so long as the weevil-to-rice ratio is high. I mean, I don't even really mind rice so much... but it's just not a satisfying meal unless it tries to escape while you eat it. The best part is, if it does work, you can re-use the rice until it attracts ever tastier things. Which I'm just going to leave that part up to your imagination.
  4. "Bring in the floating fat man!" My bathroom would now pass the 'mother test.' The test is simple: If your mother looked at your bathroom, right now, would she - Be proud? Tell you she raised you better? Disown you? Or shoot you?
  5. I do painting in big batches with long breaks between. I find that I paint more in the spring and fall (assuming it isn't freezing) and paint nothing in between. I keep rice in a Gladware container because it's easier to scoop out what I want. If I buy a ton of rice, I put the excess in ziplock bags and then dump them in the rigid container. As of yet, no bugs, rats or other issues.
  6. One of my issues with what I got is there's a crack in the side of the mold where the letter "R" is suppose to be. It won't affect how it looks when I use it but it does make me concerned for the longevity of the mold itself. There's also untrimmed bits on the face of the mold and I'm worried what would happen if I tried to trim them myself. I'm not exactly the best person to handle sharp objects...
  7. Unbridled optimism and faith in the triumph of the human spirit? Partly, not realizing how tired I was at the time I said "oh, yeah, you can come over tomorrow" and partly me not wanting to make my 'break-up' friend feel unwanted. I also forgot that I'm not just cleaning; I'm trying to completely re-organize my tiny apartment.
  8. I fail at cleaning. Why do I tell myself that I can clean up months of slacking in just a few short hours?
  9. Perhaps 'debate' is the wrong word to use. 'Conversation' might be better. In my younger days, when I had hard convictions, I was firmly in the subtitle camp. But, times change and dubs have improved greatly since the old days. Like I posted earlier, there's a good reason to watch it both ways.
  10. As many have suggested, read the books: 2001, 2010 (also a movie), 2061 and 3001. I feel they do a good job of expanding on what was going on in parts of the movie, especially the ending. And, just remember that HAL is just one step ahead of IBM. When I watched 2001 for the first time, I looked at it as looking at a piece of art. And, in my view, art is determined by the person viewing it. I enjoy the silence and the pure visual nature of the film, how it just plays out in front of you. I also enjoy the deeper things going on that you have to guess about. You have to understand, they were trying to make the quintessential Science Fiction Movie. It really took the genre to a different, higher level. That's my take, at least. I am of the opinion that the best art never loses sight of the audience. Art is, after all, a principal means of communicating otherwise ineffable ideas to other minds. One may not be making art for a mass audience, but one is always making art for somebody. Even if that somebody is oneself. I don't know. If it's for yourself, you can just do it in your own thoughts, you know? Without having to go through the imperfect rigamarole of making actual physical things. It's only when you have to convey thoughts to others that you need to make ideas manifest in art. If my wife is any measure, she makes art because she can't not make it. She has to get it out of her head somehow, and transferring it from the mental realm to the physical seems to work. It's also a way of thinking about and expressing one's thoughts, even if it is to oneself. Drawing it out (or painting/modeling/whatever) also gets the idea to a tangible level that can be manipulated, and may give new input to the thought process. $0.02 -Dave I agree, I can't stop thinking of stories. Even if I never put them on paper, now that I'm able to channel that creative energy, I can't stop doing it mentally. Even if I do take breaks from doing it physically. To go off (or is it on?) topic, I heard this classic last night at work: Her: It's a shame you're gay. Him: Well, I do dabble... Cue me trying to get away as fast as possible so I don't break out laughing.
  11. I'd have to look, but off the top of my head early 30s, Aussie (Brisbane, but you moved there from somewhere else), home owner, you haven't mentioned a husband but I presume you're in a long term relationship of some sort. I wanna say you work in a tech field, but I could be off. It's early morning out here. And something about allergies...i need to check my notes when I get up.Okay, most stand by what I said but you're in R&D at a food processing plant. It's still tech work, right? You have 2 overweight foundling cats, and you describe yourself as under five feet and "not slim". You also dislike strippers. How can someone not like strippers? Except this one woman I know who was bitten by a stripper once. Now, during the full moon, she puts on really trashy clothes and howls at the moon... For singles. Her husband is totally okay with this turn of events.
  12. For some people, it is. I just assumed, based on how nice people are on this forum, that it could be discussed without the usual name-calling and accusations of being members on National Socialist Workers' Party.
  13. You read what I said about the weather, right? Cross your fingers a wet front doesn't come in and we another Snowocalypse this week. One of the fun things of living in an area where snow is rare is watching the different groups in how they react: Those from the Sun-Lands hide inside after nearly killing themselves by spending too long outside. Those from the Godless-Frozen-North-Lands laugh at everyone else and spin yarns about how this is nothing in (insert home location here). While those of us who were born and raised here shrug and swap stories about being stuck in places because the bridges weren't plowed, the buses stopped running or the power went out.(Yes, all of these and more have happened when it snowed. The record is being stuck in downtown for four hours because the one bus I needed to back to my friend's house never came. It snowed six inches or less.) Edit: Oh, yeah. My Happy Seppuku base thingy showed up in the mail. I give it 3 out of 5. While nice for the price, I'm not yet sold on the product yet. And, this is just after I had to pack up my painting/modeling stuff for when my friend comes by.
  14. It's not the years, it's the mileage. ...also, while you're older than I am, I'm willing to bet I have more grey hair. I started silvering when I was 16... Funny, I started going bald at the same age...
  15. When it comes to sub vs. dub, I'm usually a sub guy. I feel you get a better sense of not only the translation of the line, but also the delivery of the line, which is just as important to me. Back in the days of VHS, it was $5 more for a subbed version of the same tape. With DVD, I usually watch a series twice if I can: once subbed to get a good sense of what they're suppose to be saying and again dubbed so I enjoy the art.
  16. Man, why did it have to get so cold all the sudden? Two months ago, it was 85 or so degrees during the day and 75 or so at night. Last night/this morning, it was 25 degrees. No snow, either. That's just not fair. And, with all your talking about cars, thanks for making me glad (yet again) that I don't own one.
  17. For your own sake make sure you watch the series, not the film. The film is one of those horrible condensed jobs that try to cram a series down into a fraction of the time and results in an incomprehensible mess to anyone that hasn't seen the series anyway. I saw the film first and hated it, when I watched the series later and saw all the missing material, characters and essential plot details it all clicked into place. I added the series to my Netflix queue, not the movie. That reminds me of what they did with Macross Plus.
  18. It's ok. You're in good company. Damn kids... Get off my lawn! I'm curious, what the heck is this thing for exactly?
  19. Don't get me wrong, I liked Gun Buster, but it was really depressing when you think about it. Sure, you saved the human race, but everyone you have ever known is so long dead not even dust remains. Plus, while Kazumi got to live out her ten or so years of happiness with her crush, Noriko is almost the same age she was when the series started. It's really about how much you can leave people behind... In my view, that is.
  20. I really liked it. A nice way of cleaning your brain from their other stuff; not just Eva, but the depression that is GunBuster and the like. Also, amazing music by the Pillows. I'm kind of surprised that no one has yet mentioned the anime that most people (in my generation at least) started them down the rabbit hole: Sailor Moon. Yeah, I'm a guy and I liked it. Wanna fight about it?
  21. Very well put. I agree, except I'm not all that well-read in the classics or poetry.
  22. Yeah, I'm still rocking my PS2. I got a new TV to play the PS3 my dad just dumped on me months ago... But, you know, effort. That was my real problem with the thing, plus the heavy focus on the PlayStation stuff. Felt a little lop-sided. I get the feeling by posting here, you may have thrown their age demographics out of wack. Yeah, cause we're a bunch of old codgers around here. I still remember when the height of gaming was playing Oregon Trail on an Apple IIe. I was too old parent-ally restricted to have been into Atari, though my cousins had one. Oh, those were the days. But, I remember my Commadore 64 and the Ghostbusters game better.
  23. At moments like that you should instead hunt on the internet for better job. File this next bit under: Important Safety Tips. Job-hunting and wing-walking have something in common. And, that would be The First Law of Wing Walking: Never let go of what you've got until you've got hold of something else. That's why I don't just quit. I'm also working on getting things going more my way. The advantage in being in a company for several years when most people don't make it more than six months is being able to call in favors from ages past. O_o *locates, waves at, and then destroys ninja spy camera* @CaptainPete - Sounds like you had quite the adventure! Husband's family is from Portland, and my family moved to Vancouver several years ago. Incidentally, it makes me happy to run into people from that area, only partly because I don't have to explain to them that no, I'm not from Canada, and no, I'm not from D.C. It's Vancouver, located in the state of Washington. It's usually easier to just say that I'm from Portland. As far as the kind of people one finds in Portland, at least they're substantially more interesting than around here. Everyone here seems so...the same, in a way I've never been able to put my finger on. Part of it is probably because most of them grew up in Idaho, and...never left. --OneBoot :D Yeah, when people talk about Vancouver, I always assume the one across the river. I do enjoy going up there in Washington and slapping down my Oregon ID to avoid paying sales tax. I swear, you get away from Vancouver and Seattle and you can break sales clerks by doing that. These days it's more the Arizonians and Texans I want to dump in the river. Go back to your sun-blasted wastes, you cretins! As someone who grew up and spent the vast majority of my life there, I guess I should take umbrage to that or something. But it's been long enough, and my heart is entirely given over to the Pacific Northwest now, so I suppose I'll let it go this time. Heh...yeah...I guess it is pretty easy to tell when I'm online. LIKES FOR EVERYONE!! That and the distinctive footsteps; won't hear many other forumites go *clump step clump step* when they walk. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D It's weird to wake up and find over a half dozen likes from my random postings.
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