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  1. Japan has a 'thing' for little girls in skimpy clothing. Its the creepy fedora wearing art student of the world. The one with the acne and the sad belief in his own intellectual superiority.

  2. I managed to crank out five pages in a short story I've been meaning to work on all week. Unlike the last thing I wrote, this one isn't dialogue heavy so those were five very dense pages. I should be in bed right now, but I slacked off on starting the laundry. Oops. Edit: I've also discovered that Dubstep style music is the best kind of music for me to listen to while writing.
  3. My grandfather died last year and his mental state degraded pretty bad near the end. From what I understand, he would grab a hold of the stings on his PJs and act like he was flying his plane, shouting orders and the like. I guess it scared my aunts and dad who were taking turns watching him at night. I remember several years ago, I stopped by and spent some time with him. I asked him about the war and his experiences, and he told me that it 'right behind' him from time to time. When I asked what moment was the one that came back the most, he told me the following story: It was late in the war, just before the Allies pushed in to Germany. Dutch (my grandfather, the name he picked up in the service and carried until the day he died) and his squadron are stationed in a town so close to German border, they spoke German in the town. Him and a few of his buddies go to get a beer at a pub, and are told to wear their pistols because it's one of 'those' towns. They have a beer, just one, and quickly leave. Of course, Dutch got 'lucky' and it was his beer they tampered with and he's grounded for a few days. During that time, his unit gets orders to move north, and leave him and his plane behind. When he's better, they tell him to fly over the front and then he'll figure it out from there. While he's flying over the front, both sides, the Germans and the US are taking pot-shots at him with their rifles. And that, ladies and gentlemen, was the moment that followed him until the end. He told me a bunch of little stories, like when a guy from the 101st airborne tried to hitch a ride on his plane during Bastogne. Had his parachute and everything.
  4. Lifehack, by Joseph Picard, and it's sequels, is more sci-fi than fantasy, but they do have a lesbian main character named Regan. I've only read the first one, but it was pretty good. Was racking my brain for books with lesbian leads last night and was unsuccessful. Woke up this morning and BAM! subconscious smacks me in the face. The Fifth Millennium books (shared world fantasy/post nuclear war series) by S.M. Stirling, Shirley Meyers and Karen Werhstein have a pair of heroines that are lovers. Although to honest, Sh'Kaira is not particular about gender when she is in the mood. Either way really good series if you can find it, plus the cover art on some the paperpbacks are Elmore so what's not to like. The books haven't been in print for a while (I spend year tracking them down in used bookstores) but they were published by Baen so they may be available in e-book format now. I tried to respond to too many responses yesterday (I guess there's a cap on 'quotes' as well as likes?) so I'll just say that I've added all of your things to my list and I'll investigate them when I get a chance. Thank you all for your suggestions. I'm very sorry to hear this. I hope things go well. As well as possible, at least.
  5. I really have to say, it was the post-LotR era that burned me out. I also read some of the older FR novels, but those got old pretty fast (Gee, how many bad guys can Drizzit kill this time?). I might give some other stuff a shot, but not at this moment. Never read what you're writing, I say. I'll add it to my list. Damn, I forgot all about The Walkin' Dude, The Hardcase, MY LIFE FOR YOU! BUMPTY-BUMP! So, there's gay male main characters about these days, but what about gay female characters? I've found that many writers who try to do lesbian characters turn them into 'guys with tits.' Anyone doing it better in the fantasy genre? And, for the record, I'm a hetrosexual male. I'm just curious about this kind of thing.
  6. "punching him in the nose and threatening to tell everyone he got beat up by a girl unless he says that stupid prophecy."

  7. Okay, here's my villains: TV: Ikari Gendo Movie: ......Drawing a blank right now, I reserve the right to come back later with a real answer. Book: Ozymandias from Watchmen. He's one of the few villains that I have agreed with logically, while vehemently disagreed with ethically. Now, I've got a question for you folks. I assume many of you read fantasy novels of some kind or another, right? I gave up on them a while back as there wasn't a whole lot of 'original' ones after the LotR movies came out. I got to thinking, and I was wondering: does anyone know of any fantasy novels that have gay or lesbian main characters? I know that there are some that people have suspected, but I mean, out-and-out, loud and proud main characters. Please note, I'm not asking if they're good books or your feelings on homosexuality, just wondering if they are any out there?
  8. If we're looking at old cartoon, how about some not-Thundercats? A lion man with a fancy sword, a tiger man with a whip, a panther man with a scifi rifle, a cheetah woman with a staff, and a pair of wildcat children. I prefer new-not-Thundercats. For one thing, Snarf wasn't annoying. Plus, everyone had cool back-stories which made sense. Darn them all to heck for cancelling it! DAAAAAARRRRNNNNN THEEEEEMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I sense some anger here. Would you like to talk about it? To stay on topic, I was thinking that I would like to see some non-TF2 character minis. I was thinking how much fun it would be to paint my own Heavy for games.
  9. Hah, you assume I have a car to wash! Since I'm taking the weekend off from gaming this week, I won't care how much it rains then. Which mean, of course, that it'll be sunny and I'll want to go out and do stuff...
  10. Coffee, no. Cookies, yes. Why is it that it rains when I want it to be dry and was dry and cold when I wanted it to rain? I need to work on my rain dance more.
  11. Man, I thought last month was bad. This month is already looking to be terrible. I am now waiting for the year to end. It's gonna be a loooooong wait.
  12. If anyone needs me, I'll be driving roofing nails in to my eyes.
  13. The time change happened while I was at work last night and I almost screwed up several hours of paperwork because I had forgotten about it. I want to just go to bed now, but I have to run off to run my Hunter game... Gah! I have to go off and have fun! Poor me!
  14. Sigh... I guess I have to go destroy all the Christmas music now... I'll get right on that. After dinner. Best inoculation against Christmas music ever: http://www.cthulhulives.org/solstice/ You will never be able to hear those tunes again without the urge to giggle madly. I prefer Twisted Christmas. I have their first three albums and listen to them at least once during the holidays. I'm quite sure that's a sentence never before seen in the history of the universe. What about when he testified in that Congressional committee about censoring music? It was the (un)holy trinity (maybe?) of musicians: Dee Snyder, Frank Zappa and John Denver. I kid you not. Fun fact: the committee was chaired by none other than Al Gore. I will never do NaNoWriMo. I enjoy writing, but that much pressure will make me fail. I'd rather write for me on my own timeline.
  15. I got woken up three times by the doorbell last night. I forgot to get candy on my days off, and since I had to work last night, I just stayed in bed. I was going to just put out a bowl and a sign saying "Take a few and leave the rest for everyone else" but that was going to require too much effort. I'm glad I didn't get asked "Is that your costume?" by people last night. No, it's not. I'm working. Now, please leave me alone before I call the police. If the Christmas music starts before the end of the month, I will find a way to destroy every last Christmas song ever.
  16. To quote several people I know (and I'm not anywhere near Boston): "I support two teams; The Red Socks and anyone who beats the Yankees." Personally, when I'm paying attention to baseball, I'm a Mariner's fan because of my grandfather and my friend's dad. But, I stopped caring about baseball a long time ago.
  17. Doesn't your entire city have a hangover right now? Who in their right mind offers free milkshakes with burgers on a day like this? In other news, trying not to do a 'pimp walk' while learning how to walk with a cane is very hard. I need more practice I guess.
  18. Funny how we're talking about cats... A stray (or I assume it's a stray) turned up in the laundry room today when I went to get my stuff out of the drying. Very shy but vocal. I had some food from when a cat used to visit me, so I set it out for it. Very weird to be walking in to the laundry room and have a grey blur run in front of you and dash behind the washers when you're not expecting it.
  19. You get waffles shaped like Texas. Racism. Not so much white/black like the rest of the south. No, here's it's White/Mexican. Not even Hispanic - specifically Mexico. i want to clarify why this bugs me. Around here people have the decency to be ashamed of the history of racism against those of African descent. But they are not ashamed of this. Like it's ok because this skin color is different than the one the press makes a big deal about. Does that make sense? I was kind of figuring it was something like that. I do kind of find it funny, as Texas was part of Mexico and we stole it fair and square (just like California and Washington state). How does it feel to live in a state that was it's own country, twice?
  20. I just finished re-watching Night Watch and Day Watch for the first time in years. I found that I enjoyed Night less than I did the last time but enjoyed Day way more than I did previously. I can't explain why it happened. Also, I'm still working my way through the books. The first story in the Day Watch novel makes me so, so sad. I'm not sure if it's the 'in love with your enemy' part, Alisa's death or the way that Zabulon uses her like a pawn for some larger goal...
  21. Didn't see it. Can't prove nothin'. I want my lawyer genie. Pssh. Come on, we all know that goblins don't get lawyers. Or genies.
  22. What's the best thing about living in Texas? What's the worst?
  23. "Just tell her Boris Ivanovich snores."

  24. Book: Stephen King's The Stand. Shows humans at their best and worst, showcases our ability for good an for evil. Movie: Ordinary People, with Mary Tyler Moore. Song: Imagine, by John Lennon. After the other two, it shows our ability to strive to be better than we (sadly) are. Glad to see that I'm not in the minority for choosing The Stand. Here's another one for you, but not as deep: last movie you saw that you enjoyed?
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