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  1. My best finds in that area and price range have been at state/county fairs and festivals. Hmm, I'll have to look into that. Thanks.
  2. Perhaps look into the Vampire Hunter D novel, "Demon Deathchase" by Hideyuki Kikuchi. This is the basis of the second/newer Vampire Hunter D animated film. I'd temporarily forgotten my obsession with the Vampire Hunter D novels when I made my last post. These vampires are certainly monstrous, but when compared to some of the humans in the book, the vampire in question looks saintly (that's a content warning there - disturbing material involved and I can give people a full content warning by PM for the first several books if they don't mind some spoilers). I also forgot that I recently read a book by a friend of mine in her Vampire Musketeers series. Athos is by force made a vampire and struggles deeply with himself over it and whether he should off himself before he loses his humanity like others who are turned. I liked it, but again, there's some content warning involved. Not necessarily as squicky as some of the stuff in the Vampire Hunter D novel, though. I guess those books fall under my umbrella as, "Cool in the small scale." and not under my aversion to the story being about vampires, which does still generally hold true. I had forgotten that movie even though I own it and have seen it in the theater. I was thinking more of 'vampire is a total, horrible monster of no redeeming value... But he really loves this woman and takes care of her and she has no idea what kind of monster (both literal and figurative) he is.' Since I know I'd end up with a Redeemer or Innocent in the group, it would work for the conflict in the group I'd want. I could give it a shot, if you still need someone. Shoot me a PM. I have no experience with it, but I do (terrible) accents. My dad grew up in the poor part of town and one of the things they would do for 'fun' was walk on the logs that were brought down river and kept floating until they were loaded on the ships. One time, my dad is walking along when one of the logs rolls and he is sucked between two logs in to the river. His friends are able (I have no idea how) to pull the logs just far enough apart to grab his flailing arm and pull him through the logs. He said it was like being crushed between two very rough and uneven rolling pins. He has been terrified of the water ever since... And I love to swim... To go on a random tangent (that's what we're here for, right?), trying to find a cane that is neither expensive ($50+) but not gaudy nor boring is proving to be very tough. I guess I'm going to settle for boring black until I can find something better.
  3. I think my favorite film vampires are the ones from the Blade series. They were monsters and human, but not too human. I like 'moderate' vampires; somewhat human but still monstrous, rather than the extremes of '30 days of night' on one end and 'Twilight' on the other. Great. Now this whole line of thinking has germinated the seed of an idea of a Hunter: The Reckoning game I was debating about running for Halloween... Imagine the hunters running across a vampire, begin tracking him down and make all their plans to kill him, and then finding out he's in love with some human woman. I think I can make it work. Oh, moral conundrums, how you make my games so much better.
  4. "Move to questsnear they said. Booming market they said. Nobody ever mentions the market's booming because some bloody lunatic blew it up!"

  5. I'm guilty of all of the Seven Deadly sins, but Wrath pops up a lot.
  6. I'm currently re-reading the 2001 series (2001, 2010, 2061, 3001). One of my favorite series and I would recommend the book of 2001 to anyone who likes the movie (which I also love).
  7. I have a new TV... Which is sitting by the bathroom door as I haven't figured out what to do with the old one and there's no way I have room for both. Plus, I need to re-organize my apartment for the winter (put the AC away, move things away from the heater, etc) and this complicates matters even more. I think I'll drop by the manager's office on Monday morning and see if anyone in the complex needs an old (but working) TV for free if they haul it away.
  8. "The only way to win is not to play." Damn it. You're making me want to play DefCon.
  9. I think one of my favorite co-op board games is Castle Ravenloft. Or as my friends and I call it: The Game That Hates You And Wants You To Die. It's fun, but my god, is it so brutal. At least you can just blame the card draws rather than a jerk player. Okay, maybe you get that one guy who doesn't want to follow the plan and goes off and does his own thing until he dies, but that only happened once... So far...
  10. The one time I played Illuminati, I had to use the restroom half-way though the game. My friends screwed me over so hard that I just gave up after another 45 minutes of playing. When I noticed that stuff they had done, they pointed to the rules and said it was okay in the rules. Not fun.
  11. I'd like to see some Cyber Reavers with rifles, miniguns and other two-handed guns. The thought of trying to cut some up and put in the weapons from the weapon pack gives me nightmares.
  12. Why do people slam doors? Once and while, I get it. But every time you shut the door? Really? In other news, I have worked out a way to cut a hole through my floor and am currently constructing homemade grenades because I can't sleep. This may or may not be related to the fact that my neighbors don't know how to shut a door without making my apartment shake...
  13. I once had a USPS guy toss a package on my doorstep. The package was then stolen by my neighbor's husband. I was home and asleep when all this happened. There is now a note by my door saying: "Ring the bell and wait 60 seconds before you walk away. DO NOT LEAVE PACKAGES AT DOOR!" My manager also chews out anyone who just leaves a package at the door.
  14. I love how my dad has forgotten two days in a row to come by and hang out with me. After calling the day before the first day to confirm. And, then calling after he missed that day to confirm for the next day. If his head wasn't bolted on, I'm sure he would have lost it years ago.
  15. Oh my. Oh... My... I think "Ravaged By Orcs" is the most 'normal' one of the bunch... I wonder, 'who the hell wrote these?' Then I ask myself the more disturbing question: Who the hell is reading them?
  16. I agree. There are a few, but a nice selection of modern (and I'm including 20th century soldiers in this category) military figures would be great. They would also need some opposition -- Germans & Japanese, Cold War-era Soviets, guerrillas and irregular militia fighters, etc. Oh, man, I would love Soviet military guys. Perfect for those Cold War spy games I want to run...
  17. The steak is marinating. The crab cakes are in the freezer. Once the dishes get finished and I get a chance to buy the whiskey, I shall have a night 'off.' The computer is going off for several hours, my phone will be turned off and I'm going put on the Venture Brothers. Gotta love Friday night.
  18. I quit watching network TV about a year ago. I use to watch old reruns in the mornings before bed (Dragnet being a favorite) but they switched the schedules around, so nothing good was on and I had to crash as soon as I got home. I haven't had cable for six years, and I kind of miss it. But, I realized just how much time I wasted in front of it while trying to find 'something to watch.' I do miss watching those old shows, reruns of things like Criminal Minds and things like NOVA and the news.
  19. There's four elemental lady heroes: Torrent Sandwoman Twister Inferno I was thinking I would enjoy some more modern military minis, preferably a modern SEAL with a Barret Light 50.
  20. That makes quite a bit of sense, now that I think about it. I imagine they didn't want to take the risk on a trilogy.
  21. Heh, same. I didn't always like his writing, but it was voluminous enough that I still got many hours of enjoyment from it. Yeah, some of his stories didn't do it for me and his writing wasn't the greatest, but he could pace a story like no one else. I think his stories really hit rock bottom after the USSR fell apart (Jack Ryan is president? Really?) Cardinal of the Kremlin is my favorite, with Rainbow Six and Sum Of All Fears tied for second.
  22. This song has popped into my head this week. Getting to see it live was amazing:
  23. I found out that Tom Clancy died this week. I am bummed out. I also had to tell my dad, and he's the one that got me reading his books.
  24. Thank you for being sensible. I get quite frustrated with people who plege the absolute minimum, make the kickstarter drag all through the month, and then pile on at the end with what they really want to spend. We can hit so many stretch goals this way, and entice new backers... it will be glorious. My issue is that I don't know if I can afford anything beyond the minimum until the end of the KS. I would rather pledge what I know I can afford now, then increase it later as I find things I want and know exactly how much I have. I might up my pledge by $20 or so, as the water elementals look awesome... Edit: Also, it's crazy to wake up to 10+ update emails for the first 48 hours of the campaign.
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