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  1. I'm trying to do too many things at once tonight. I keep telling myself that I need to get things cleaned up before I get to painting, as I won't do anything but that when I start on it and I want to get back to my blogs. The summer heat fried my brain, so they've been neglected for months. And with NaNo coming up, it helps to get back to putting words down on a sheet, you know? Of course, I got to thinking that I should get a post out on Halloween for the gaming blog, which led me to remember that I never did finish up the stories of the Ferner Five, the greatest posse to ever ride the trails of the Weird West. I get to work and then remember that the part I stopped at was the BOXED SET adventure for Deadlands... I guess I'm going to be busy for a while.
  2. Thanks for reminding me I have a hobo-knife in my bag I picked up this week. Going to clean it off (has dirt on it), check how sharp it is, and see where I'm going to keep it. It is the weekend for me and I am ready for it. It poured when I started work and I was so glad to have a dryer in the office. Myself and several of us working were drying our jackets, shirts, hats, and masks when we went on lunch. Dry clothes were damn near heavenly after being soaked. Just to deal with it for 4-5 more days, or so the local weather wizards say... And my much younger co-worker has taken to calling me "sempai" and I just keep telling him "you're not cute enough to call me that."
  3. I have texted. About once a month. To both of them. One was dealing with wisdom teeth and I forgot to get in touch last month (life got in the way) but we lose touch here and there, he usually texts back after a few. The person I haven't heard from in months is (was?) working odd hours. I texted him yesterday. If I don't hear back, I don't hear back. I can't force stuff like this. I also have something of his that I've been trying to return and... People come, people go. Such is the way of life. I've done my bit. If they don't want to get in touch, I won't force it.
  4. Ugh. I have not one but now two friends that are AWOL to me. I'm kind of bummed, as one of them has kept me sane for years. He worked where I worked, not the same job but we interacted a lot, and having him to talk to really helped me. I got moved and he quit his job earlier this year. We've exchanged texts here and there but nothing since July. I don't know what to do. Yes, I could call him but he works different hours than I do, so trying to figure out when to call him isn't easy. I'll probably just wait until he gets ahold of me. That's usually how this works with me. Nothing but silence for months/years and then we'll talk and everything is good.
  5. Shootings are up 25% nation-wide. Every neighborhood is getting worse these days. I found no that someone's guest in the complex is dealing drugs, so I get to monitor the main entrance on my nights off because I'm up all night.
  6. I managed to get pins into the Raft. It took nine of them. And my pin vise bit me doing it. I might just add rails or something to it instead. I don't know. I put poster putty to cover the pokey bits... I got no painting done. I was going to this morning but I'm tired. I woke up tired. So, I making some chicken and crawling into bed after I finish it. I'm going to get up early tonight and do what I need to do. The little lies we tell ourselves...
  7. Can we get a US WW2 officer that just has a pistol? I know we have the one guy in the coat (Colonel Drake?) but one in a helmet. It would also be nice to use for conversions for the weapons pack. And more motorcycles, please? I mean, I know we've mentioned bikers but I'd love some more sci-fi/cyberpunk ones.
  8. I ordered a lot of old anime DVDs. I got Paprika, Those Who Hunt Elves (which was what I ordered the lot for), a thing a Zatchbell episodes, Akame ga Kill (on BluRay), a bootleg DVD of Resident Evil: Degeneration (which I already own), and Planets. Now, that last one is... Interesting. The title is in Greek (confirmed via Google Translate app) but there's Japanese and English on the box and it's region-free. So... I think I ended up with a Greek bootleg of the show. I don't know. I do know that I'm not putting it in my computer.
  9. I got the Raft of the Damned and I like it. I don't like how sloped the top is but it looks cool and I'll probably put some pins in to hold minis in place. I'm going to grab two more for my Dark Elf crew in Ghost Archipelago, as they're, um, rather nasty folks. My plan for tonight is to get those Amazons I've had "in progress" for a while now. I might also try to get some cleaning done as well. Because next month is NaNo and I won't have any free time...
  10. I guess I ended up doing something mildly exciting. I sorted my wargaming terrain by genre. I have a (big) box of sci-fi and modern stuff; have a snap-fit tank, a police car, APC, 40k ruins, and other goodies inside. I have two boxes full of TTC Combat stuff for the tile set I picked up a while back. And I have a box for graveyard stuff and another for Western stuff. Now, I just need to get some games in. We will not mention that I also need to paint this stuff, as well as piles of minis. I've been trying to get ahold of my one mini gaming friend but he hasn't gotten back to me. We both got busy last month (him with infected wisdom teeth) and me with work stuff. I've texted him a few times the last couple of weeks and no reply. I'm only slightly concerned because we can go long periods without contact but I usually hear back from him by now... I suppose I'll have to play some of the solo games I've picked up (I just got a copy of Nightwatch the day before yesterday) to get my fix in. But it's just not the same.
  11. But it doesn't really work for minis games. You need the walls to block line of sight and stuff. Of course, now I am debating about buying two of them. Because I could use some old sprue to mark out the outline (or just the corners) of the building and swap them out when someone enters... And then I could use some of the graveyard fence and posts and make a little ritual thing... I never have interesting plans for the weekend! I seeing as I just woke up, late for me, we shall see how much I can get done while you Daywalkers sleep...
  12. My "large" Reaper order turned up and I put together the Obsidian Crypt I order... And I have... Feelings. I really like it, it's a great piece and I'm looking forward to using it. Except. The roof isn't designed to come off. And I am very confused by this. The floor is nice and I like the horrifying motifs on the inner walls but you have to take it apart to take the roof on and off and I don't think it'll survive doing that too many times. Also, it kind of sucks to have to choose if I want to be able to use it for the interior or just another building that I can't use the interior of. I'm very torn about what I want to do with it. And $30 is a bit steep to buy two (so I can switch them out). In other news, I got a Brinewind Drunken Mermaid poster (at least, I think it's a poster) with my order. Still didn't get a rock.
  13. Tomorrow, I get to wait around my office because I *have* to have a meeting with a member of management about gear. Of course, since most of our company works graveyard, we have to come in during late business hours because that's when management is there. Most of us get off between 6am and 8:30am, so makes perfect sense to have us come in between 10am and 6:30pm. On days most of us work.
  14. Victor von Doom is my kindred spirit. He's a terrible person but children go to bed at a reasonable hour in Latvaria. Thank you for reminding me that I need to sit down and watch that show. I "acquired" it long ago and never got around to it. Maybe I'll hook up the computer to the TV? Ah. The Riker Maneuver.
  15. Had someone die in one of the buildings I deal with at work. No idea what happened but she was a guest. The police were mum about it and I didn't get to talk with the guy from the ME. I also found out that there was a suicide there last week. "A hanging" was the exact word the cop used. Fun times we live in. Because this is the... Fourth? Fifth? death I've heard about in these buildings in the last month or so. I also heard that they're going to try and evict the guy who got shot a few backs. Before you have a response to that, I would like to point out that he refused medical attention, covered several walls/doors/elevators in graffiti spray paint, and was running around threatening people. After he was shot. Meth, hell of a drug, I guess. This is also why I don't talk about work much. In hopefully happier news, I have a game plan for getting some painting done this week. I did a whole lot of nothing this weekend. Okay, I did type up some notes I wrote for Ghost Archipelago but that's not really working on anything...
  16. Assembly line works really well for me. Prime a bunch, put down undercoats of skin and metallics, and then work on other colors, slowly building up and giving myself a chance to work on a bit at a time. I usually finish with the final skin layer.
  17. I've thought about doing Twitch but I have a face for radio. Wait. I have a face for blogs. There we go, a more modern reference... But, I'm really not that good of a painter so I doubt I would show stuff in progress. I have, however, been tempted lately to start a thread here to show off the stuff I'm doing for GA. Then again, that would also require me to finish things...
  18. GM/HBC is the devil and you will never be able to convince me otherwise... You realize that if you leave it out, people will do and see it? May I remind you want happened in the desert last year? I have a friend who lives in Kansas City. Apparently there's a bridge with a 12' clearance (I think) and truckers fail to realize this. Even with several signs saying so. The bridge has a FB page and it is a comedy goldmine... My friend calls if Chompy and I find it quite fitting. I woke up early to go get things printed out... Only to find out that they just changed their hours and closed several hours earlier than they did last week. I got five hours of sleep for no reason. At least I got Chinese food.
  19. I've been under so much pressure at work for the past... Three? Four? More? Months and I'm having trouble slowing down. It's like I don't have to rush everywhere but I did anyway. I did have to rush a bit last night, as I took on some extra stuff to help out a guy I trained recently, but nowhere near what I have been doing lately. I also ordered a lot of American WWII GI minis and I'm debating if I want to buy some of the Axis minis Reaper has to go with them. But I really don't want to paint them. Like, *really* don't want to. I might have to ask a friend of mine if he's willing to do it. He likes playing the "bad guys" in the games we play...
  20. There's one small problem with this that you might not be aware of... FB, being the evil entity that it is, made deals with a lot of cellphone providers outside the US, where regulation is lax and money speaks more than the people. So, what they did is got FB and Messenger on tons of phones, like, installed on them when you buy them. Even my phone, in the US, has FB on there and I literally cannot uninstall it. So, what else does FB do? Well, they pay those cellphone providers a good amount of money to keep FB, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp free to use. If you own a business, why would you let waste money on real phone calls and other apps, when all of these are free to use? It's simple, you don't. Now, there's tons of more problems with how this works (look into what happened when FB hit Myanmar if you want to see just how powerful one company can be) but the point is that what you see FB as and what the "developing world" seeing FB as are two totally different things. When FB and et al when down yesterday, things went poorly in other places. Sure, it meant that your unhinged friends couldn't post more stupid on FB but for others? It was much more devastating. I freely admit I had a laugh when I saw the FB was down but then I started learning about what those services mean in other parts of the world and I sobered up pretty quick. It terrifies me of a lot of levels how powerful we've let a "social media" company become. I also saw someone talking about how Google and Facebook should be represented in the UN and I think I just saw William Gibson appear in the sky... This is really the lamest Dystopia. I didn't even get my robot body.
  21. We've already had our "the ocean is on fire" moment this apocalypse... You might do what I did: I made my own. It's actually surprisingly successful (to a degree). I used the NaNo community here to kick it off. If you want more info, feel free to send me a message here. I have the perfect game for people like this. They deserve it. I'm also making stuff for GA right now. I bought the RCon terrain/adventure set and the sloop is perfect for the "small boats" you need, able to fit 4 minis inside. I really hope they start selling them separately. But, I'm probably going to order two more sets. There's plenty of good stuff I can do with the stuff in there...
  22. It's because of people like Traveler that I only game with people I know. He sounds like a real piece of work... I don't play 5e. I don't really want to (unless SpellJammer drops) but I wouldn't join a game of it. Because I don't play fantasy settings anymore. However, I don't rag on it. It is what it is and I'm happy people enjoy it. Like, it's not that hard...
  23. Which, due to intentional mismanagement, is now slowing down even more and raising prices...
  24. This how I die... Thank you reminding me that I should start putting together some rough drafts of obits for my parents. No one else I can dump it on. Since either one dying is going to destroy me, I should have something I can work with... Last night was a bad night. I can confirm that most cop shows with high velocity blood spatter are spot-on.
  25. I own them all. Weird and Wasted now. Either print or digital. *looks at map* *looks at plane ticket prices* *looks at wallet* *cries* I think it'll be a long while until that might happen. I hear blood sacrifices help. Or at least make me feel better. Sounds like an engineer or two wouldn't be missed... Yeah... I don't play Deadlands like that. I play classic. So, 2+ decks, fate chips, wound locations, and every single different die type. I have doubts that Roll20 would be able to handle it. Plus, I've had to make a few changed to the system over the years... We want to work, they don't want to pay us what we're worth. I only got a raise because I was talking about quitting.
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