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  1. I finished another mini today and I feel this in my bones.
  2. There's a Kali mini by Devil Inside that has a sword raised. They also make an Abraxas that has a raised Cat o' Nine Tails. The Rogaku Oni (77472) has a raised Tetsubo, which you might be able to modify. There's an assassin demon by Lucifer's War. Those are the ones I thought of right away.
  3. Some of my packages have arrived. I got some Luis Royo prints and a 2024 wall calendar, but I can't show those off for... Obvious reasons. I also got my copy of Night of the Creeps, which will be a fun watch in a few hours, and I got a copy of Pulp! because it was cheap during some online sales.
  4. The answer I want you to give is: "Depends. Are you willing to get me the stuff I need for napalm and an alibi?"
  5. I would rather be lit on fire and dumped in a moat made of gasoline and fireworks than deal with ice this year. I DO NOT miss the ice we used to get most winters... In other news, I give you this:
  6. Last night was... Not fun. Sleepy is still working for us, now on Swing. He managed to stay awake while I was there, and his paperwork was more coherent. I still don't want him around but I don't have a say in it. Yet. Had people call out during the day, so we were already below a skeleton crew when I got in. And then someone no called, showed. And their phone kept going straight to voicemail, as well as their emergency contact. So, things were *bad.* I was so behind on paperwork, as well as having to deal with Sleepy's, that I was stuck behind the desk for four hours. Okay, I did take some time to eat and zone out on my phone, but it wasn't much. By the time I got off work, I was done. Oh, and we're down one of the desk people like me, so we're super screwed. But I have two days off, I'm not coming in, and I've preordered some Thai food. Oh, and there's some packages arriving today...
  7. I watched the MST3K version of that one. Once. It was barely tolerable with the vicious mocking from the crew. In movie news, I have Night of the Creeps on its way to me. I was talking with some friends during Friendsgiving about Night of the Comet and now we're planning for a double feature soon. "Night of the..." double feature. I could probably pull off a whole "Night of the..." movie night...
  8. Well, we're about to be down another person. You see, we've got this guy I'm going to call Sleepy. You can guess why. He's fallen asleep in the bathroom at least three times. Last week, we had someone end up quitting without notice and one of my bosses decided to put Sleepy at a spot where we couldn't keep an eye on him. Lo and behold, he fell asleep this weekend. He didn't clock out, morning boss went down with a spare key, and caught him in a room asleep. He got called into a meeting, was told that he could not fall sleep again, and was suspended. There was a back and forth about just firing him, but I was not allowed to give my opinion. Anyway, with the walk off last night, the boss decided to have him come in and cover stuff. Less than four hours into his shift, he fell asleep while doing paperwork. I was able to take a picture of him without him waking up. He was snoring. Even the boss calling him wasn't enough to wake him up completely. At this point, I don't know what's going to happen, as they were going to put him on swing shift for coming in tonight, but I don't think that's going to happen now. And nothing of value was lost.
  9. Reminds me of that fake game they had an ad for in Ren and Stimpy. You know the one...
  10. Then again, people should be acting their wage, so... In other news, we had the one guy we have left who works out of the office that isn't me or the boss walk out last night. I don't know exactly what happened, something between him and his dad, so he just... Walked out. No, his dad doesn't work for us. After he got heated when I asked him what was going on, I decided to not ask questions, as I didn't want to be able to answer questions if/when the police come around. It sounded that bad.
  11. The Bones Black Cyber Monday caught me. Just a few things, like the shark butcher, as it'll also make for fun terrain.
  12. While funny, it's a photoshop. They didn't say that he fell, they tackled him and used the minimum force required to detain him. So, technically he fell... With assistance.
  13. Well, I just found that the DC multiverse minis game is going to be releasing a Supergirl as a Red Lantern mini and I just know I'm going to end up buying and then the game and then... You near that? That's the sound of my wallet sobbing already. EDIT: I ended up pre-ordering Supergirl, Guy, and the four pack of the other Red lanterns. From Spain. For a game I don't even play (that hasn't even been released yet). In Euros. And I don't even know when the minis are even going to be released. Because I am insane, I guess.
  14. I'm watching Night of the Comet as my obligatory Christmas season movie.
  15. Yeah, it feels like "Black Friday" is just November now. I live by a Best Buy, and it's right next to the 24-hour grocery store I shop at, so I've seen the crowds slowly die off over the years. The first year I lived out here, my ex and I went to go look at the lines that had formed. There was Best Buy, Old Navy, and a few other stores open and the lines were insane. People camped out for days before Black Friday. Now? Nothing.
  16. Fair. I've been very picky about what I buy these days, so it literally took me years to bite the bullet on the cost of this game. It's $45 new, but also 100+ pages longer than any of the other Osprey wargames. I chose it over Hardwired because I was disappointed with Nightwatch and Zona Alfa has a lot of wiggle room in it that makes me uncomfortable. I'm also thinking about picking up the Cyberpunk Red wargame, but the models will work for both this and that. I've finally finished reading through it and it looks good so far, but I haven't sat down to play around with it.
  17. Such a shame that he lost something because he didn't do his job right the first time...
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