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  1. I watched Star Trek: Insurrection the other day and it was about what I remembered. Very much a longer TV episode. I've also discovered why it started the downfall of Star Trek movies: The shaved Riker's beard. Since growing the beard made TNG good, taking it away is directly responsible for the train wreck that was Nemesis. The thing that really bothers me is how they tried to so hard to maintain the status quo. No mention of Worf losing Jadzia. Only lip service to the Dominion War. And, I mean, Ru'Afo? Rufio! Just... A little too on the nose. However, age and distance did make me appreciate it more than I did when I went to see it in theaters. It's not great but it isn't terrible.
  2. I read the books for "Planets of the UFP" and the adventure book. I rather like the idea of re-visiting worlds visited during early TNG just before (and perhaps during) the Dominion War. I mean, that's what the Enterprise-E was doing right? Couldn't risk the ol' flagship of Starfleet during the largest confrontation the Federation had faced in its history, right? Personally, I blame Rick Berman. Now, to work out a timeline so I can figure how to include the Cardassian/Klingon conflict and then the Federation/Klingon kind-of war... And figure out how to prevent my players from making this into Lower Decks. Not because I don't like it (I've been watching bits and pieces on YouTube) but because I can't be that funny.
  3. Well, I guess I'm going to be developing a Star Trek: The Next Generation RPG campaign for NaNoWriMo this year...
  4. I got to spend my night at a desk again and brought some older ST RPG books with me. They're the Last Unicorn version, if anyone is familiar. It appears that I'm not the only one with Star Trek on the brain. I also started working on an adventure idea but I'm now tempted to run something involving the Ba'Ku planet. Because they have it listed in the "Planets of the UFP" and I want to see if I can do something interesting with what I think was probably one of the worst movies. Which, you know, I bought for $2 last month.
  5. I'm trying to understand why my old phone suddenly doesn't want to recognize my bluetooth speaker... That it was able to connect with last night before I left for work. I haven't been able to do any painting this week. I hope I can today? We'll see. I also have to call my dad to see if he was vaccinated on his birthday (it was the 31st, he's 69 now, I've already made all the jokes) and if he's going to come by on Friday. That will probably kill my chance to get anything done today.
  6. Short order cooks tend to be poorer, in larger/multi-family households, and probably have multiple other "essential workers" in the house as well. Those are also big factors. I have to confess, when I see people complain about having to work from home, I have to walk away. I get it, it sucks to have to be home all the time, but some of us would literally kill to have the chance to do that. If I ever win the lottery, I'm buying a house out in the middle of nowhere and just never leaving. Seeing the current "cure fad" running around has made me throw in the towel for a good amount of humanity...
  7. Not that obscure, when there was a ST:CCG card for it. A *common* card, too. I think I have a few dozen... Necronomidol. I started following them in 2018. I was going to go see them when they were here for the Lovecraft Festival but my appendix had other plans...
  8. I will tell you that I spent most of last year waiting to die. I work in an industry that CANNOT work from home, that is public facing, and deals with the homeless a fair amount. I had people tell me they had The Virus and try to spit on me. My experience is very, very different than most of yours. According to CDC data, my job was the 8th most lethal (I think I'm remembering that correctly) during all of this. Just glad I'm not a short-order cook. They were number one. I spent the first three months just... Existing. After we got out stimulus checks, I told myself that I was going to get back into this hobby, as had been my plan for the year. So I sat down and put together a ton of minis. Dozens. I also bought more and put them together, too. I kept telling myself that I was going to get this stuff done before I died because, let's be frank, things were very bleak for me and most people I know. Things were really bad at the end of last year and the first month of this year. Only because the vaccines were getting pushed out, and the people I worry about the most, were able to get vaccinated did I come back to start painting all this stuff. I just needed a creative break (I did do a fair amount of writing last year as stress relief but didn't finish much, so no publishing for me right now) and painting these little metal, plastic, and resin people is helping me feel better as we swing back towards the edge. I feel like I have more control and don't feel as lonely when I focus on slapping paint on primer. Since I live alone, it's easier for me to sit down and just create than for those with kids and others in the house. I'm also trying to get as much painted as possible, so when this is all over, I'll be able to rope more people into the hobby and gaming. I've missed all of this and I'm glad to have it back.
  9. Ugh. I hate my Mondays. Thankfully, I managed to avoid the armed stand-off that happened tonight, so I'm going to guess that my Weirdness Magnet is giving me some time off. Or building up to something even more spectacular. Let's not find out, shall we? In other news, I am converting my co-worker to the cult of a Japanese "Dark Idol" group that I've been following for a few years.
  10. After several hours, I finally have a completely painted crew for Ghost Archipelago. This is quite the accomplishment for me. They may not be the best painted but they are painted. And, let's be honest, that's all that really matters. Right? Hopefully, I'll have another crew finished by this time next week. Of course, that does mean that nothing much else got done this weekend.
  11. Well, my painting has slowed down because now I'm working on sorcerers and wizards, and amazons. I'm hoping to as much done as I can before summer ends. Of course, the possibilities of being able to get together and play games keeps going down in parallel with ICU beds in my area.
  12. We call it "failing up" among us grunts but, yeah, sounds like the same thing. I'm almost done with the group of minis I've been working on for a week. Just a few touch-ups and I can move on to the next group. And then the group after that... And the group after that... My next group is the mostly the Savage Beauty box and I have to say how much I like the dynamic poses of a lot of the minis compared to the ones I've been working on. A lot of implied motion and weapons held like they're actually being used is very nice compared to "here is my weapon, here is my shield." Or, in a lot of modern minis "here is my gun, here is my melee weapon" especially with female minis.
  13. SAVAGE! Also, I swear that I've worked with this people at some point or another. Some of them are now management,
  14. I believe that they "hold" items when you add it to your cart. Or so the emails I remember receiving saying something to that effect. So, I just started using the wish list thing. I actually have my orders for the next few months mapped out there. And you can add everything in the list to your cart with a single click.
  15. I ended up at a desk last night. Finding out that I was going there after I left the house, I couldn't grab a book and a notebook, which is what I usually do. Instead, I had to grab some spare paper and my imagination (as well as looking up stuff on my OneDrive ) and ended up working out some paint schemes and ideas. I was also told to "make it there myself." Yeah, no. You change my shift, you get to give me a lift. Now, I suppose I should actually paint what's on the table, so I can put the paint on the ones I was thinking about last night.
  16. I grew up on the broke side of life, so I tend to assume that most kids are broke... I do this, too. For Deadlands (classic), I have three Player's Guides and two Marshal's Handbooks. Because it's good to have that many for a dead system. I also have PDFs and used to print out the character creation rules. I will say that both of you take way more effort to help people out with documents and such. I would make little sheets with the information I needed and page numbers. I always thought it was on the players to do that. To get back to the topic, what are some creative ways you've used to get people interested in the various parts of the hobby?
  17. Okay, you make a point that not every needs the book. That said, I will stand by my statement because I find it frustrating when people don't have copies of the core/player book because they tend not to know the rules. Yeah, everyone is different and that might not be the experience everyone has had. Perhaps it would be fair to say that everyone only "needs" to know one book for most games. However, I'll exclude kids as I don't expect them to have the cash to throw around for them.
  18. No fires for me last night. Did find a door unlocked. Opened it again and then let it shut. Get told to go inside and check it. After, you know, waiting for half an hour, and find the door locked. Waste of my time. I've almost finished up my ten minis I've been focused on. Hoping to get most of them wrapped up today. Assuming my computer will work so I can move on to other things...
  19. Ugh. This morning, I got to call 911 because there was a fire in a storm drain. That was... Fun. We saw it smoking and when I looked down, that's when the two-foot pile of paper napkins inside caught fire. Like, burst into flames right in front of me. Do you believe that I have weirdness magnet now?
  20. That depends on what you're looking to do. For mini games, there's a lot of cheap games from Osprey, as I mentioned earlier. Other, more popular games, are going to have starter sets, as mentioned by others, but may not work for everyone because they don't want the forces they have. When I started 40k, the starter was Black Reach, so Space Marines vs Orks, neither of which I wanted. I did end up with an Ork army after a few months, because my friends all wanted the rule book or the Marines, and since I had extra funds, I would go halfsies with them. The thing that people seem to have missed for RPGs is Drive Thru RPG. I've found a lot of games for $5 or less (some for free), outside of sales. While I'm a grumpy old man and prefer my physical copies, the appeal of cheap PDF copies can't be undersold for a lot of people these days. Even if they aren't the best games, they're still good. And, as Tom Peterson used to say, "Free is a very good price." I think the best way to get people into the hobby is to let them try it. Run a game for newbies and explain what they need, for RPGs. Most of the players *need* one book, maybe two. And if you want to get them painting, a LTPK is a solid thing, I will agree. Once they learn the basics, and if they enjoy it, they'll want to get the mini for their character. For minis games, I almost always end up with two forces, if not more. As some of you know, I'm trying to get some people into Ghost Archipelago. Since I have a fairly large collection, I can provide four 10-person crews for games. They're free to borrow them whenever, I don't mind (as one is just for me). But, I hope to get them into it by playing it. One step at a time... One thing I forgot to mention in terms of things you need are bases. While Reaper sells a lot of different ones, and some have suggested cheap wooden ones, I've found some sellers in China that sell 40 30mm bases that are my favorite for maybe $12, with shipping? They're perfect for Bones, as the mini sits in them a bit and doesn't make them too tall. They also fit the old Chronoscope Bones, with the integrated 25mm bases, perfectly. So, something else to think about. I do use MDF bases from Green Stuff World for smaller terrain pieces, like rubble piles and a campsite, to name a few. I prefer them for that. One other thing that I do but is kind of expensive, is resin bases for metal slotted base minis. I love Dragon Forge and he's pretty cheap. But adding $1-5 a mini for bases makes newbies wary.
  21. So, there's a few factors that I've been thinking about as I've been thinking/talking about this recently. One thing is that "minis agnostic" games tend to be cheaper than games that include minis. A good example of a dirt cheap minis game is Gaslands. The original book was $20 (cheaper if you shop around) and just needed some toy cars, which most of us have (or can easily steal from our children). Terrain didn't have to be much. Another Osprey "Blue Book" example is Zona Alfa, requiring 5-10 minis for the crews but a lot of specific threats/monsters. Reign In Hell is $10 for the PDF and you need maybe 6-10 minis of any size and shape to play. Since it's almost all close combat, terrain doesn't need to be as thick. For paints, I really do think that Reaper's LTP sets are a good way to get people started but are kind of expensive. Then again, those paints will last you a good long while, if you take care of them. I don't recommend craft paints for minis (but are great for terrain) as craft paints aren't as smooth and can really mess up a mini, if you're just getting started. As I put it to a friend way back: You just spent $50 on those guys. Do you really want to risk using $2 paint on them? This, by the way, is why I also pick up more expensive brushes, as they don't cause as many problems. For terrain, I am the master of dirt cheap. The Dollar Store and Goodwill are my places to go. Packing is something I use, too. The Dollar Store usually has paper foamcore for a $1 a sheet, which is perfect for slapping down some craft sand (also from the Dollar Store, $1 a pound), some rocks/packing peanuts/random bits of sprue/etc, and hitting with some craft paint. I could probably cover a 6x4 table for $20, plus some hunting around in your trash and recycling. I've even made game boards out of that foamcore, cut into 1x1 sections for easy transport. For tools, I picked up a starter kit with files, hobby knife, cutters, and others for $15. Because it was marked for Gundam hobbyists. You just have to hunt around and look at related hobbies which have lower buy-ins, I've discovered. You can also order some stuff in larger quantities by going to a manufacturer, like brass rod for pining. If you split up the cost among a group, it becomes way cheaper. I clearly have a lot of thoughts on this topic...
  22. I've had more than one dog that went by the nickname "Hoover." Heel Comes To Frog Town is an... Interesting movie. I now want to watch it again... I end up at a desk last night and did some work on mixing FrostGrave and Ghost Archipelago. Because I had a few ideas... Tomorrow, I train someone again. This is be "fun" or something like it. Now, I have to eat and get more paint on some little metal people.
  23. A cargo bay with a crashed boarding ship and broken stuff sounds like a really cool idea for a board...
  24. That is very true. I've been trying to get more people into it and they keep going "but the cost..." and I'm pointing out that I'm using paints that are a decade old, minis that I bought about that long ago, not to mention the bottle of Gesso that's still not empty after 100+ minis primed. Yes, there's a high bar to reach to get in, but once you do, you don't have to spend as much and minis (almost) never go bad. As for your list of names, I have no intention of ever buying a car wash but if I did, it would be "(last name)'s car wash." While people misspell it a lot, it's pretty rare in the US. I remember going into a Sam Goody (christ, I'm old) and had forgotten my rewards car. They wanted to look up my name and I gave them my last name but they wanted my first. I responded with "if you find anyone else with that last name in your system, I'll be surprised." Lo and behold, I was the ONLY one in their system with my last name. In work news, I dropped by (place I hate working) because the person I'm going to train Tuesday night was there. I roll up and no less than three things happened in less than 15 minutes. Nothing else happened before I got there and after I left. I have a Weirdness Magnet. Anyone else remember the point cost for it? My goal today, for minis, is to just get down the brown basecoat for skin, wood, and leather on four minis. And maybe prime two more. I want to keep my goals light for now. But, if I keep taking small steps (and get those two others primed), I will have a full-painted crew for Ghost Archipelago! Sadly, it's not a crew I want to play, it's one of my "loaners."
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