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  1. Exactly. While you could have those racial identities and mono-racial kingdoms in a small area, it doesn't make sense in a heavily populated continent, much less when you advance the technology to the Industrial Revolution and beyond. Archaic governments, however, could very easily survive, much as some do now in our world. I like the idea of elves being a distributed culture, with a lot of different groups and subgroups, that get along like siblings. I'm also thinking that I might make my "dark elves" to be more in like with an Unseele Court, as it's more a cultural group that rejects the traditions and culture of the other elves. But I'm also going to include brown or dark skinned elves (with a separate but connected culture), because why not? I have not but I have heard that the invention mechanics included don't feel like the ones in the original source. I someone say that there's some other "mad science" rules in a Pyramid article (maybe?) that would work better.
  2. So... America? Isn't that, like, not cool? The Gnomes of Zurich thing. However, the thought was already there. Something like that. This is a war crime stick and is very, very American. And a BAR is not a war crime stick, it's just neat. I was thinking about the elves and the dwarves being on opposing sides as it's a fairly common thing, but I think I could see how it could happen. In a typical fantasy world, the elves are all about nature and have a decentralized government and culture. On the other hand, you have the dwarves, who are industrious, couldn't give a damn about the environment, and tend to stick their noses into places it doesn't belong. And don't forget that they tend to have a more top-down style of governance. I could very easily see something happening like the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, with the dwarves having causing an ecological event in elven territory, and due to ego, alliances, and the differences in government, war starts before anyone can stop it. All of this said, I think I'll move away from the Country of Hats type nations. Rather than having all of one kingdom be from one race, I might see if I can find or make a map, and draw lines based on geography. In the past, there might have been mono-racial nation states, as things expanded, trade leads to regional identity over racial ones. So, you'd have a kingdom of humans, dwarves, and gnomes (and possibly halfings) that formed with a mountain border, low lands that is rich farm land, and then some coastal regions that sees itself as one, even if its made up of all those races. My only exception will probably be the elves, as I like my elves to be stoody, stuck-up jerks that don't like to play nice with others. So, I have "Elven Confederacy" written in my notes. Don't think CSA, think something like this, but more spread out. I'm thinking a loose group of different types of elves that debate and sometimes work together. A very democratic group, but prone to being taken over by a hot head...
  3. Off the top of my head, I like the idea of the gnomes stay neutral and just getting a LOT of testing for their inventions. But air power might be their edge and how they're able to stay out of the war. That, and no one wants to find out what they'll unleash if they are attacked. Halfings might be spread between the elven and dwarven forces, but I can imagine them as terrifying sappers and tunnel rat type combatants. As for orcs, goblins, and the rest, I'm not sure what to do about them. I'll have to think about it. I tend to make orcs different than the standard fair.
  4. No idea. Just kicking around ideas, I guess. It's a game I'd like come up with but I haven't found a system that has WWI stuff readily accessible (EDIT: forgot about Savage Worlds having Weird War One and am thinking about it). If I could draw, I'd probably turn it into a comic instead, but I might have to actually make some notes now... I'm also thinking about having humans be more in line with America, in terms of weapons and tech. I do enjoy giving 19 year olds war crime sticks during the Great War.
  5. While I haven't had a chance to write much down, given how I'm imagining dwarven war machines like tanks and planes, the elves are going to need to something to even things out. I think that when you put people in a vise, when their everything is on the line, history shows that morals are some of the first things to go. It doesn't necessarily mean that use mustard gas, but I could easily see a losing elven military making a gas that makes plants and trees start growing out of unprotected people... It helps heal the land and kills the enemy. EDIT: Don't forget the people who invented machine guns, in hopes of reducing the amount of people on the battlefield. Heaven help any world I get Isekai'd to. Because I will be a terror unleashed upon them.
  6. Yeah, but can you imagine what kind of magical chemical weapons the elves could make?
  7. I was expecting at least a digital thing with the stats for weapons, tanks, and all that stuff, but it doesn't seem to exist. There might be some stuff spread around in a few different books but I'm not interested in buying six books that I'm only going to use for a few pages. And what I'd like to find are the stats for WWI tanks and aircraft, as well as chemical weapons. I've had an idea for a fantasy world taken to roughly WWI level technology with a lower magic level. Trench warfare but with, like, elves and dwarves and stuff.
  8. How does GURPS NOT have a Great War source book? How does that happen? I'm... Stunned. GURPS is supposed to have a source book for everything!
  9. These were the things that made me think that they should stop making movies out of other media. And stop remaking things, or at least wait several decades before doing it. There's a lot of creative types that would love to work in the industry, but that's not going to happen. Because the suits at the top have figured out what makes the most money and just keep making that over and over again until it runs dry, and then move on to the next thing. I also saw something recently talking about how they just make low budget, streaming fair and big budget blockbusters. Due to the destruction of the home rental and home sales markets, they can't make money back from there. Which is a sad thing. Say what you will about things like the movies of Rodger Corman, there was a market for those low to mid budget trash movies that were fun. Here's an example: they wouldn't make something like Night of the Comet these days, because there's no market for them to make the budget back. And this ties into the first one, as people like James Cameron got started with Corman movies. Actors, writers, directors, from all different stripes got started with those low to mid budget movies, so... Yeah.
  10. I'm going over my "horror" RPGs and stumbled back on to GURPS. I still don't know how I feel about GURPS. I remember playing it several times, back in high school and again with 4th dropped (4th edition of GURPS, just to be clear) but haven't done much with it since then. Now, I'm thinking about picking up some more source books and maybe putting together some of the games I've always wanted to do (western game with high fantasy to name just one)... In other news:
  11. I'm (finally) going to get my bases. So I'll have (even more) minis to paint! A few weeks ago, I remembered the existence of Star Trek books on tape. Well, CD, really. And I've been looking for them. It's amazing that they're not only fairly easy to find, they're also pretty cheap. The ones on actual cassettes are selling for less than a dollar. I found a few that I either remember listening to or wanting to check out and this will be a side project for me over the next few months. Sadly, the one that I had, that sent me down this rabbit hole, was part of a trilogy of books, but only the first one was made into a audiobook.
  12. There's got to be something. There's always college newspapers. They'll take anything to get a scoop. I worked with a couple of journalism majors and they were going all out for their college newspapers. I'm all for backchannels and going around bad people in government. I would say more, but politics... I was also thinking both of these things. Makes me miss the unions from my grandfather's day. Don't forget, this was when Portland was under congressional investigation for union corruption. There's a reason why I used the term "drop a dime." I firmly believe that my grandfather knew some Italians with broken noses that worked in construction. If you get my meaning... While I'm not saying that this person should be, oh, say, left in a deep river with a pair of concrete shoes, there's always someone who knows someone who can put the right words in the right ears and get people to "resign." I'm just saying... Okay, to be a little more serious, the nice thing about unions is that they work with other unions. I'm betting that you're part of a public employee union? They've got to have connections.
  13. Sounds like someone needs to drop a dime on this person. I'm sure there's a reporter or someone in government that would be very interested to see just how much government money this person has wasted... As a starting point. Well, I finally got to play my zombie RPG. It was a lot of fun. We had four players, ended up using five of the six pregenerated characters, and had two survivors at the end. I had to caution them about some stuff (you want to just go off to your office, by yourself?) but they did okay. Fun was had all around. Looking forward to seeing if we can get a monthly horror game going. But that won't be easy. And, when I finally got home around midnight, I can hear my neighbor's movie playing. Not that the manager is going to do anything about it.
  14. Packing up my bag before I go to bed. For, tonight... Tonight, I shall run Coffee Break of the Living Dead for All Flesh Must Be Eaten! Also, I give you a Biblically Accurate Japanese Idol.
  15. I (finally) got around to my Spooky Movie Marathon: Event Horizon Warbirds Ghost Machine House of Haunted Hill (2000s remake, as I've seen the original too many times) I'm thinking about watching some more this week, but I'm not sure what to do. Since I'm running a zombie game on Halloween, I should probably pick one or two to watch before then...
  16. Got to hang out with some people tonight. We had some food, talked about life and the events of the world, and then played ZOMBIES!!! I almost had to beg to play it, as no one wants to play it, except during spooky season, which means I've only been able to play it a few times over the years. But, a good time was had by all, and we're looking to have a game night once a month. Fingers crossed it happens.
  17. You have 10 models (max) in a crew and up to... 6 in a single boat, but you don't get the movement bonus past four models. So I just think of each boat needing to be able to hold four models. My money is this being enough for four crews.
  18. Which scenario are you going to run from it? And finding boats that will fit four Reaper figures on 30mm bases has been an adventure for me.
  19. This also popped into my head when I saw that.
  20. Googly eyes make just about everything better.
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