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  1. So maybe some mid tones right up against the edge of the front of the helm and then just a thinner white? Pretty much. You've made huge strides to this point - now it's just about tweaks here and there to finish things off.
  2. Definitely headed in the right direction. Try defining the highlights a bit more - especially along the front of the helm.
  3. Sure felt like it. Yeah - it looks fine in person, but seeing these pics I'll have to take a closer look.
  4. January? Wow. Didn't realize I'd been quiet that long. I've been awfully quiet lately - combination of work and some other things have kept me away from my brushes. My friend and I are focusing on GenCon this year, and have decided that we're going to challenge ourselves to focus on one mini at a time and actually complete it before moving on. This will be a perfect reason to re-focus and get the paint moving again. So here's the first shots of my first entry (of two, three, or more - who knows). Cryx Warcaster Deneghra (thoughtfully provided by my friend Elly).
  5. Any plans to pick up some of that lovely orange lava glow on the steel?
  6. Kath was certainly a master at this technique. I'll be watching to see how you work this.
  7. I have a backpack. In it I have: 2 gallon ziploc bags with all my paints my OttLite My brushes (in a tube from green stuff) Any minis I'm working on (in a craft box with some blister foam) My wet palette stays in a drawer at work.
  8. Glad somebody's still painting around here. I think I forgot what a brush looks like. Excellent as usual Cash. Though to get lava to work, you need REALLY dark surfaces around them - like black. That's where the glow comes from.
  9. This might work if you could get the figures at a discount - trying to add your services to the retail cost of a box will likely price you right back out of the market.
  10. Good luck. It's a field that's VERY hard to get into (full time), because there's so many people trying to do the same thing. There's no qualifications, no oversight, no centralized way to find painters to fill requests. Everything is word of mouth. Add to that that it's almost impossible to get a steady stream of clients that will pay enough to actually support you. There's a huge disconnect between what a painter wants and what a client is willing to pay. The $ per hour on even high end commissions ends up far below minimum wage. The only people that I know of that are actually doing this full time are A) pros - competition painters. Not even sure if they actually do it for a living. B) studios - and not some person that whips up a logo in photoshop and a clever screen name - I mean like Golem Studios. And they're a bunch of people working together, and usually have supplemental sources of income (seminars, classes, dvds, storefronts). It's not impossible, but it is quite a road to traverse.
  11. Well since I couldn't finish in time, I'll just leave these here as a reminder of what could have been... http://www.coolminiornot.com/320138 http://www.coolminiornot.com/280054 Since they're collages, I don't want to link the images directly and break the forums :)
  12. I wish I was. I've never been good with deadlines anyways, but life hasn't let me pick up a brush in almost a week. He was close, but Simba isn't going to make the deadline.
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