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  1. again, wow! this is the best thread hijacking i've seen in a while, in a good way. i think my lizardbrain grew 2 sizes today. a while back i saw a flyer for weekly Pathfinder sessions at my local Hoobytown USA, but i was in too big a hurry to ask about it. i think i'll check it out now, thanks everyone! please do continue with the tange... er, debate!
  2. i would offer to give them a loving new home (mine) but i know i'd be loathe to part with them if i had found out about the kickstarter in time! i died a little bit when i saw what a vampire level pledge would have gotten me...but i hear there will be a new kickstarter in the not too distant future, and plan to take full advantage!
  3. I'd love to see licensed figures from the 3ds game Crimson Shroud! All of the in-game models look great, and it might drum up interest for Level-5 to create a sequel!
  4. WOW thanks for all the replies guys and gals! i've been out of the hobby for a couple years, and i died a little when i found out i missed the kickstarter. but that's not Reaper's fault, and i'll gladly pay the fullprice for these great minis. Thanks to your recomendations i think I'll look into Song of Blades and Heroes for my 7 year old and myself, along with that old Games Workshop game Pit Fighter. Anybody every try it?
  5. Hi everyone, i've just started my Bones collection and i really loev the figures I have so far. my question for all of you is now that you have all those awesome models, what do you use them for? Of course they're perfect for Warlord, but what else you you guys use them for?
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